45th President of the United States

I was wondering what kind of President the 45th would be.  last year I posted during the primaries Presidents – Incumbent and Future on the candidates personalities – now with the change of power in a year of Change and Karma,2017 – The Year Ahead how will the 45th POTUS shape up?

INDUNA4+5=9 The Hermit CONCEPT: Completion; Introspection; Divine inspiration; Wise old man; Teacher; Advisor; Humanitarian.  Essentially this card represents the archetype of the wise old man and ‘the light bearer’  …  Trumps personal card is 4 The Emperor so he is right where he should be and 5 The Hierophant is a card of ruling power and family.  It brings learning and teaching through institutions.

The first 100 days will show what kind of leader and how much positive change will the new administration bring.  How many traditions will be upheld and which will be rebelled against.  4 The Emperor is all about the animus (masculine energy) and leadership with wisdom.  The hope is that the responsibility of power is taken seriously, that choices and decisions are made intellectually as opposed to emotional.

iTongo Legend: Induna (plural: izinduna) is a Zulu title meaning advisor, great leader, ambassador, headman, or commander of a group of warriors. It can also mean spokesperson or mediator as the izinduna often acted as a link between the people and the king. The title was reserved for senior officials appointed by the king or chief, and was awarded to individuals held in high esteem for their qualities of leadership, bravery, or service to the community.

iTongo Tarot CardThe 45th card in iTongo Tarot is 9 Wands – keyword – Fortitude.  Displaying courage in the face of adversity.  Risk assessment with caution. Endurance – holding fast and firm and having the courage of convictions. He is going have to be quick and light to hold his own against enemies.  It may take some time to explore options and alternatives to find the appropriate disciplines that align with his inherent ideals. By nature he will protect himself and his family first, the invitation is that ‘family’ is seen as the whole USA.

iTongo Legend: Nine of iSibane (Fire) Chief Rharhabe (1722 –1787) was the Right-Hand son of the House of Phalo. Rharhabe is recognised as one of the great warriors, who bravely conquered the Khoi, San and the first clans of the independent Tshawe houses of Ntinde, Hleke, Gwali, Mdange, and Amagqunukhwebe.




Presidents – Incumbent and Future

There is so much being said, tweeted, shared and commented on by everyone, it got me wondering what does the South African president Jacob Zuma and the USA Presidential Candidates look like in Tarot.

5hierophant Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma – DOB 12 April 1942 (1+2+4+1+9+4+2 = 23/5)
Msholozi is certainly living up to his destiny/birth date – His essence is about destruction and illusions. He should follow the path of restructure and restore to the greater good, but this is only done on a personal level and not with the interests of the population in mind. He is however a man of great courage and sexual force, a natural charismatic – he sees the truth as a danger especially in difficult and challenging times. He will break down existing forms to find their true value and is in need of internal restructuring.

Every now and then he has moments or flashes of enlightenment but carries on regardless with military precision without feelings of panic or fear. He is not able to change voluntarily and will fight to keep things the way they are. Imagination and conviction are his drivers and once he is moving in a particular direction he maintains the impetus as an egocentric individual.

2016 is the year of learning for Zuma … he will look to others for assistance. The ancestors ask ‘what traditions are you upholding and rebelling against’?

Crossing over to the USA Presidential race – Immediately we see that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are destined to rule (one way or another) Hillary The Empress and Donald the Emperor – no wonder its such a huge battle, masculine vs. feminine.

 8 November 2016
Hillary : 10 Wheel of Fortune :
Breakthrough; Prosperity; Karma; Abundance; Opportunity; Cycles
Donald: 11 Strength
Strength; Passion; Creative energy; Taming of the beast within; Courage; Moral victory

So what kind of leaders would they be?

thumb_3-empress_1024-2Hillary Clinton – DOB 26 October 1947 (26+10+1947 = 57 / 12 / 3)
Hillary Clinton (HC) begins her process’ from a place of spirit, before she makes a choice or decision she will consider ‘what is the right thing to do”.  Everything is considered within logic and reason. With a good understanding of timing and the cycles of opportunity, she will wait for the right moment, which affords the breakthrough and success that follows. Communication is her strength and she is able to balance action and reaction well. Execution of action would be fast and she brings prosperity, opportunity and abundance to those she leads.

HC has a destiny to fulfil; she is a light bearer and way shower. She commands respect and is creative in finding solutions. Her strength is being centred in body, mind and spirit. She has the inclination towards renewal and regeneration and this will bring economic improvement and abundance back into the country.

2016 is a year of sacrifice with wisdom, breaking old patterns and dissolving barriers, it’s a year to surrender to prophecy.

iTongo Tarot CardDonald Trump – DOB 14 June 1946 (14+6+1946 = 40 / 4)
Donald Trump makes decisions based on his own experience. He will find others to work in co-operation of his ideas and ideals. Not unlike HC at his core DT is also driven to create harmony through integration based in spiritual wisdom. He identifies strongly with the symbols of the patriarch and leadership. The question is how does he manage the responsibility of power – does he walk with wisdom or rely solely on his perceived gifts and talents? How strong is his emotional intelligence versus his intellectual capacity?

