Africa Day & World Tarot Day

19 The Sun - uBuntu19 The Sun – UBUNTU
ubuntu n. (-ntu) : Humaneness; humanity; human nature

Today we celebrate World Africa Day and World Tarot Day, a day to truly live and honour the concept of uBuntu. The Zulu maxim umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu (“a person is a person through (other) persons”) or simply “I am because you are”.  Ubuntu the concept of ‘humanity towards others’. It is the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity. It is about having compassion towards other human beings, helping them physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

Together we have created the world that we live in, together we need to work towards cleaning our planet, eradicating disease and poverty.  Together we need to stand firm and say ‘enough is enough’.

We all need to live consciously – truly see the world around us.  Step out of our closed worlds and be a shining light to others. Lead by example, show compassion, live life with optimism and glory in ‘you are because I am’.  We need to live with higher awareness and bring back the joy and radiance of living with a strong moral order.

We do have the power of one – but the power of a team is that much stronger. To achieve harmony, respect is fundamental in all aspects. What is right and wrong is assessed by how it affects other people. No one can show their humanness without showing how they relate to other people.

As individuals we need to drive public innovation by reigniting society to release the holds on innovation, progress and success because of exclusion.  In South Africa we need to recapture the dream of 1994 and embrace uBuntu.

Our constitution clearly states in the preamble
“We the People (that’s all of us)……… adopt this Constitution as the supreme law of the of the Republic, so as to:

  • Heal the divisions of the pastand establish a society based on democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights
  • Lay the foundationsfor a democratic and open society in which government is based on the will of the people and every citizen is equally protected by law
  • Improve the quality of lifeof all citizens and free the potential of each person and
  • Build a united and democratic South Africaable to take its rightful place as a sovereign state in a family of nations.

How many of us have joined hands with others to address the above?  How many of us are helping others in any way we can? How many have stepped up?

Neuroscience and global experience teaches us that humans function better when they have self confidence, are motivated and helped over their obstacles of poverty, hunger and despair. Neuroscience also shows that multigenerational trauma is passed down genetically to the next generation.  Germany and the Nordic countries are way ahead of the rest of the world, they identified this and put programmes into action to ‘heal the wounds of the past”.

Today help someone else experience the power of the Sun, by the warming of hearts and be the guiding light towards another day – a brighter day and keep on ‘the sunny side of life’.




45th President of the United States

I was wondering what kind of President the 45th would be.  last year I posted during the primaries Presidents – Incumbent and Future on the candidates personalities – now with the change of power in a year of Change and Karma,2017 – The Year Ahead how will the 45th POTUS shape up?

INDUNA4+5=9 The Hermit CONCEPT: Completion; Introspection; Divine inspiration; Wise old man; Teacher; Advisor; Humanitarian.  Essentially this card represents the archetype of the wise old man and ‘the light bearer’  …  Trumps personal card is 4 The Emperor so he is right where he should be and 5 The Hierophant is a card of ruling power and family.  It brings learning and teaching through institutions.

The first 100 days will show what kind of leader and how much positive change will the new administration bring.  How many traditions will be upheld and which will be rebelled against.  4 The Emperor is all about the animus (masculine energy) and leadership with wisdom.  The hope is that the responsibility of power is taken seriously, that choices and decisions are made intellectually as opposed to emotional.

iTongo Legend: Induna (plural: izinduna) is a Zulu title meaning advisor, great leader, ambassador, headman, or commander of a group of warriors. It can also mean spokesperson or mediator as the izinduna often acted as a link between the people and the king. The title was reserved for senior officials appointed by the king or chief, and was awarded to individuals held in high esteem for their qualities of leadership, bravery, or service to the community.

iTongo Tarot CardThe 45th card in iTongo Tarot is 9 Wands – keyword – Fortitude.  Displaying courage in the face of adversity.  Risk assessment with caution. Endurance – holding fast and firm and having the courage of convictions. He is going have to be quick and light to hold his own against enemies.  It may take some time to explore options and alternatives to find the appropriate disciplines that align with his inherent ideals. By nature he will protect himself and his family first, the invitation is that ‘family’ is seen as the whole USA.

iTongo Legend: Nine of iSibane (Fire) Chief Rharhabe (1722 –1787) was the Right-Hand son of the House of Phalo. Rharhabe is recognised as one of the great warriors, who bravely conquered the Khoi, San and the first clans of the independent Tshawe houses of Ntinde, Hleke, Gwali, Mdange, and Amagqunukhwebe.



