Everything Changes

iSilamelaYesterday the Equinox marked the official start of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere and we celebrated Wold Peace Day!

We ask ourselves what has been renewed in me – what am I growing towards. Spring always brings a sense of hope and renewal.  Everything around us seems so much brighter.  We are inspired by the circle of life – as the earth renews so too are our spirits.

For some we are motivated to get our bodies ‘beach ready’, others begin new projects – there is a sense of inspiration and innovation.  New beginnings and our eternal hope that the world will be a better place.  We rely on our self sufficiency to get going and get things done.  We share our good moods with generosity of spirit.  We believe that anything is possible. With our increased self confidence and esteem we forge ahead, keeping time with the growth cycle of renewal.

Our hearts and minds are open and our bodies are strong. We are experiencing success and the joy of self expression. Our intentions are clear and we have a firm grip on our emotions and are ready to explore new opportunities without fear. We are invincible!

Be inspired by the world and people around you. Be inspired by yourself. Look back at all that you have achieved. Life is a process and when we work at it each moment, we are rewarded. Plant the seeds of hope and vision – watch your future grow.  Count your blessings and give gratitude that you are still here … persevering on and achieving success.

iTongo notes: iSilimela – The Digging Stars
Throughout time, man has observed, recorded, and interpreted the skies. He has made use of astronomy to structure his life and determine his calendar. The geographical location of different cultures has helped shape their perception of how the universe works. For rural South Africans, whose livelihood depends on properly timed planting, harvesting and hunting, the stars have been a valuable source of information.

The stars in the iSilimela cluster (the Pleiades star cluster) are called the digging stars, and this cluster’s appearance is the marker of a renewed year and the beginning of the growing season.

The iSilimela are friendly and comforting stars, who watch over the family. When the cluster appears in the east, mothers lift their children up and teach them to stretch their hands out to the stars. In this way, the mothers show the stars to their children, and their children to the stars.



World Tarot Day – 25 May

Today is World Tarot Day – Time to learn something new, or if you have been thinking about starting your own deck, why not today.

Iminyanya20 The World or in the iTongo Tarot The Earth.  Concept: Good judgement; Rebirth; Introspection; Transformation; Evaluation; Metamorphosis
Iminyanya (The Ancestors) invites you to follow your destiny. Be guided by your inheritance and history.

Reaping reward from past actions; Analysis and evaluation; Absolution; Responsibility; New view of reality; Making wise judgements; Integration; Wholeness; Ancestral and family matters; Avoidable influences

iTongo Legend: The snake is commonly found in African mythology and is regarded as immortal because it sheds its skin and continues to live. For the Zulu, the snake is a metamorphosed amalgam of the ancestors, who visit either in dreams or in reality. A snake that enters the house is unthreatening and is viewed as ‘family’ and as such is never harmed.

Ouroboros (tail-devourer), a snake depicted with its tail in its mouth forming a continuous circle, is considered a symbol of eternity. It is present in many African artworks – cloth patterns, wall paintings, and metal works.

According to legend, the snake carried the creator in his mouth while the earth was being created. The creator feared that the earth would sink into the sea beneath the weight of the mountains. The snake coiled itself around the earth, holding firm with its tail in its mouth; this hold must never be loosened, otherwise all of creation will disintegrate.

In order for African people to live in harmony with the creator and creation, all natural laws and observances were divinely revealed to the first African generation as a community at the beginning of time. The death of that generation meant the beginning of intercession between the living and the creator, or ancestor worship, as the first generation had now joined the spiritual world thereby marking the beginning of the ancestors.

Many African peoples regard the earth as a female deity, a mother-goddess who rules all people and is the mother of all creatures. The earth lives and gives birth to ever-new generations of beings and the ancestors live in the earth.

The earth’s elements: fire, air, and water are recognised as gifts from the great mother, yet the earth is seldom worshipped. Nevertheless, the earth has a very powerful spirit that rules over life and death.

The Stages of Life (Rites of Passage)
Birth is the first rhythm of a new generation and the birth rites incorporate the newborn child into its new society.

Initiation rites continue that process and make the child a mature, responsible, and active member of society.

Marriage makes the young adult a creative and reproductive being, linked to both the departed and future generations.

Death stands between the world of humans and the world of spirits, between the visible and invisible. Burial rites make it quite clear that the bereaved feel that the dead are only making their way to their final destiny, i.e. to the new world of the living dead – their ancestors.

