2 The High Priestess – Growth through Spirit

The High Priestess - MoyoThe High Priestess is about serenity, knowledge and understanding.  She is the guardian to our inner world and lifts the veil of awareness to show us our true selves.  She guides us to enlightenment and divine knowledge.  This week listen to and trust your inner voice.

The High Priestess is a spiritual card, so this week we are asked to find our balance through the connections of intuition and insight. This week its OK to rely on your ‘gut feelings’ – trust that what you believe you know, is correct.

Discovering and learning to work with our intuition is often avoided, as we fear the ‘energies’ we may be attracting.  We all have experienced intuition and inspiration; sometimes it’s simply a ‘bright idea’ or something more profound in a ‘knowing’ of things to come.  When we work with our inner knowing we are able to access the power within.  Within each of us we have that still point, that place where we have absolute truth. How do we do that?

The simplest is working with our dreams.  We all dream, it’s a question of remembering and decoding those dreams.  I believe that our dream world is the ‘interpreter’ between our unconscious and conscious minds.  That is why we dream in symbols.  Some dreams are about us downloading the day and have no significance other than to make space for new thoughts and ideas.  Some dreams allow us the opportunity to work through our issues, fears and situations without actually having to physically go through them. And some dreams are communications from our inner selves – these are the dreams we need to take note of for our growth and understanding.

More often than not we second guess that little voice inside, we make choices and decisions based on our intellect, and remember the brain always has an agenda, its information is all acquired, whereas our inner voice’s sole purpose is to protect us and keep us safe and on our paths of truth.

The High Priestess brings with her pleasant surprises and synchronicity.  All of a sudden, what we have been chasing/pursuing all comes together. Perhaps even new opportunities, life may just feel simpler, easier when the Priestess is in play.  There is also a sensual side to the Priestess, so those looking for love will find it in all the right places.

The lesson of this card is to begin working with your unconscious and learn to interpret through the subconscious so that you can live consciously each day.  Make the right choices and have the right responses.

The Challenge of the High Priestess is to go beyond the obvious, surface information and discover what is hidden.  She also asks you to remember the unlimited potential you hold within yourself.  Sometimes goals can be achieved by simply being in stillness, by reading the signs and allowing the chance to develop within the fullness of time.

Start a dream diary.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember your dreams, start with just asking yourself “what am I feeling”? Perhaps there is a residue of emotion, a smell, a sound or random visuals.  Over time you will begin to recognise your symbols and archetypes, you will develop a map with billboards that explain what you are thinking and feeling.

An alternative is to sit quietly each day and meditate – remember meditation is a process not a destination, no need to push for some kind of ‘experience’, just allow the thoughts to arise, don’t get involved in the thoughts, take note and let them go.  Anything that has arisen, make a note in your diary and look out for those thoughts in your dreams.

What I enjoy about The Taxi ‘Song in your Head’ segment is that this could also be an indication of messages from your unconscious.  Keep a note of the song, the lyric or even the tune.  Nothing is by accident, we are constantly being guided to acknowledge and act on our intuition.

iTongo Myth/Legend
Baobabs occur across the continent of Africa, and a line of Baobabs, spaced at approximately 96 kilometres from each other runs across the Kalahari Desert, North West of South Africa extending into Namibia and Botswana.

The Sunland ‘Big Baobab’ in Modjadjiskloof, Limpopo Province, South Africa, is famous for being the widest of its species in the world and is carbon dated to be around 6000 years old.

The majestic Baobab tree is revered in African culture and is the undisputed monarch of the savannah trees of Africa. In ancient times, kings, elders, and leaders from the Limpopo region would meet under giant Baobabs to discuss matters of great importance. Not only did these trees provide shelter and sustenance, but tribal leaders also believed that the spirit of the Baobab (oracle*) would always guide them to make wise decisions.

Almost every part of the tree is useful to man. A single Baobab may hold as much as fourand-a-half thousand litres of water. Their white flowers are large and sweet smelling, often likened to the stars of the evening sky as they only bloom at night. The pollen of the flowers yields an excellent glue, and the seeds are pleasant to suck (rich in protein, calcium, oil and phosphates), or they can be ground and roasted to make a coffee.

