Ace of iSibane (Wands) Growth through Transformation

Ace of Wands from iTongo Tarot for TransformationThe more things change the more they seem to stay the same. Whether it’s our world around us that is different, or our own inner landscape. One thing we can always be guaranteed, is that change will happen whether we like it or not.

When we discover a depth to ourselves, we feel enthusiastic, have the confidence to achieve and feel sure of our success. Maintain this focus, feel the fire within and use it to go beyond your limits.

My philosophy has always been that through transformation comes healing. The roadblocks to this healing is our own courage, confidence and endurance to see it through. Sometimes change takes a while before we can tangibly see the difference. Other times change is so dramatic that the effects are experienced immediately.

For every action there is a reaction. Every thought we have has energy to create and manifest a result. We need to be sure that what we are thinking and feeling is in accord with what our hearts desire. We also need to keep a check on our actions. Are we walking our talk?

This is a good time to discover a better way of doing things. When we are inspired we have boundless creativity that we apply to a situation or desire. Harnessing that energy and being focused is what brings about the result we want.

This week the challenge is to keep going, no matter what the obstacles, push through the hard parts, integrate your ability with your thoughts and intuition and you will see the results. Challenges are just that, they help us grow and develop. We need to live with an open mind to greater possibilities, we are able to dream, so why not realise those dreams and express ourselves. When we give up or turn away, we remain stagnant and will continue to be stuck in the rut without ever truly finding our purpose and place or expanding our potential.

Stimulate the imagination and allow the natural talents to come forward. Find solutions and tackle anything life may throw at you. In its simplest form the Ace of iSibane brings a feeling of health, energy and vitality. We may feel that we are able to do anything … and that’s exactly how we should live.


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