Three Virtues – Faith, Hope, Charity

iSilamela17 The Star ISILIMELA

CONCEPT Hope; Self-sufficiency; Generosity; Inspiration; Innovation

iSilimela invites you to believe that anything is possible. Hope is eternal.

Trust /Increased self-confidence and esteem /Renew self /Calm is restored /Radiant /Magnetic charisma /Efforts produce rewards /Let your voice be heard /Generous; Open heart /Share wealth

This card seems to be popping up on a regular basis and it reminds me about the three virtues. The primary essence of this card is Hope which is one of the three moral virtues (Faith, Hope, Charity) and it got me thinking about why do we have hope, and what do we do while we are hoping for something.

The expression “Hope is eternal” resonates with me and reminds me that no matter what is going on in our lives, as long as we have hope, all is not lost – we are naturally inclined to believe in a positive outcome.

We know that we have to keep changing in order to keep in harmony with our world around us.  Understanding that everything changes teaches us to live in the present moment, with focus and intent.  The more we are able to embrace the present moment, the more we will get out of life.  Hope is the understanding that no matter how bad of difficult the situation, anything is possible.  We can be, create and live whatever life we want.

The Star

The Mythic Tarot: by Juliet Sharman-Burke, Liz Greene

The story of Pandora affirms that no matter what disaster, disease, trauma is released at the end of it we will find hope.  Many years ago I did a workshop with Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross on death and dying and she told us that no matter what the prognosis, no matter how ill the person the one thing we never take away is hope.  This is not being closed to the outcome, its about hoping for the best possible way of achieving that outcome.

For centuries philosophers have debated the difference between ‘hope’ and ‘expectation’.  Hope is there to inspire us – to keep us pushing through, it is what sustains us when we are at our lowest, darkest moment.  When we have hope we are open hearted to solutions and opportunities.

Hope is the belief in the outcome, that what we dream about can become a reality.  We hope for with confidence.  Alfred Adler said: “We cannot think, feel, will or act without the perception of a goal”.

three virtuesFaith is believing that a Divine source will deliver on a promise – eternal life, happiness, salvation.  The gift of faith reminds us that what we hope for will be delivered, but we cannot sit back and just expect it all to happen, we need to participate and be active and live our truth. The best way to work with faith is to “pay it forward”.

Charity is love – love for yourself and all others.   Easter is that message. Charity is about kindness and compassion – an expression of our own love.  When we work from our heart centres and not from ego and self importance the rewards are so much more satisfying. Love and charity is what binds us to our sacred contracts, its what purifies our thoughts and deeds.  When we do good deeds we are rewarded with joy and peace.  What we put out there returns to us.

This week think about your goals – are you hoping or expecting? Do you have faith in yourself and your abilities?  Are you living life with a good and open heart?

Ivory Tower of Illusion

Thulamela16 The Tower  THULAMELA

Thulamela invites you to deconstruct illusions and delusions, restructure and restore.

Difficult and challenging times /Breaking down existing forms /Finding true value /Internal restructuring /Flash of enlightenment /Military precision required /Feelings of panic or fear /Involuntary change /The way things are /Radical shift

Thulamela (25:02S,32:04E) is a South African National Heritage Site, meaning “place of birth” in TshiVenda.

The Tower card is among those that usually cause a sharp intake of breath from the client. The visual invokes a sense of doom and destruction.  This card need not be as ominous as the visual, but like the Death card it represents change. And change is certain – if we resist changing ourselves, our ways, thoughts and actions then life will bring the changes to us, without control the changes can be traumatic, with control they may still be dramatic but manageable.

We are a ‘victim’ generation.  We blame our parents, our ‘situations’, our past for everything we believe to be unpleasant in our lives.  We hold onto the hurt like a badge of office.  We foster those delusions without any attempt to heal, fix or let go. Our mantra is “its not my fault, because I was abused; neglected; unloved; sacrificed and so on.  We measure our success based on our ‘damage’, we justify our failure based on our past.  No wonder we are in such a mess – the earth has been raped and pillaged of its resources.  We can’t seem to have healthy life affirming relationships that last.  We live life like a tango – two steps forward and three steps back. We keep making the same mistakes, expecting different results.

The only way we are going to manage the change is to have a radical shift in our thinking.  We need to let go of the past, we don’t have any power to change it, what we do have is the power of the moment – we need to change the way we view the past and the degree of consequence it has on our present.  We have to deconstruct the past to restructure the present.  Only when we have done that can we begin to move forward.

What will your rebirth be?  How much is your future worth? What are the sacrifices you need to make? What is your P.R.I.C.E.?