Presidents – Incumbent and Future

There is so much being said, tweeted, shared and commented on by everyone, it got me wondering what does the South African president Jacob Zuma and the USA Presidential Candidates look like in Tarot.

5hierophant Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma – DOB 12 April 1942 (1+2+4+1+9+4+2 = 23/5)
Msholozi is certainly living up to his destiny/birth date – His essence is about destruction and illusions. He should follow the path of restructure and restore to the greater good, but this is only done on a personal level and not with the interests of the population in mind. He is however a man of great courage and sexual force, a natural charismatic – he sees the truth as a danger especially in difficult and challenging times. He will break down existing forms to find their true value and is in need of internal restructuring.

Every now and then he has moments or flashes of enlightenment but carries on regardless with military precision without feelings of panic or fear. He is not able to change voluntarily and will fight to keep things the way they are. Imagination and conviction are his drivers and once he is moving in a particular direction he maintains the impetus as an egocentric individual.

2016 is the year of learning for Zuma … he will look to others for assistance. The ancestors ask ‘what traditions are you upholding and rebelling against’?

Crossing over to the USA Presidential race – Immediately we see that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are destined to rule (one way or another) Hillary The Empress and Donald the Emperor – no wonder its such a huge battle, masculine vs. feminine.

 8 November 2016
Hillary : 10 Wheel of Fortune :
Breakthrough; Prosperity; Karma; Abundance; Opportunity; Cycles
Donald: 11 Strength
Strength; Passion; Creative energy; Taming of the beast within; Courage; Moral victory

So what kind of leaders would they be?

thumb_3-empress_1024-2Hillary Clinton – DOB 26 October 1947 (26+10+1947 = 57 / 12 / 3)
Hillary Clinton (HC) begins her process’ from a place of spirit, before she makes a choice or decision she will consider ‘what is the right thing to do”.  Everything is considered within logic and reason. With a good understanding of timing and the cycles of opportunity, she will wait for the right moment, which affords the breakthrough and success that follows. Communication is her strength and she is able to balance action and reaction well. Execution of action would be fast and she brings prosperity, opportunity and abundance to those she leads.

HC has a destiny to fulfil; she is a light bearer and way shower. She commands respect and is creative in finding solutions. Her strength is being centred in body, mind and spirit. She has the inclination towards renewal and regeneration and this will bring economic improvement and abundance back into the country.

2016 is a year of sacrifice with wisdom, breaking old patterns and dissolving barriers, it’s a year to surrender to prophecy.

iTongo Tarot CardDonald Trump – DOB 14 June 1946 (14+6+1946 = 40 / 4)
Donald Trump makes decisions based on his own experience. He will find others to work in co-operation of his ideas and ideals. Not unlike HC at his core DT is also driven to create harmony through integration based in spiritual wisdom. He identifies strongly with the symbols of the patriarch and leadership. The question is how does he manage the responsibility of power – does he walk with wisdom or rely solely on his perceived gifts and talents? How strong is his emotional intelligence versus his intellectual capacity?

DT’s success in business comes from the ability to magic something out of nothing and moving forward when the time is right. He steps off the cliff believing he can fly (and he usually does) because he has good judgement and the courage to transform – the downside is that he would usually do this in isolation and not always consider the repercussions to others. He believes his destiny is to win (at all costs) and he will change the USA. Time will tell if he is ‘the fool’ or ‘the emperor’.

2016 is DT’s year of transition, transformation and rebirth.





Everything Changes

iSilamelaYesterday the Equinox marked the official start of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere and we celebrated Wold Peace Day!

We ask ourselves what has been renewed in me – what am I growing towards. Spring always brings a sense of hope and renewal.  Everything around us seems so much brighter.  We are inspired by the circle of life – as the earth renews so too are our spirits.