DT’s success in business comes from the ability to magic something out of nothing and moving forward when the time is right. He steps off the cliff believing he can fly (and he usually does) because he has good judgement and the courage to transform – the downside is that he would usually do this in isolation and not always consider the repercussions to others. He believes his destiny is to win (at all costs) and he will change the USA. Time will tell if he is ‘the fool’ or ‘the emperor’.

2016 is DT’s year of transition, transformation and rebirth.






What is immortality?  The Oxford Dictionary says ; living forever, not mortal. Divine or unfading and incorruptible.

This week on Wednesday, I am presenting a talk at the 8O’Clock Club on immortals and the ancestors.  We grow up learning about these beings that live forever and we learn about their natures, trials and exploits.  Some live in peaceful harmony and others spend eternity repeating a task, never to master it.  Carl Jung looked at these universal patterns that reflect human behaviour and called them archetypes.  Most  people around the globe are familiar with Greek, Roman and Egyptian mythology. There are numerous lines of philosophy and ancient traditions that also contribute to myths and legends.

How are these myths built and how do we use them to better understand human nature.  I believe we are born with inherent knowledge.  The first most basic being our fight or flight triggers (survival of self).  The second is procreation (survival of the species).  Everything else is acquired information we gather from the collective experience of entire human race.  We learn from history, either what is presented from those who came before us, by our own life lessons and consciousness.

I also believe that we are genetically encoded by our parents experience.  We follow the patterns of experience that is reflected around us.  Geography, Creed, Religion, Socio-economic and race all dictate the patterns of our learning.

Kwena (Crocodile)In African culture and traditions, death is not viewed as the destruction of life but rather the immortality of spirit.  These who have died and joined the spirit world are referred to as  the Ancestors or Iminyanya.

In the Venda culture the practice of the re-burial of the Chiefs connects to the custom of swallowing these small rocks. The body of a deceased chief is laid out on a wooden elevation, and left until it has completely decomposed. Once the white rock originally swallowed by the dead chief falls out of the body, that rock is then swallowed by the new chief.

It is believed that swallowing this rock will give him strength and ensure the immortality of tribal lineage. Women guard the body and the small rock to ensure that the rightful chief swallows the rock and not a pretender to the throne.

ModjadjiThe Rain Queens of the BaLoBedu are considered immortal through the succession of the queens. The secrets of calling the rain, are imparted to the successor just before the death of the queen. The new queen must accept the inevitable ending of any career and/or public life she may already have embarked upon, thus ensuring that Modjadji (meaning ruler of the day) continues.

In a savage world of ceaseless warfare and oppression, this small tribe was left unscathed for fear that the awesome queen would take umbrage and curse offenders by withholding the precious rain. The Zulu held her in awe and called her Mabelamane.

When I am Grief counselling one of the things I tell my clients to that as long as they have memory the departed loved one has life.  This is proven over and over through history.  Take Napeoleon as an example – we know more about him than people living in his time.

What is the legacy you will leave behind, do we all become immortal?

Five Card Spread for Julius Malema

Julius Malema is expelled from the ANC.  I was interested to see what advice the cards would offer.

iTongo Tarot for Transformation

Card 1: The issue –  16 The Tower – Thulamela invites you to deconstruct illusions and delusions, restructure and restore.

These are difficult and challenging times with feelings of panic and fear.  Its a time of involuntary change and a radical shift of the way things are. To regain and restore, military precision is required.  Find true value through internal restructuring.

Card 2: Past Influences – 15 The Devil – Thikoloshe invites you to set your boundaries and limits.

It would have been fortuitous to combine productivity with practicality.  Manipulation without boundaries and limits lead to confusion.  Being the trickster with materialistic intent is what brings the inability to accept what is, no matter how dynamic and assertive.  Being ego driven is the inability to move on.  Lust for power blinds.

Card 3: Future Influences – Seven of Assegai (Swords) Isolation

Feeling cut off from society and betrayal of secrets. Only after a time of introspection would it be advisable to assert  independence. Solitude and isolation is required to develop strategies. Wandering in the wilderness, alone?  There is support available, but it has to be earned.

Card 4: The Ascendent (The Ancestors) – 8 Justice – Khathulo invites you to honour truth and the law of cause and effect.

The lesson from the ancestors is to learn to understand and accept, reality and the responsibility of choice.  Balance intellect and be judged by actions rather than words.  Honour truth and accept the punishment of actions and reactions.  Accept the natural law of ‘for every action, there is a reaction’. Clear the mind to see the truth.

Card 5: The Transcendent – Ace of Mavhele (Coins) TRUTH

After introspection, being grounded and consolidating a firm base, the natural law of attraction will bring opportunity.  Be realistic and accept the absolute reality.  The realisation of dreams is available when practicing truth, tolerance and trust.