Planning – we have to have a plan, a vision, a strategy and then we have to execute that plan with almost military precision.  We shouldn’t be distracted by the easy way out, remember great rewards come from great effort.

Revolution – sometimes we have to take a stand for who we are and what we believe in. We have to fight for our right to be “ME”, warts and all.  We have to honour our truth and follow our path. Be who you are without panic or fear of failure.

Insight – listen to your inner voice.  Connect with your Divine. Learn from your mistakes. Trust. Let go and let God – the universe, your guides, angels whatever your power point is will guide you to make the right choices.

Execute – Restructure your patterns, restore your faith in yourself.  Build your own life the way you want it to be. Rewrite your history, you don’t have to live as others expect.

There is an old saying ‘you can’t build a temple on shifting sands’.  Make sure your foundation is solid and secure before you begin to rebuild. We need to get out of our comfort zones and face the challenges – you will be surprised at the level of awakening, inspiration and freedom that comes, sometimes like a bolt of lightening to motivate and propel you into growth. This can be a difficult and often painful process but the end result will be worth it.  Step out of your ivory tower of illusion, destruct and rebuild.

iTongo Legend

Thulamela (25:02S,32:04E) is a South African National Heritage Site, meaning “place of birth” in TshiVenda. This stone walled site is situated far north of the Kruger Park and radiocarbon dating proves that a viable community lived there long before the Dutch East India Company settled in the Cape in 1652. This late Iron Age site forms part of what is called the Great Zimbabwe culture.

When Great Zimbabwe was abandoned, possibly due to political breakdown, several groups moved south across the Limpopo river into the north-eastern areas of South Africa (and northern Kruger Park) and established new, smaller chiefdoms, such as Thulamela.

Only the ruined stone walls remain of the original city. According to oral histories, the Nyai division of the Shona–speaking Lembethu occupied Thulamela and they believed in a mystical relationship between their leader and the land. During these times, trade on the Indian Ocean was dominated by Muslim traders moving goods from the Middle East, India, South East Asia, and China. Ivory and gold were often traded along the east coast for glass beads, cloth, and glazed ceramics.

It is not known why Thulamela was vacated. Many theories suggest the death of a ruler, an environmental disaster, or war over the control of land and resources. During excavations, two graves were found containing gold jewellery, Iron-age implements, ceramics, glass beads, spinning whorls, sewing needles. One female skeleton found buried in the wives area, was dated around 1600. She was aged between 45-60 years, and approximately 1.73m tall. She was dubbed ‘Queen Losha’, which refers to the foetal position she was found in. On her left forearm was a plaited, golden bracelet of exceptional beauty.

The second skeleton, a male, was dated c.1450, but it seems as though he never lived at Thulamela. The skeleton was broken and packed in a square shape, it was deduced that he did not die at the site. However, he was bedecked in gold jewellery and might have been royalty. They named him ‘King Ingwe’, which means “leopard”.

This archaeological dig was unique because of the involvement of the local communities, comprising the descendants of Thulamela. The opening of the site took the form of a traditional grave side ceremony at which offerings were made by Venda and Shangaan groups to the ancestral spirits. In May 1997, the royals were reburied, with solemn and moving ritual, in their original graves.

More secrets probably lie beneath the sands of the walled city, but in keeping with archaeological ethics worldwide, Thulamela will be left untouched for one hundred years. The ruins of Thulamela fall on the great Nilotic meridian (310 East longitude), which enters again on land in Africa at Cairo, Egypt, continues south through Harare, Zimbabwe, Timbavati and Limpopo region in South Africa and exits in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

Listen to Intuition

The High Priestess - Moyo2 The High Priestess


CONCEPT Intuition; Self-resourcefulness; Dissolving barriers; The Oracle; Releasing boundaries

Moyô invites you to heal through nature.

The universal mother /Seeking esoteric knowledge /Secrets revealed through dreams /Abundant potential /Finding balance through intuition & insight /Increase self-esteem /Common sense /Value your independence /Excellent negotiator /Democracy

Discovering and learning to work with our intuition is often avoided as we fear the ‘energies’ we may be attracting.  Within each of us we have that still point, that place where we have absolute truth.  We all have experienced intuition and inspiration, through working with our inner knowing we are able to access the power within.