For some we are motivated to get our bodies ‘beach ready’, others begin new projects – there is a sense of inspiration and innovation.  New beginnings and our eternal hope that the world will be a better place.  We rely on our self sufficiency to get going and get things done.  We share our good moods with generosity of spirit.  We believe that anything is possible. With our increased self confidence and esteem we forge ahead, keeping time with the growth cycle of renewal.

Our hearts and minds are open and our bodies are strong. We are experiencing success and the joy of self expression. Our intentions are clear and we have a firm grip on our emotions and are ready to explore new opportunities without fear. We are invincible!

Be inspired by the world and people around you. Be inspired by yourself. Look back at all that you have achieved. Life is a process and when we work at it each moment, we are rewarded. Plant the seeds of hope and vision – watch your future grow.  Count your blessings and give gratitude that you are still here … persevering on and achieving success.

iTongo notes: iSilimela – The Digging Stars
Throughout time, man has observed, recorded, and interpreted the skies. He has made use of astronomy to structure his life and determine his calendar. The geographical location of different cultures has helped shape their perception of how the universe works. For rural South Africans, whose livelihood depends on properly timed planting, harvesting and hunting, the stars have been a valuable source of information.

The stars in the iSilimela cluster (the Pleiades star cluster) are called the digging stars, and this cluster’s appearance is the marker of a renewed year and the beginning of the growing season.

The iSilimela are friendly and comforting stars, who watch over the family. When the cluster appears in the east, mothers lift their children up and teach them to stretch their hands out to the stars. In this way, the mothers show the stars to their children, and their children to the stars.


Infinity, and beyond

When was the last time you came across something truly original?  It has been said that everything tangible and intangible has already been thought of and done, all we do is add layers or nuance to something that already exists and that someone else (usually in the dark ages) has already claimed as original.

A few days ago I received this …


I have never seen the infinity sign used to mark the passing of someone.  What a brilliant idea!

It got me to thinking about how many of us get ‘stuck’ on that death date.  We forget that our loved one had years and years of life before that dreaded day.  We also forget that energy doesn’t just stop – it transforms and lives on.  They live on in our memory.  They stay with us and we pass on their life and legacy to the next generation.

Nelson Mandela was a world icon.  He embodied the principles of humanity, forgiveness and hope.  We often say rest in eternal peace.  Got me to thinking again about the difference between eternity and infinity.

20earthEternity means no beginning and no end (symbol Ouroborus)

iTongo Tarot card 20 The Earth – IMINYANYA (The Ancestors)

CONCEPT:  Good judgement; Rebirth; Introspection; Transformation; Evaluation; Metamorphosis

Infinity means a beginning but no end. (Symbol Lemniscate) card back

Madiba’s beginning in this life (18 July 1918) his energy and spirit lives on in infinity.

iTongo Tarot Card Back.  Embracing eternity and infinity.  There is a beginning without end.

17 The Star – Growth through Hope

iSilamelaWe talk about the separation of Church (Spirit) and State, this week my interpretation is different. It’s a plea and a hope that collectively we will do the right thing. That we will be conscious of the collective. South Africa goes to the Polls on Wednesday for a Watershed election. Probably the most important election since 1994. Do we vote with hope, inspiration and faith in a new and better life, or do we follow traditional voting lines.

We are a country that is hurting. Millions are worse off than they were 20 years ago. Self-esteem has been eroded and collectively we are wandering in the wilderness without insight and prospects to our destiny.

We have the power within each of us to make a difference. We have the power to let our voice be heard. That power is our vote. It is our right and our obligation to exercise that vote on 7 May.

Change doesn’t just happen. We need to make it happen and we need to make it happen for the greater good. We can no longer live with corruption, greed and dishonesty. Too many people have lost their way and lost hope. Too many people are living without dignity and the basics to sustain life.

We need to be inspired by the knowledge we have and vote for truth. We need to really think about the future we want – and not just sit back and wait for an outcome. Each one of us is responsible for the choices we make, we have the opportunity, now, to make that change.

