20 The Earth – Growth through Judgement

IminyanyaOne of my favourite cards. 20 The Earth and a significant card for this week, not only have we moved into the Astrological sign of Taurus (Earth) but we are about to experience a Meteor show tomorrow night around 21:43. When the earth moves through the center of the dust trail left by a comet and we have a display. Look N-NE experts are predicting at least 18 streaks over an hour some very bright with tails. Happy hunting.

The invitation this week is to follow your destiny. Its about the evolution of your spirit. Living with good judgement brings introspection and rebirth. Now is the time for personal evaluation and transformation. Its time for that cocoon to open and reveal the butterfly within. Its time for your own metamorphosis.

In traditional tarot card 20 is called Judgement. This week is an evaluation week. It’s about wise judgement and the integration of who we are with what we are doing. In order for us to move forward without the baggage of the past we do have to sit in Judgement of ourselves, our life and decide what is working and what we need to build on discard and let go of. We can’t afford to jump to conclusions or have clouded judgement. We need to be focused and think things through with a clear mind. This could also be the week for a spiritual awakening.

Everyone needs some kinds of help, guidance and support from time to time. As much as we believe “I can do this on my own”, we all need input, sometimes a cautionary hand. Take time to honour the ancestors (Iminyanya), seek council with your Divine or ask the Angels … any form of communication with energy or power greater than yourself is available in abundance this week.

Explore new ways to connect, you will benefit you in ways you have not imagined – and nothing ventured, nothing gained. This is a time of reward for past efforts, specifically where you have tried to make amends to others, where you have asked for forgiveness and actually shown through your actions that you are sincere. You will find that forgiveness and within that your will find peace.

This is not a good time to be sitting on the fence. You need to be proactive in finding your reason for being. You need to find the clarity in all the situations in your life. Its time to take a stand for who you are, what you believe in and what you want out of your relationships and life in general. It’s time to experience the happiness that you seek.

Ever wondered about second chances? Well this is the time when you will be rewarded for your efforts. IF you have done the work, IF you are honest and true in your motivation, IF you are repentant for your actions and words, then you will find that this is the time, the moment when your transformation or metamorphosis takes place. Everyone deserves a second chance.

The visual of 20 The Earth is a snake, the Rainbow Serpent wrapped around the earth, protecting it from self destruction. Also known as Ouroborus or the tail devourer. This snake forms a continuous circle and is considered a symbol of eternity.

According to legend, the snake carried the creator in his mouth while the earth was being created. The creator feared that the earth would sink into the sea beneath the weight of the mountains. The snake coiled itself around the earth, holding firm with its tail in its mouth; this hold must never be loosened, otherwise all of creation will disintegrate.

Like the snake, it is time to shed all that is no longer useful or supportive in your life. Let go and open up to new possibilities. Transform yourself. Whatever is lying dormant in your psyche will rise this week. Be prepared for your epiphany or A-Ha moment. Be aware of what is being renewed and what is awakening.

Take the time for reflection and self evaluation. Meditation is a useful tool to bring you to the point of deeper understanding and recognition of the common themes throughout your life. Lessons learnt will help you to not make the same mistakes and how to avoid conflicting situations in the future. This is a significant stage in your journey – don’t get lost or distracted.

Transformation can heal your life. Understand and value the road you have already travelled, the end goal is in sight. Confront any unfinished business so that you move forward unencumbered by the past. What has already happened has shown you your strengths – use them. View your future with a knowing and understanding of self.

Forgive and forget. Speak openly from the heart. Allow the Ancestors to guide you and show you the way to freedom, from your memories, from past hurt and perceived failures. Its not how many times you fall, its how many times you get up.

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