The simplest is working with our dreams.  We all dream, it’s a question of remembering and interpreting those dreams.  I believe that our dream world is the ‘interpreter’ between our unconscious and conscious minds.  That is why we dream in symbols.  Some dreams are about us downloading the day and have no significance other than to make space for new thoughts and ideas.  Some dreams allow us the opportunity to work through our issues and situations without actually having to go through them. And some dreams are communications from our inner selves – these are the dreams we need to take note of for our growth and understanding.

The High Priestess is a spiritual card, so this week we are asked to find our balance through the connections of intuition and insight. This week its OK to rely on your ‘gut feelings’ – trust that what you believe you know, is correct.  More often than not we second guess that little voice inside, we make choices and decisions based on our intellect, and remember the brain always has an agenda, whereas our inner voice’s sole purpose is to protect us and keep us safe and on our paths of truth.

The High Priestess brings with her pleasant surprises and synchronicity.  All of a sudden, what we have been chasing/pursuing all comes together. Perhaps even new opportunities, life may just feel simpler, easier when the Priestess is in play.  There is also a sensual side to the Priestess, so those looking for love will find it in all the right places.

The lesson of this card is to begin consulting with your unconscious and learn to interpret through the subconscious so that you can live consciously each day.  Make the right choices and have the right responses.

Start a dream diary.  It doesn’t matter if you cant remember your dreams, start with just asking yourself “what am I feeling”? perhaps there is a residue of emotion, a sound or random visuals.  Over time you will begin to recognise your symbols and archetypes, you will develop a map with billboards that explain what you are thinking and feeling.

Another way is to sit quietly each day and meditate – remember meditation is a process not a destination, no need to push for some kind of ‘experience’, just allow the thoughts to arise, don’t get involved in the thoughts, take note and let them go.  Anything that has arisen make a note in your diary and look out for those thoughts in your dreams.

What I enjoy on The Taxi is the segment ‘Song in your Head’ this could also be an indication of messages from your unconscious.  Keep a note of the song, the lyric or even the tune.  Nothing is by accident, we are constantly being guided to acknowledge and act on our intuition.

The High Priestess is about serenity, knowledge and understanding.  She is the guardian to our inner world and lifts the veil of awareness to show us our true selves.  She guides us to enlightenment and divine knowledge.  This week listen to and trust your inner voice.

iTongo Legend

The majestic Baobab tree is revered in African culture and is the undisputed monarch of the savannah trees of Africa. In ancient times, kings, elders, and leaders from the Limpopo region would meet under giant Baobabs to discuss matters of great importance. Not only did these trees provide shelter and sustenance, but tribal leaders also believed that the spirit of the Baobab (oracle*) would always guide them to make wise decisions.

Many myths and folklore are associated with the Baobab. The San believed that the Baobab had offended God and, in revenge, God planted the tree upside down. The San believed that any person who plucked the flowers would be torn apart by lions, as punishment for disturbing the spirits in the flowers. It is also believed that after soaking the pips in water, the drinker will be mighty and protected from crocodiles.

Almost every part of the tree is useful to man. A single Baobab may hold as much as four- and-a-half thousand litres of water. Their white flowers are large and sweet smelling, often likened to the stars of the evening sky as they only bloom at night. The pollen of the flowers yields an excellent glue, and the seeds are pleasant to suck (rich in protein, calcium, oil and phosphates), or they can be ground and roasted to make a coffee.

The fruit pod contains tartaric acid (which is used in sherbet) and is often called the ‘cream of tartar’ tree. Elephants, monkeys, and baboons depend on its fruit (the vitamin C content of one fruit is equivalent to four oranges). A white pulp, inside the seed pods, when mixed with water, is used to treat malaria. Young leaves have high calcium content and can be used as a kind of spinach. The spongy wood is used to make ropes or paper.

Order of the Baobab

The Order of the Baobab represents exceptional contribution, and is awarded to South African citizens for distinguished service that goes beyond the call of duty in the following categories: struggle for democracy; building democracy and human rights; nation-building; peace and security; journalism, literature, arts, culture, sports and music; business and the economy; science, medicine and technological innovation; and community service. The Order of the Baobab is awarded in three classes: gold, silver, and bronze.

To be, or not to be

uKufa13 Death – UKUFA

CONCEPT Transition; Transformation; Regeneration; Letting go; Metamorphosis; Rebirth

Ukufa invites you to heal through transformation.

The process of transformation and change /Letting go and moving forward /Inner powers of imagination /Becoming the authentic you

/Endings and new beginnings /The power of regeneration /Old cycles prevent and hinder growth /Constructive ability /Great resources /Secrets

This card almost never signifies physical death, it represents the metaphor for death and rebirth in life.