This card is also about making a wish – what do you wish for yourself, for your family and for the generations to come?

The main focus this week is on regaining hope, being inspired, generous and at peace with what is. We are working collectively on the subconscious level and need to let our energy flow freely, know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

This is the week for renewed hope, in ourselves as well as trusting in the universe, expect a breakthrough and new opportunities. The Star follows the Tower, which is about destruction and regeneration. We have had 20 years of slow degradation and destruction. Now it is the energy of the star that allows us to rebuild and heal which brings about our transformation.

We know that we have to keep changing in order to keep in harmony with the world around us. Understanding that everything changes teaches us to live in the present moment, with focus and intent. The more we are able to embrace the present moment, the more we get out of life. Hope is the understanding that no matter how bad of difficult the situation, anything is possible. We can be, create and live whatever life we want.

Vote on 7 May with clarity of what you want. Don’t waste your opportunity and spoil your paper. Each vote must count. Choose wisely and know that you have contributed to a better life for all and restore the potential to our great country.


iTongo Tarot CardSEVEN of MAVHELE (Coins/Pentacles/Earth)
People of the North
Key word – RESPECT

Morality | Honour | Assessment | Evaluate status | Reaping rewards | Consider alternatives | Crossroads | Due diligence | Self esteem | Fair social standing | Attention to detail | Treat with consideration | Learn from mistakes

Respect is a feeling of value or reverence for someone or something – we are taught at an early age to respect our parents, authority, our home, our possessions.  We can have respect for concepts and ideals, like the law/authority, our country and achievements by others.  But when it comes to self respect we seem to fall into the ‘not worthy’ way of thinking.  This pattern is usually set up in childhood by parents and teachers not considering the impact of their words and actions.  We will then choose partners in life that behave in a similar manner – and so the cycle continues.

But what about our own self respect?  How do we assess and evaluate our status?  Where do we perceive ourselves to be in the great scheme of things?  What is our have social standing?  Are our actions worthy of respect? Where do we have authority?

We are surrounded by ‘totemic’ icons and  archetype symbols that represent a collective value – flags, coats of arms, business and product logos. Each of these symbols represents a philosophy, culture or interest group.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, these pictures convey a symbolic language.  Within that symbolism is the cause for respect.  Be it actions or simply the message of hope, we cling to the imagery to sustain or inform us of actions or thoughts.

swooshBrands are built around a philosophy and concept.  Take Nike’s famous ‘swoosh’ which represents simple, fluid and fast.  The symbolism is drawn from the Winged Victory of Samothrace also known as The Greek Goddess of Victory – Nike.  When we see this logo we are aware of  the message and the challenge to be victorious.

What is our personal icon, what image do we present to the world?  Healthy, grounded self respect is an important part of our emotional well being.  It is the filter that we view the world through.  We cannot have self respect without caring and being true to our authentic selves.  If we don’t trust or respect ourselves, how can we expect others to do so.  This is something we have to work on consciously and continuously.  We should pay attention to our actions and with careful consideration.  We should learn from our mistakes.  How often do we take the moral high ground?

What is our value?  What is our worth?  If we don’t see it, we can’t earn it.  Respect is both given and received.  We expect people to respect us, our bodies, our thoughts, ideas and possessions according to the standards of society, but it is built over time by our actions and can be wiped out with one single action or inconsiderate phrase.

The Seven of Mavhele shows us that through perseverance, effort and determination success is inevitable.  When we live consciously, we will reap the rewards of our actions.  We will experience a sense of self worth, material security and creative inspiration.  All we have to do is be patient – no good deed goes unrewarded.

What is your logo, what is your slogan for living your best life?  What makes you victorious?

iTongo Legend

The totem group is an extension of kinship groups and exists apart from family and lineage groups. It is a fairly loose association of presumed agnatic kin and is the only other social grouping based on kinship.

The word for totem is moano or seano, derived from the verb go ana, to honour, venerate, or respect, sometimes also to swear an oath. A clan’s totem is usually an animal, and totems can be changed under certain circumstances. For example, when the Pedi, an offshoot of the Tswana-speaking Kgatla, relocated in about 1650 and settled in an area to the south of the Steelpoort River they changed their totem from a monkey to a porcupine (noku). This change can be traced back genealogically to the founders of the original lineage group.

