Robyn-Anne Pollard is a woman of infinite variety, one who can run with the wolves and shop with the poodles.  Trained in Broadcasting as a Multi camera Television producer and director, she is a practical and efficient, hands-on person and can be relied on to take a common-sense approach to most matters.   Her life is met with enthusiasm and idealism and is best viewed as a continual adventure with many exciting lessons.

In 1989 Robyn-Anne believed the time had come to make major changes in her life, she left a promising career in Television, studied and practiced Reflexology & Aromatherapy, learnt various Meditation techniques, and moved her home to Cape Town.

The study of Death and Dying (Thanatology) has always resonated with Robyn-Anne.  She became a Life Line and ATIC Counsellor and went on to attend a live in workshop with Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (leading Swiss Psychiatrist on Death and Dying).  In 1993 when it became obvious that AIDS would become a disease that would wreak havoc in the lives of many millions of people, Robyn-Anne volunteered her management and co-ordination skills to assist with the establishment of Wola Nani, an agency that provides assistance to people living with HIV/AIDS.  She became the founding Chairman and a director of this well-known agency.

Her continued study of Death and Dying led her to the Tibetan Buddhist Centre.  It was here that Robyn-Anne finally felt that most of her questions could be answered.  1996 was another turning point when HH Dalai Lama visited Cape Town, Robyn-Anne was honoured and privileged to be part of HH entourage.

Motivated by meeting the Dalai Lama her research escalated, she attended numerous workshops on spirituality and understanding self, Human Resources Management, Project and Time Management, Past Life Regressions, Aura Reading, The Art of Living (Breath work), Life after Life (Rob Nairn), Creative Visualisation and Kundalini to mention a few.

Over the years Robyn-Anne has done vast amounts of research into her chosen field.  Robyn-Anne’s goal is to demystify the metaphysical, to make it acceptable and accessible to all.  She is currently working on a book on “Death and Dying”,  has developed iTongo Tarot for Transformation, based entirely on South African myths and legends. A Tarot Deck for personal analysis and empowerment.  Robyn-Anne is a much sought after counsellor and Coach.  She runs workshops and coaches individuals nationwide.

As an independent in the highly competitive Self Help industry, Robyn-Anne has combined her expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm which gives her the edge over competitors.  Her success depends on recognising the individuals needs and perspective, using the mix of analysis and people skills.

Robyn-Anne has worked with New Scotland Yard (UK) and the SA Police on missing persons cases, Robyn-Anne is  consulted by families needing closure and direction on open murder or missing person cases.

In August 2005 Robyn-Anne was diagnosed with Stage III Cancer.  Over the 9 months of Chemo & Radiation, she had had the opportunity to ‘walk her talk’.  She used her visualisation and breathing techniques extensively during her treatment and practiced mindfulness to overcome the disease gracefully.  Robyn-Anne has achieved full remission and is pursuing her path to be of service to others  with renewed vigour by embracing the subtle changes to her psyche.

Robyn-Anne is a guest on South African radio stations with regular spots on AlgoaFM (Eastern Cape) and The Taxi online Radio. She has been interviewed on Television and has had articles printed in Daily Press and numerous magazines.

Robyn-Anne has a need to serve and believes it is her path to act as the agent of transformation to other people.

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