The iTongo Tarot’s visual is probably the most different to traditional tarot decks. I moved away from the skeleton as ‘death’ because in African folklore it is the chameleon and lizard that were tasked to bring the message of death to mankind.  In other tales about the moon (dying and regeneration) mother moon sent Mantis and the hare as her emissaries.

The death card is probably the most maligned and misunderstood of all the cards.  Most people take in a breath and fear what is coming next – generally 13 Death is not about physical death, rather it is a metaphor for death and rebirth in life.  The concept is about transition and transformation.  As we let go there is regeneration.  Without change there is no moving forward.  We need to use our inner powers of imagination and our ability to construct or restructure our lives. I like to see this card as one of the ‘worker’ cards that can bring positive change.

Within each of us is our greatest resource – we have the power through our thoughts, dreams and emotions to change everything, we have the power within to transform ourselves.  It all starts with YOU!  If we want to see a different world around us, WE have to make a change.  We need to clear out old patterns, habits and thoughts that prevent our growth.  We have to live openly and honestly.

Nothing in life is guaranteed except change and death.  Throughout our lives we will experience change – some easier than others.  As we grow and mature, we accept that we need to learn new things, to make adjustments to our lives and our outlooks.  We accept that our view as a nine year old is different to a teenager, then as adults.  So why when we believe we have reached maturity to we stop developing and growing.  We should never stop making those adjustments.  As we learn though experience we are changed, our view of the world is altered and we need to adjust and adapt our way of thinking and doing.  When we fail to follow through we build patterns that hinder our growth.  We get stuck in this rut, and keep cycling round without actually going anywhere or achieving anything.

The energy of 13 Death brings us an opportunity to make those changes.  It allows us to transition to the people we want to be. Like the Chameleon we need to adapt and adjust by transforming ourselves to suit the moment, the time and the emotion.  The more accepting we are of the need to change, the less dramatic or traumatic the changes will be.  The purpose of this change is not to destroy but to create space to allow regeneration or habit, soul and attitude.  As they say … when a door is closed and window is opened, the issue is do you have the courage of your convictions to follow through?

Partnerships and relationships that are not working need to be changed.  Either sever ties or consider the changes that need to be made together – take that leap of faith together, if this is not possible then let go, its for the greater good.  The same would apply to your working environment, if you are stagnant, don’t enjoy what you do or even feel undervalued, then this is the week to make the choice to move on.  Make your voice heard through honest and open discussion or simply make the change.  It serves no purpose to cling to the familiar out of fear of the unknown, just remember that the power to choose is always yours.  Know when enough is enough.

When we do our daily meditation/contemplation or prayer, we should explore what we need to let go of; how can we transform our life and explore where new growth is possible.  We need to make space for the new, if we don’t let go and clean out our mental and emotional closets we cant add new ideas, hopes and dreams.  Its too difficult to search through all the debris to find what really matters, what is true.  Examine all aspects of your psyche.  Even if some patterns are old and familiar, if they no longer help or add value they need to go.  It’s a bit like a physical closet, the rule is if you haven’t worn it or used it in 2 years, time to throw it out – the very same goes for mental attitudes, emotional stands and even physical being.  The time for change is now, the guarantee is that we will all die, rather we look back on our lives and know that we lived our best life, we met life head on and transformed ourselves as we matured, becoming the person we were destined to be.  Cultivate a positive attitude, its always darkest before the dawn, but the dawn always comes – face a new day inspired and with the strength to follow through.

How Death came to Mankind – from iTongo Tarot

According to Zulu legend, God (uNkulunkulu) arose from beneath (the seat of the spiritual world) and created in the beginning men, animals, and all things. He then sent for the chameleon, saying, “Go, Chameleon, and tell the nations of men that they shall not die.” The chameleon started his journey, but walked slowly, loitering on the way, eating a shrub called ubukwebezane.

After some time, when the chameleon had not returned uNkulunkulu called the lizard ordering him to make haste and tell men that they shall die. The lizard outran the chameleon with the message, and told men that they shall die. When the chameleon eventually arrived and delivered his proclamation that man shall not die, the men refused to listen as they had already heard the words of the lizard and accepted what he said.

And so it happened that through the slowness of the chameleon and the speed of the lizard death came to all men. From that day, the chameleon was cast with his peculiar halting gait, which makes it impossible for him to run.

The San share a story with the Khoikhois and several other African races about the sending of the message of death to man. The San say that the Moon sent an insect to Man with the following message: “As I die and dying live, so ye shall also die and dying live”. Off went the insect with his message but his legs were rather short and, unable to see very well, he lost his way many times.