The totem group of the Pedi is not a clan, although the totemic system probably had its origin in a clan system. The Pedi have no word for a totem group, and do not actually consider themselves as belonging to such a group. They recognise the association between people venerating the same totem, and in a formal introduction, a person’s origin can be established based on “what totem he dances”.

The significance of the totem is not of religious importance but rather of supernatural importance. There are no rituals associated with totems, although it is bad luck to kill a totem animal. Bad luck will also follow anyone who swears on the name of a totem and then breaks that promise.

Although, a large number of the Pedi still acknowledge their totem, it appears that totemic association is on the wane.

0 The Fool – The Circle of Life

Ulwaluko0 The Fool – ULWALUKO
Ulwaluko invites you to be initiated into your destiny.

New phase of life begins /Transformation through a rite of passage /A spiritual journey /Reproduction and regeneration of spirit /The collective unconscious /Future oriented /Involution /Independent /Pioneering /Timing

The Fool card represents beginnings and endings.  Often numbered Zero or Twenty Two.  The number Zero is a perfect circle, without beginning or end. It is limitless and nothing all at the same time. It is the number that unifies others and gives them strength, it is the Alpha and Omega.

Zero is our number before birth, our cosmic egg or our source and original consciousness, the power of the Divine that was before manifestation and as the circle turns to that source and consciousness do we return.



Zero is also the number of Pluto, which is in Retrograde so we are feeling pressure to clean up our acts.  Eliminate outdated ideas and patterns and spend time researching and reaching into our inner world for answers.  We will also notice having done the work we seem to have a greater control over our lives.

We do not want to keep repeating patterns that block our growth or our pursuit of happiness. We seek the wholeness of consciousness, body, mind and spirit.  We seek to unify all that we are and live our truth.

It has been claimed that the more Zero’s we have in our birth date or name the ‘closer to the Divine we are’ – I find that rather limiting and would prefer that we are the masters of our destiny, filled with possibility – the essence of the Divine is there to complete all that I am.  The Zero is about potential and choice.

With The Fool as 22 we draw the energy of our dreams becoming reality based on wisdom and experience.  We recognise our own evolution through time and are able to harness our personal power.  One of my favourite expressions is “collective intent and co-operation”.  We cant do it all alone, we always need guidance, assistance and the space (0) to complete our journey.

There is the age old question “did God create man, or man create God”?  No matter which path of faith we choose to follow, most of us would like to believe that mortal death does not end the essence of man.  That we transform and transcend as spirit, returning to source.  Energy that make us who we are does not simply cease to exist, it transforms.  Death may end a life but never the relationship.  As long as we have memory the departed has life.

0 The Fool asks us to be aware of our circle of life, of what we have made out of the power of possibility, what inspiration we have drawn from the collective and how do we serve – how do we co-operate with the collective intent.

RIP Andrew Barrett 23/12/1972 – 21/4/2013

AndrewGone too soon is the phrase that keeps running through my mind.  A light was extinguished today, but the light of Andrew will continue to shine in our hearts.

Andrew lived his life as a challenge. He was active, spontaneous, at times he could be rather assertive – but most of all he was an explorer of new ideas and visions. Patience and restraint were not synonymous with his passion for living. Everything he did, he did at full tilt. He gave his all – once you had met Andrew, your life was never the same again.

I once did a reading for him, and told him that he had been touched by the hand of God.  He was destined for great things and he owed it to himself to explore and quest for knowledge and understanding of the Universe and all its mysteries.  A natural charismatic, Andrew could convince you to follow him.

Highly intuitive and gentle soul. He was sensitive to the needs of others and found his balance through his relationships.  His approach to life was definitely unusual, driven with humour and passion, you knew when Andrew was in a room.  At times, a little boy in a mans body, Andrew approached life with gusto because he believed that anything was possible.  He lived his life fully.

