10 Wheel of Fortune – Growth through Change

ITHUBARound and round she goes, where she lands no one knows … 10 The Wheel of fortune is our Karma card. It is about moments of opportunity and chance or Karma. Success and good fortune. We are filled with optimism and generosity of spirit. It is believed that we create our own destiny, that our past actions bring us to exactly where we need to be in the present.

This is a week of new beginnings. We are feeling creative and inspired. We feel and believe that change is coming. We know that the time is now!

In Greek mythology there are three women known Moirai also known as the fates. Clotho, Lachesis and Antropos. Clotho spins the thread of life, Lachesis measured the length of that life and Antropos cut the thread. So this week we need to spin, measure and cut.

The wheel reminds us of perpetual motion. Day follows night, summer follows spring, action follows thought. We need to be aware that every time we put something into motion we are going to bring about change. When we manage change it may be dramatic, but when we don’t manage change, change happens anyway and can often end up traumatic.

When we experience the traumatic 10 The Wheel of fortune reminds us that ‘this too shall pass’, good times or bad times everything passes and everything changes. The Buddhists teach that life is impermanent. The only things guaranteed are birth, change and death, everything else in between is a result of our thoughts and actions.

Karma is a word bandied about. We all understand that its principal is ‘cause and effect’, what we do comes back. Its about our activities and the intention that motivates. Action creates the seed in the mind, which causes the result when met with the right conditions. Sometimes we have absolute control and sometimes we just have to go with the flow and manage our responses.

The wheel may turn slowly, but it always turns. This gives us heart when we are in troubled times and inspires us when we are strong and focused. Thinking positive thoughts or say out loud affirmations will help keep you focused and clear the mind of negative thinking.

Resisting change can be bad for our health. It creates more stress than the changes. When in doubt go back to what you know. Healthy nutrition, exercise and daily meditation or yoga practice will keep you going and in fine physical shape.

Carolyn Myss points out that if we want to know what we were doing in the past, we need to look at our bodies now, if we want to know what we will be doing in the future, we need to look at our minds now. What are your thoughts? How often do you act on them? Have you been satisfied with the results?

Be accountable for your actions. Its time to own up and take responsibility, stop being a victim. Stop sabotaging yourself. Some things do just happen, there is a whole world of possibility going on around us and those close to us are making choices for themselves, which in turn affect us. Its not what happens to us, its how we deal with it – do we see it as an opportunity or do we see it as a block to our hearts desires.

We are said to create our own destiny, but without the help of others we can find the road to success a bumpy ride. As the wheel turns we experience all that is attached to that wheel. Times when we are on top of it all, sometimes feeling we are spinning out of control, other times our world is lying fallow and no matter what we try to do, we just cant seem to get out of the doldrums. Then something unexpected happens and we are being pulled in a direction (we sometimes don’t understand) but we go with the flow, recognising the opportunities that come our way and making new choices more inline with each new situation or opportunity.

Choose your path wisely, take time to consider exactly what you want – round and round she goes … knowing where its going to land is liberating.


3 comments on “10 Wheel of Fortune – Growth through Change

  1. I borrowed this deck from a friend a couple of years ago, and when I returned it, never got around to getting my own copy. I am so thrilled I found your blog again….. I’m sharing it on a fb tarot group so more people get to see it!

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