Soon he was overtaken by an inquisitive hare, which found out the purpose of the insect’s errand and thought to himself, “I will carry this message myself and, as it is an important one, it will bring me fame and glory”.

He left the insect trailing along and bounded away. However, the hare, being naturally hare- brained, soon garbled the message as he ran. He arrived at his destination and his version of the message from the Moon proclaimed to all men on earth: “As I die and dying perish in the same manner you shall also die and come wholly to an end.”

The Moon, when she heard of this, took a stick and angrily hit the hare, striking a cleft in his nose and lip that remains to this day. In retaliation, he scratched the Moon inflicting bruises and blotches on her face.

The Khoikhois despise the hare, and will not eat its flesh. They say that it was the chameleon, however, and not the insect that first carried the message, and they mock its slow gait. The San also mistrust the chameleon and if they find a dead one in their path, they cover it with twigs to avert a misfortune.

The Power Within


Traditional healer and/or Shaman

Concept The Magic of Possibility; Communication; Timing; The Healer; Nature; Alchemy

The Sangoma invites you to use your inherent gifts and talents.

Personal power /Innovation and invention /Balance between intuition and intellect /Prophetic /Be versatile and flexible /Clarity and communication with wisdom /Respect your soul’s destiny /Willpower and determination /Realise your potential /Harness your own magic

The Magician/Sangoma card is about focusing and making full use of your own internal power. This card indicates that we must use our inherent gifts and talents for our own growth and for the good of others. This week you should feel inspired to meet the challenges in your life. To make a difference, all that knowledge that you have been gathering, the work and effort that has been put into projects pays off.  This is a time of expansion and an opportunity to realise your potential.

The key is to harness and direct your own magic, respect the journey you are on and find the balance between intuition and intellect. Be versatile and flexible.  Be innovative and find creative ways to make it happen, even be inventive and try new ways that better serve your needs.

Communication is enhanced. The Magician/Sangoma is ruled by the Planet Mercury which is all about communication, skill and logic. Be aware of the powers around you and be proactive rather than reactive.  When too much energy is building up (positive and negative) there come a tipping or breaking point. Make sure that energy is focused and directed to the outcome you desire. Communication is not always about what we say, its also about how we listen.  We need to listen more … to our bodies, to our inner voice and to truly hear what is being said by those around us.  Sometimes saying nothing says everything. If you are called on to counsel a friend, colleague or partner, you would serve them well by being present and truly listening.  The same goes for if you are needing counsel, seek out that person or group that is aligned with your beliefs and objectives. Help is available, all you have to do is ask.

There is a saying … when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  The Magician/Sangoma indicates that there is a mentor available to help and guide.  Be on the lookout for that teacher.  Sometimes life is the teacher, but with this card it is a person or group that can take you to the next level of understanding.

The number 1 is associated with new beginnings, it is also associated with ‘self’.  On the positive side its about growth, development and the use of creative skills, on the down side it could be about ego, sense of self importance.  The Magician/Sangoma is served by the four elements, air, fire, water and earth – which can translate to our own aspects of body, mind, soul and speech, so it is up to us to make sure that we are balanced and that each aspect of self is in harmony with the others.

We all have the ability to connect to the greater consciousness, to connect with our divine and our spirit, when we make that connection with clarity and intent we are able to create new cycles that manifest our desires.  Apply your skills and make it happen.  Be clear about your wishes, know what the motivation and intent is, follow through with the commitment without distractions and it will happen.

iTongo Tarot Legend

Just … Breathe

Ace of Assegai (Swords)ACE of ASSEGAI (Swords) People of the East


Gift of intellect | Surpassing human experience | Not subject to physical limitations | Detach oneself from anxiety | New directions |Manifest philosophy | Using mental force | Facing decisions | Reason, justice, truth | Insight and wisdom

Air is often considered as the universal power of pure substance. This is why the ability to watch and manage HOW we breathe is so important. The more oxygen our brains get the clearer our thoughts, the more oxygen in our blood the better our organs and bodies function. To be able to reach a transcendent state the simplest way is to sit quietly and just watch our breath. Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, as we exhale visualise all your pain and suffering leaving your body and disappearing.

In ancient Greek medicine they had what they called the four humours, states of being, Air was associated with blood and was linked to the season of spring and the northern point of the compass, in modern tarot the direction is East. iTongo tarot the direction is East which is kwaZulu Natal and the people of the East are Zulu.