A gifted communicator he could make you believe anything.  At times he may have felt overwhelmed, and struggled with his demons, but as a true warrior Andrew would step up and take responsibility for his choices and actions – he never shied away from confrontation.

Andrew lived with integrity – he didn’t always conform to societies rules, but he was always honest about who he was and what he expected from life.  At times his enthusiastic side would be at odds with his need for self control and order.

Deep down there was a generous heart – he loved entertaining, cooking and sharing with his friends. He would give you whatever he had to help you.   He related to people on all levels.  He didn’t judge, he was just there… for you if you needed him.

The concept of family and tradition was important to him – he loved Bronwyn and his son Aidan wholeheartedly.  Knowing they were in his life gave him the security he needed.  Will-full and headstrong, life with Andrew was never simple or easy, never boring but the moments when he was fully engaged were magical. He was charming; at times manipulative and would push the envelope as far as he could. He was an adventurer at heart. A seeker, for knowledge and truth.

Looking back on his time with us, we see his achievements, we see the many friends he accumulated, we see his struggles, but most of all we see a special soul, that I for one am thankful to have been able to call a friend.

Lala Kahle Andrew (Sleep well)

For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and melt into the sun.
And what is it to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides,
that it may rise and expand seek God unencumbered.

Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.
And when you have reached the mountain top, then shall you begin to climb.
And when the earth shall claim you limbs, then shall you truly dance.  Kahlil Gibran

Three Virtues – Faith, Hope, Charity

iSilamela17 The Star ISILIMELA

CONCEPT Hope; Self-sufficiency; Generosity; Inspiration; Innovation

iSilimela invites you to believe that anything is possible. Hope is eternal.

Trust /Increased self-confidence and esteem /Renew self /Calm is restored /Radiant /Magnetic charisma /Efforts produce rewards /Let your voice be heard /Generous; Open heart /Share wealth

This card seems to be popping up on a regular basis and it reminds me about the three virtues. The primary essence of this card is Hope which is one of the three moral virtues (Faith, Hope, Charity) and it got me thinking about why do we have hope, and what do we do while we are hoping for something.

The expression “Hope is eternal” resonates with me and reminds me that no matter what is going on in our lives, as long as we have hope, all is not lost – we are naturally inclined to believe in a positive outcome.

We know that we have to keep changing in order to keep in harmony with our world around us.  Understanding that everything changes teaches us to live in the present moment, with focus and intent.  The more we are able to embrace the present moment, the more we will get out of life.  Hope is the understanding that no matter how bad of difficult the situation, anything is possible.  We can be, create and live whatever life we want.

The Star

The Mythic Tarot: by Juliet Sharman-Burke, Liz Greene

The story of Pandora affirms that no matter what disaster, disease, trauma is released at the end of it we will find hope.  Many years ago I did a workshop with Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross on death and dying and she told us that no matter what the prognosis, no matter how ill the person the one thing we never take away is hope.  This is not being closed to the outcome, its about hoping for the best possible way of achieving that outcome.

For centuries philosophers have debated the difference between ‘hope’ and ‘expectation’.  Hope is there to inspire us – to keep us pushing through, it is what sustains us when we are at our lowest, darkest moment.  When we have hope we are open hearted to solutions and opportunities.

Hope is the belief in the outcome, that what we dream about can become a reality.  We hope for with confidence.  Alfred Adler said: “We cannot think, feel, will or act without the perception of a goal”.

three virtuesFaith is believing that a Divine source will deliver on a promise – eternal life, happiness, salvation.  The gift of faith reminds us that what we hope for will be delivered, but we cannot sit back and just expect it all to happen, we need to participate and be active and live our truth. The best way to work with faith is to “pay it forward”.

Charity is love – love for yourself and all others.   Easter is that message. Charity is about kindness and compassion – an expression of our own love.  When we work from our heart centres and not from ego and self importance the rewards are so much more satisfying. Love and charity is what binds us to our sacred contracts, its what purifies our thoughts and deeds.  When we do good deeds we are rewarded with joy and peace.  What we put out there returns to us.

This week think about your goals – are you hoping or expecting? Do you have faith in yourself and your abilities?  Are you living life with a good and open heart?