The fruit pod contains tartaric acid (which is used in sherbet) and is often called the ‘cream of tartar’ tree. Elephants, monkeys, and baboons depend on its fruit (the vitamin C content of one fruit is equivalent to four oranges). A white pulp, inside the seed pods, when mixed with water, is used to treat malaria. Young leaves have high calcium content and can be used as a kind of spinach. The spongy wood is used to make ropes or paper.


Warrior of Moritsoana – Manifesting Fantasy into Reality

Knight of CupsOur card of the week The Warrior of Moritsoana or Cups shows us the difference between fantasy and reality.  We can all dream the perfect dream but are we prepared to put in the effort to achieve those dreams.  How realistic are they?  I do say that when we dream we need to begin that dream with ‘in a perfect world’.

But our worlds are not perfect sometimes we limit ourselves, for a variety of reasons, but more often than not it’s not because we believe, but because we believe we do not deserve it.  We are unworthy.  This week we can afford to be a tad idealistic, to dream the impossible dream.  Why not be able to have the happily ever after…

Well known and beloved fairy tales share a common theme.  The forlorn, orphaned young person is cast out or cursed or put upon by evil stepmothers, sisters etc.  After various trials and tribulations (usually lasting 100 years) she is saved by an act of kindness usually by a prince or knight in shining armour.

The message from all these stories is that no matter what your circumstances, if we truly believe in ourselves, something or someone will come to our rescue. The Universe always knows what is in our hearts.  When we put out the right vibrations we alert all that is around us, in turn we receive the energy needed.  The awakening kiss of Grace.

We live in times of instant gratification.  We don’t want to wait for the saviour, we want a quick fix – we want it all …  NOW!  Life is like a fine wine, some things take time to mature and develop into their full potential.  Patience, all good things come to those who wait.

Another theme that runs through all the stories and fables is being pure of heart. I can’t think of a fairy tale or parable where the evil ugly sister got the prince.  So as we dream to be fulfilled, saved or transformed, we need to consider our motivation and intent.  Why do we want what we want?  Why do we feel that life is not living up to our expectations?  How realistic are those expectations? What trials and tribulations do we need to go through to reach the nirvana we desire. Are we ready for the life we dream of?

Often we confuse feelings of lust with romantic or true love, which is all flowers and candles and unconditional.  True love is a state of Grace not the sentimental love that Hollywood propagates, but rather the even flow of the poetry of life.  The beauty of heightened senses.  That glorious wash of emotion, clear and true without the attachments of need and greed.

The Fairy tales we learn as children, set up our vision of the future. This system becomes the foundation for our emotional intelligence.  As we mature our intellect so too should we mature our emotions.  Most of us don’t, we hang onto that system or foundation that we set up as children.  We aspire to the ‘happy ever after’.  We look at the end result and somehow are able to gloss over and turn a blind eye to the pain and suffering that was endured before the ever after moment.  When we experience pain and suffering we are confused.  Why is life so difficult?  We need to go back and mature the child within, so that as adults we have age appropriate responses to our mates, family and friends.

We also tend to do this with real life people.  We hold up Ghandi, Mandela and Mother Theresa as icons for humanity.  Which of us would have been able to live their lives? Even for a day.  To undergo the difficulties they lived through and still be able to maintain a purity of spirit.

Our lesson this week is learning to love personally and unconditionally.  We need to master our instincts and develop a way to control our enthusiasm and expectations.  There will be a fair amount of fire and passion around, so be prepared to fall in love or to experience feelings deeper than ever before.

Be prepared to experience the heights of joy and the depths of despair. Both are valid in our existence, both teach us valuable lessons.  Sometimes in our darkest moments we find our own inner light.  We journey on with hope.  We begin to love unconditionally and we shine our light.

iTongo Legend
The Basotho military system was not unlike the Zulu, in the calling up of youths to form guilds at the time of their initiation into manhood. These groups could be mobilised to serve as regiments for the chief in wartime.