The Aces indicate a new beginning. The Ace of Air/Assegai asks us to not fear what could be ahead, but to rather take a leaf of faith. We usually know exactly what needs to be done to bring the changes we desire, the tricky part is how to do it, and the hard part is to follow through to the end result. The beginning of the tarot year is traditionally 21 March, but as most decks are designed in the Northern Hemisphere their spring is our autumn, iTongo Tarot’s spring is September, so we are beginning a whole new year, and have the opportunity to begin fresh and new.

As the world around us awakes and blossoms, so too should we awaken without physical limitations. We need to detach ourselves from anxiety and follow new directions. By using our mental force and gift of intellect we can face decisions with reason, justice and truth – this is true insight with wisdom. The Ace of Assegai is about invoked force, the Assegai cuts cleanly through all the issues and gets to the point, to the heart of the matter. Practice your faith and uphold your divine authority.

This month is Heritage Month throughout South Africa. Ask yourself how do you honour your heritage, what traditions do you uphold. We all have a base, where we come from and what we believe in, this is the week to consider who you are, what you honour and how you practice it. Give thought to what you want, what you would like to change, if necessary make lists of goals and achievements you want to set for the next year. Take the road less travelled – you never know what you will discover along the way.

Try new policies and procedures, change tactics if necessary but keep going. Allow the energy of Air to lift you up and carry you along. Take a deep breath each time and proceed. Speak your mind be descriptive of your dreams, share your insight and wisdom. Its time to cut through all the deceptions, to yourself and others. Go for what is real, tangible and attainable. Live and breathe the reality your create.

Geography of the Ace of Assegai

The uKhahlamba or Drakensberg National Park is located in KwaZulu-Natal, bordering the eastern coast of South Africa.

The Zulu people named the range ‘Ukhahlamba’ and the Dutch Voortrekkers1 called it The Drakensberg (The Dragon Mountain). The Drakensberg Mountains, with their awe-inspiring basalt cliffs, snow-capped in winter, tower over riverside bush, lush yellow wood forests, and cascading waterfalls.

This majestic mountain range runs for some one thousand kilometres (620 miles) from south- west to northeast. The mountains drain on the western slopes into the Orange and Vaal rivers, and on the east and south into the Tugela.

The Drakensberg forms a massive barrier separating KwaZulu-Natal from the Kingdom of Lesotho. The only road access through the Drakensberg is via Sani Pass, which boasts the highest pub in Africa at its top, 3 000 metres above sea level.

Hope Springs Eternal

iSilamela17 The Star – ISILIMELA

CONCEPT Hope; Self-sufficiency; Generosity; Inspiration; Innovation

iSilimela invites you to believe that anything is possible. Hope is eternal.

Trust /Increased self-confidence and esteem /Renew self /Calm is restored /Radiant /Magnetic charisma /Efforts produce rewards /Let your voice be heard /Generous /Open heart /Share wealth

Since time began, man has looked to the stars for meaning and comfort. On a mundane level we consult our horoscopes in the hope that we are going to be OK, blessed and fortunate.

The main focus this week is on regaining hope, being inspired, generous and at peace with what is.  We are working on the subconscious level and need to let our energy flow freely, know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

This is the week for renewed hope, in ourselves as well as trusting in the universe, expect a breakthrough and new opportunities, at the very least we may resolve issues with greater clarity and understandings.  We will see the rewards for our efforts, discover solutions and gain insight through meditation.  Be secure in the knowledge that we are approaching our goals all it takes is a little hope and trust.

The Star follows the Tower which is about destruction and regeneration, it is the energy of the star that allows us to rebuild and heal which brings about our transformation.  The star is made up of 1 (the magician) and 7 (the chariot) this tells us that we have the power within to move forward with focused direction. Added together we have 8 which is the number of Justice which indicates balance and fairness.

Forgive and forget and embrace your insights and understanding. Sometimes we just need to release, whether that is through action and activity or on a more personal level, have a good cry, allow those emotions to surface and release.  When we cry we are washing away the pain and suffering, we are taking in big gulps of air, that moves through our blood and revitalises our bodies.

Make significant changes and adjust to the next stage on your journey with a fresh perspective on life.  Honour the authentic you and fulfil your purpose.  This is your call for destiny, open your heart, count your blessings and share what you have received.  Have faith in the future, think positive thoughts, experience peace of mind and don’t hold back.  We deserve all that we wish for, all it takes is the believing we have the power within to be and do whatever we hope for.  Have faith, keep calm and carry on!

iTongo Tarot legend

iSilimela – The Digging Stars Throughout time, man has observed, recorded, and interpreted the skies. He has made use of astronomy to structure his life and determine his calendar. The geographical location of different cultures has helped shape their perception of how the universe works. For rural South Africans, whose livelihood depends on properly timed planting, harvesting and hunting, the stars have been a valuable source of information.

