2015 – What to Expect

2015 has two influences. The Universal Experience (The year 15 which relates to The Devil) and The Personal Experience (2+0+1+5=8) Justice or in Waite system Strength (iTongo 11).

What does 2015 bring?
This will be a good year to handle legal issues. Outstanding issues will be resolved, new issues arising will be easier to reach a resolution, often resulting with out-of-court settlements.

2015 is a good year for finances – things begin to come into balance. New ventures are likely to succeed. If you heeded the energy of 7 The Chariot which was 2014’s card, took control and made the required changes, then 2015 is going to be a bumper year.

Promotions/increases are possible. If you have a dream 2015 is the year to realise it. Keep it simple, direct and clear. 2015 will not be a good year for anything covert and complex. Focus on what you want. Mind your motivation and intention. Set the course and you will reach those goals.

Body, mind and spirit. Pay close attention to health and care for your body – exercise and nutrition are key components towards good health in 2015. Part of good health is a healthy mind and spirit. Assimilate and adjust to the changes made in 2014. Watch your habits and addictions.

2015 is about abundance – make sure that what you are receiving is positive. Your balance and harmony will be reflected by those around you. If you are negative then you will receive in abundance. If you emit a positive energy and attitude then that too will be received in abundance. Its about understanding and being mindful of the laws of cause and effect. What you put out there comes back to you.

15 The Devil - Thikoloshe15 The Devil (Thikoloshe) in 2015. Universal experience.
This is the year where ‘our chickens come home to roost’. Whatever we put out there in 2014 comes back to us in 2015 – either to haunt or bedevil us or to ‘lay old ghosts to rest’. The upside is that whatever effort and hard work was done in 2014, we will reap the rewards in 2015.

2015 will ask us to look beyond what we are doing and look deep into what our inner world is doing, because this is where the motivation and intent comes from. Our thoughts and emotions drive our actions. Our sense of self is what determines the quality of our actions.

This is the year to set your boundaries and limits. To combine practicality with productivity. It’s a year to be dynamic and assertive and accept ‘what is’.

Watch out for those bad habits – Vanity/ego, lust and addictions. You are the master of your destiny, be aware of what limits you and re-balance. 2015 could amplify bad habits or addictions at times making us feel trapped and helpless. We need to remember that we hold the power and the key for release and freedom. I recently read an article about how mankind suffers because of his base physical nature – which is all about the pursuit of pleasure, his lust for life rather than his passion, how when living without boundaries and limitations we self destruct. The sentence that struck a chord with me is “of course, we all have cracks, that’s how we let the light in”.

So even when we are troubled by our demons, we need to remember to let the light in – guiding and stabilising our need for physical gratification.

Keeping a positive attitude is one of the keys during 2015. Knowing that no matter what the situation, no matter how hopeless we feel – we can find a solution, we can with a little effort overcome. Consider your options and take positive action, don’t run away or numb yourself with chemicals, alcohol and sex. Each time you face that particular demon its power is diminished and eventually will not have an effect on you. Live triumphant in 2015!

Live life with focus and positive reinforcement this year. Keep telling yourself ‘I am worthy’, ‘I am fearless’, ‘I can overcome’. Take note of your own inhibitions which block your growth – once managed and removed you will experience growth. Growth is not without its challenges but its rewards are well worth the effort. When we are able to transcend fear and shame and guilt we are kinder to ourselves and to others. We are able to forgive and most importantly we are able to view and love others without conditions and strings. The Devil reminds us that there will always be temptation, its part of our basic human nature that arises at times – this card cautions and reminds us … all things in moderation. If you cant do it yourself, seek guidance and help.

Card 15 (1+5) adds to 6. Its essence is about choice. You choose your action, you choose your result.

iTongo Tarot Card8 Justice (Khathulo) in 2015. Personal experience.
We have a double whammy here – 15 and 8 bring our past actions back to us in 2015. Justice is about truth in action. It’s about the natural law of cause and effect. We are responsible for our actions and reactions. Therefore we need to accept the punishment or the reward. The main theme of this year is “truth in action”

An 8 is made up of two perfect circles – balance and harmony, each in equal measure. The lemniscate or the horizontal number 8 also known as the infinity symbol represents the concept of perpetual motion, which is the supreme signature of the Universe and all cycles – as you sow, so shall you reap.

2015 is about the laws of cause and effect, Karma and the return of all your energy in infinite cycles. Take a close look at your situation and work in practical ways to bring balance and harmony. This is a good year to stabilise, use your time efficiently and be dependable. Don’t make promises or arrangements you know you cant keep. Work hard, but don’t be a workaholic. Sometimes a break and some time out allows new energy to flow, making you more effective.

2015 on a personal level is also about balance, realignment and finding that perfect harmony. The first step is TRUTH. Without absolute honesty we cant move forward. Make time this year to examine your truth and if you are living it. The more unfocused we are in 2015 the less effective we will be.

The number 8 is about control, domination and achievement. It’s also a number of abundance – attracting financial security. 2015 could see some relief in finances and legal matters. It could be as simple as renewing a passport, or committing to life insurance – take note of what you need to succeed. Be self confident in your abilities and go for your goals. Push for that promotion, ask your loved one to marry you – take a chance on YOU, you know you are worth it.

The message for 2015 is one of accountability for our actions. This card reminds us that we all have a conscience – we should listen to it more often. Pay attention to the whispering in your ear. We need to learn from our mistakes. Take some time to examine the past. What choices and actions would you have done differently? What can you do today to bring change? What are you setting up now for the future? What do you expect the results to be?

Identify areas in your life that need change, find the solution and the way to success. Start a diary, make a vision board, contemplate, meditate – In the circle of life we are all connected, we are all one.

Other lessons we will learn in 2015 are Compassion and wisdom. Natural leadership and self confidence are the keys. This is a year for taking that chance or risk on yourself. The challenge is not to pass judgement, manipulate or take decisions in anger. Be aware of becoming obsessive or addicted to the power. It’s finding the balance with logic and reason. Honour the laws of cause and effect. Understand the responsibility of choice. A clear mind will determine the quality of outcome. Experience is one of our great teachers.

2015 is a year to work for humanity. We need to take care of more than just ourselves. We need to share our talents, experience and wisdom and work towards the greater good. There are many in need – join a cause and work towards bettering humanity, the community, the nation and the planet.

For those who follow A.E. Waite tradition 8 Strength. (iTongo 11 – Amandla)
Originally named Fortitude which is the ability and willingness to face and confront our fear, pain, uncertainty. Moral courage is the ability to act truthfully in the face of opposition, shame or scandal.

2015 will see the return of wonder, awe, passion, vitality and excitement. It’s a year to follow your creative instincts and follow your passion. We are multi-faceted and we can do anything we dream of. We need the courage of our convictions to realise those dreams. Handle all situations as creatively as possible. It is through the creative process that you will renew and regenerate yourself.

Again the power of 8 is about stability, perseverance and everything in moderation, which will require inner strength and discipline. Maintaining composure and serenity will see you through the difficult times in 2015.

Summary for 2015

Maintain a positive attitude – Keep telling yourself ‘I am worthy’, ‘I am fearless’, ‘I can overcome’
Set your boundaries and limits
Honour the laws of cause and effect – Karma
Accountability for our actions – You choose your action, you choose your result.
Abundance – attracting financial security
Combine practicality with productivity
Work for humanity – In the circle of life we are all connected, we are all one
Manage those bad habits – Vanity/ego, lust and addictions
Find practical ways to bring balance and harmony
The more unfocused we are in 2015 the less effective we will be


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