These regiments were usually led by men of royal blood from within the ranks. The warriors did not have specific regimental dress but could be distinguished by their winged shields, designed to deflect spears in flight. They would be armed with light throwing spears or an axe.

Warriors would paint their clan totems on their shields. “Ba” indicates “People of” – and the name of their totem. Examples; Name: Bahlaping – Totem is a Fish (Tlhapi) or BaKwêna totem is the crocodile (Kwêna). Their headgear was black ostrich feathers.

Family Tradition In Sesotho, the words for father (ntate) and mother (mme) are also commonly used as address forms of respect for one’s elders. Politeness, good manners, and willingness to serve are values very strongly encouraged in children. The general attitude toward childhood is well summarised by the proverb Lefura la ngwana ke ho rungwa, which roughly translates as “Children benefit from serving their elders.”

The standard greetings in Sotho reflect this attitude of respect towards age. When greeting an elder, one should always end with ntate (my father) or mme (my mother). Words for brother (abuti) and sister (ausi) are used when one talks to people of the same age. A child who answers an adult’s question with a simple “Yes” is considered impolite. To be polite, the child needs to add “my father” or “my mother”.

Hospitality and generosity are expected. Even those who have very little will share their food with visitors. Of course, those who share also expect the favour to be returned when it is their turn to visit.

Growth through Universal Consciousness

iTongo Tarot Card21 The Universe – The visual on this card is The Southern Cross. This constellation is used in celestial navigation to find due South, and I like to think that the energy of The Universe guides us and always points us in the right direction.

We talk a lot about the universe and universal energy, this great amorphous place, Divine something or energy that is available to us, but what does it all mean? How do we connect or begin to understand the vastness of the subject?

When I look at this card I am reminded that we are all one and part of the Universal mind and force.  Every thought, action and emotion is the souls unity with others.  We are perfect in our manifestation, we just have to look around and know that our external world reflects our inner world – that in itself is validation.

Each and every one of us has unlimited potential, we are all natural explorers and adventurers and we should be visionary in what we hope to achieve in this life time.  We need to rise above our circumstances and make something of the hand we have been dealt.  Good fortune should always be shared and pay it forward, in kindness, generosity of spirit and being emotionally available to those in need.

In context with our Card of the year being  7 The Chariot, this week we are able to see the bigger picture.  To instinctively see what needs to be rebuilt or designed in new ways, whether it be environments, ideas, projects or people. We will have a natural ability to renew and regenerate ourselves and others.  Quite a creative and innovative week – be an original.

Don’t hold back.  This is also a good time to become more aware the world around you – become more ecologically minded and be active in making the universe a better place.  You may find yourself asking those questions about the origins of the universe as a whole or contributing towards theories, projects and services that assist universal understanding.  Value cultural differences as well as honour inherent similarities found within all of us.

When we are connected to the universal energy we reach a state of unity, a sense of wholeness which liberates our spirit. What we need to do is learn to understand the timing of things.  There are times when we birth and grow and there are times when we need to lie fallow and regroup, building towards a new beginning where we can realise ourselves and the Divine nature of everything.

There are times when we feel that we are drowning in life – the obstacles and hardships we experience either make us or break us.  We owe it to ourselves to not lose hope, to not give up on the dream, vision or goal.

You may experience several clear and important spiritual insights this week.  Each time we do the work required we experience a shift in consciousness.  Keep a notebook handy and record these.  Find like-minded people to discuss your point of view, even online.  We are all on a spiritual journey and your insights may be valuable to someone else.

When the self has reached a true state of unity with Universal energy we experience a wholeness.  I am that I am – a liberated Soul. The end is a new beginning. Yin and Yang merged in one whole.

This week is the opportunity to use your inherent moral compass, cut through things and get to the bottom of situations.  Build a new internal world, which in turn will be reflected externally.

Value the contribution you are making that makes the world a better place in which to live.  Explore the unknown and bring those creative ideas and projects into reality.