8 of iSibane (Wands) – Growth through Passion & Power

iTongo Tarot CardThe Eight of iSibane is about virility.  It’s the power and the passion that we all possess.  This is the week to let your passion fly, state your intentions clearly, awaken you personality and declare – I am who I am! With pride and strength.

With all this energy going on inside you may feel that a lot of things are still ‘up in the air’ and you are waiting on others to get the ball rolling, that’s  OK, it will happen when it happens.  What you can do in the meantime is work on focusing your own energy and power.

For most of us patience is a difficult lesson, especially when the world around us is about instant gratification.  The eight of iSibane is about balance.  With stillness comes peace.

An 8 is made up of two perfect circles – balance and harmony, each in equal measure.  The Lemniscate or the horizontal number 8 also known as the infinity symbol represents the concept of perpetual motion, which is the supreme signature of the Universe and all cycles – as you sow, so shall you reap.

Laws of cause and effect, Karma and the return of all your energy in infinite cycles. Take a close look at your situation and work in practical ways to bring balance and harmony.  This is a good week to stabilise, use your time efficiently and be dependable.  Don’t make promises or arrangements you know you cant keep.  Work hard, but don’t be a workaholic.  Sometimes a break and some time out allows new energy to flow, making you more effective.

The main message is one of accountability for our actions.  This card reminds us that we all have a conscience – we should listen to it more often.  Pay attention to the whispering in your ear, we should do the right thing.  We need to learn from our mistakes.  Take some time to examine the past.  What choices and actions would you have done differently?  What can you do today to bring change? What are you setting up now for the future? What do you expect the results to be.

Identify areas in your life that need change, find the solution and the way to success.  Start a diary, make a vision board, contemplate, meditate – In the circle of life we are all connected, we are all one.

The Fire of iSibane brings the acceleration of affairs.  Things may begin to happen at a rapid pace.  What the cosmos teaches us that within everything there is order – and so too should be your growth.  Any blockage or obstacle can be overcome through the transformative power of Fire energy.

Your goals are within reach and new ideas will bring satisfactory conclusions.  At times you may feel swept off your feet, all you have to do is hit the ground running.  Keep up and keep going.

Another sense of urgency that may arise is your commitment to spirit.  Major breakthroughs are possible.  If you have plotted your course well all you have to do is implement it.  Spiritual activities increase and assume greater significance the more you practice. The stronger your sense of purpose the greater the result.

This power is especially in the 8 of Wands/Fire.  Part of you is the foundation (below) and part of you is spirit (above) both reflect equally and as you transmit, so you receive.

When opportunity knocks, you need to be ready.  Pay attention to everything that comes your way.  Strike while the iron is hot, and when all is said and done you will be satisfied with the results.


iTongo Legend
Mpondo and Mpondomise

Between the escarpment of the Drakensberg and the sea, lives a number of tribes, and between the uMtata and umTamvuna Rivers live the Mpondo and Mpondomise peoples. Tradition tells that the Mpondo have lived in the same part of the country for twelve generations, spanning nearly three centuries, and that Chief Cabe was the first to be buried in what is now KwaZulu-Natal.

Both the Mpondo and Mpondomise, like all the Nguni people, are divided into patrilineal clans (iziduko), where descent is based on the male line. Members of each clan are regarded as related for they can trace their descent from a common ancestor, but not all of them can trace their exact genealogical connection. Nevertheless, fellow members of a clan are forbidden to marry for they are regarded in this respect as brothers and sisters. Most clans have several thousand members, so the choice of marriage partners is severely limited.

The Mpondo number forty-six clans that can trace descent from their far distant ancestor, Mpondo.


4 The Emperor – Growth through Masculine Energy

iTongo Tarot CardPreviously we explored our mother energy, this week we take on our Father energy.  The Emperor is all about personal power and leadership. Working with our masculine energy (animus) and to walk our path with wisdom.

The interesting energy of the Emperor is the deep love of the creative process. Confused? We often attribute creativity and growth with our feminine (anima) sides.  The Emperor brings creative solutions to situations.  It’s about the practical implementation powered by hard work and stability.  This is an opportunity to manifest your leadership skills.  Like the element of fire, be warm, nurturing, vital and energetic.

It’s a week to be independent and pioneering.  Go boldly forward and establish structure in your life.  Within each of us is masculine and feminine aspects, the Emperor guides us through wisdom, order and authority.  He represents our physical world and reminds us of our duty as leaders.

Rely on your own intellect when making decisions don’t be influenced by others.  The wise way is to listen to all opinions and then with that knowledge make your own choice and execute in your own unique way.  Having the upper hand does not mean that we can run over others’ hopes and dreams, rather we should support and encourage whenever possible.  Guiding and pushing their ambition to succeed. Reflect your essence of masculine energy, be definitive and create structure.

Our card of the year The Chariot supports our ability to control and proceed forward.  To take up the leadership mantle and lead with wisdom.  To manage change and to know when we need to change course.  To be innovative and creative when seeking solutions to problems.

Business is good this week.  Be open to suggestions from co-workers and give credit where it is due.  Natural Emperors are kind and fair in all their dealings with others.  Integrity is key.

When the going gets tough – dig down and find that tenacity to face adversity.  Focus and willpower will get you through.  We carry within us all that we have experienced, this is the time to bring that knowledge to good use.  It’s a time to expand your horizons and improve yourself through all experiences life has to offer.

Ultimately what the Emperor teaches us is the sometimes we have to go with mind over heart, so its important to maintain focus and self control.  Assertiveness and confidence sharpens the focus.  Forge ahead doing what you know best and become the master of your destiny.

Your career may become an issue this week.  Are you following your passion and doing what you love?  Pay particular attention to organization, logic and follow through.  Don’t leave things undone, or hope that in time it will sort itself out – it wont.  You need to make the effort.  Keep a clear mind on your end result and work hard toward it.  If you are unhappy where you are, its time to start making a move.  Apply for that promotion.  Share your vision with those in power to make a change.  If you need to move to another company, now is the time to do it.  Don’t get stuck in a rut, because you fear the unknown.  Take the reins and steer your way to success.

Be sure to take time out to meditate, contemplate and regroup.  Even in our analytical state we need to hear spirit when it communicates.  Meditation requires discipline and will become easier when you make the time and effort.

Know your self worth and value all that you are.  The Emperor and the number 4 represent the four seasons, the four walls, the four corners.  It takes missive amounts of energy to move them.  The strength is in the stability they bring, the weakness is being trapped and stagnating.

The Emperor is connected to 13 Death (1+3=4) and therefore has the power of transformation.  You can change whatever you want, you just have to have the will to change.  Be warned about having a sense of entitlement beyond your actual rights, this could lead to corrupting your material and spiritual world.

Go forth and conquer.  Be kind and lead with compassion and wisdom.  Be fearless and focused.

iTongo Legend

Elephants symbolise wisdom, strength, moderation, and eternity. Numerous myths abound in Africa about this animal whose very size makes it invincible in nature, its only enemy being man.

In African fables, the elephant is always the wise chief who impartially settles disputes among the animals. The elephant is described as kind and noble, who feels pity even for a wicked character and so is usually deceived.

The San people, the original human inhabitants of the Southern Cape, were the very first recorders of the existence of elephants and often depicted them in their rock art. Elephants were important in San mythology and religion. The elephant was regarded as the supreme animal from whom, when in trance state, San shamans could draw their power.