The stars in the iSilimela cluster (the Pleiades star cluster) are called the digging stars, and this cluster’s appearance is the marker of a renewed year and the beginning of the growing season.

The iSilimela are friendly and comforting stars, who watch over the family. When the cluster appears in the east, mothers lift their children up and teach them to stretch their hands out to the stars. In this way, the mothers show the stars to their children, and their children to the stars.

In Xhosa tradition, it is customary for males to count their years of adulthood since their initiation by iSilimela.

The Art of Living in Harmony

14 Temperance - Kwena14 Temperance – KWÊNA

CONCEPT Synthesis; Integration; Mediation; Creation of harmony; Co-operation

Kwêna invites you to transform through spiritual wisdom.

The balance of masculine and feminine /Polarity of relationships /Philosophical expansive growth /Oppositions and paradoxes / Visionary and natural alchemist /Transformation through spiritual wisdom /Versatile /Bridging worlds /Integration through the creative process /Integration of emotional forces with the physical

Temperance is all about finding balance and transformation through spiritual wisdom.  This week we need to take stock of all our situations and relationships and understand the deeper issues that are in play.  We need to find the point of balance and cooperation to deal with oppositions and paradoxes. The key is balance and moderation.

Its time to change the script of our lives, rewrite our future by integrating emotional forces with our material or physical world. How we feel dictates what we do, so it is important to have emotional balance and harmony. Ask what you are letting in to your life and what do you need to let go of. What needs to be healed or balanced? Bridge the gap between mind (thoughts), body (actions) and soul (spiritual wisdom).  We are all alchemists, we constantly mix and blend our inner world with our external world, what we need to do is make sure that we are balanced, that these forces that drive us are in harmony with our life path.

If there are past actions that need to be forgiven, this is the week to do so.  It is not helpful to anyone when we harbour guilt, shame or anxiety about what we have done, we need to be mindful of what we need to do now.  Forgive yourself, then others and let go the emotions and thoughts that are holding you back.  Ask the universe for guidance and listen to your inner voice, have the courage to follow it through.

Mediation is about seeing both sides of an argument, this week step up and help others recover their balance.  Show the value of sharing without causing pain and suffering, without having to ‘give up’ what you believe in. Sometimes its better to say nothing than something that is going to hurt or destroy.  Choose your words wisely; words can never be taken back.  Physical wounds heal, but what we say can wound for a lifetime. Remember peace is within, take control.

Temperance serves between Death and the Devil.  She brings transformation and peace and is a point of preparation, a place to rest before taking on the struggles of our material world. We need to set boundaries and limitation to maintain balance and harmony.  Move forward with confidence, don’t cling to the past out of fear, relax and let the flow of life bring an acceptance of what you believe in.  Feel the stamina of your will, even life is not going your way, know that your are fighting the good fight, Temperance brings peace and rest from a crisis.

Let there be Peace.

iTongo Legends

The Crocodile is respected in most traditions for its strength and the ability to live both on land and in water. Crocodiles swallow rocks to aid the digestion of their food, and legend tells that one of the VhaVenda chiefs swallowed small rocks, believing that this gave him the strength of the crocodile.

The re-burial of the Chiefs connects to the custom of swallowing these small rocks. The body of a deceased chief is laid out on a wooden elevation, and left until it has completely decomposed. Once the white rock originally swallowed by the dead chief falls out of the body, that rock is then swallowed by the new chief.

It is believed that swallowing this rock will give him strength and ensure the immortality of tribal lineage. Women guard the body and the small rock to ensure that the rightful chief swallows the rock and not a pretender to the throne.

Totem Animals

The Crocodile is the totem animal of the Sotho-Tswana people and of the Royal Bafokeng nation in the North West region of South Africa.  The posture of the crocodile is important and the Bafokeng crocodile is always depicted with its mouth closed. A common expression used in greetings: a e wele mo metsing (“let there be peace”). The lesson is that at times we need to keep our mouths shut. The closed mouth also denotes movement towards water, which the Bafokeng people believe to be a sign of contentment.

Other tribes depict the crocodile with its mouth open. Another well known icon is the crocodile with the sun in an open mouth.