Value through Growth

PromiseNine of Moritsoana (pronounced Morie – Tswana)  is equal to the suit of Cups, the element is water which governs our emotions.  Time of day is Sunset and season is autumn.  Direction is west.  The symbol of Moritsoana is clay pots, the Sotho people use for water, grain and storing precious possessions.  The visual is a Blue Diamond, the most precious of all and one of our greatest gifts is to aspire to a “Diamond Mind” which is clear, translucent and unflawed.

The 9 of Moritsoana is about the promise of things to come. With the right focus and intent we are able to achieve anything we set our minds to.  This is the week we need to check our emotions, our feelings and experience the power of love.  A week to sharpen our intuition and trust our vision.  Most of all we need to live with hope.

What is your promise to yourself?  How do you plan to delight your senses and seek out pleasure?  What do you wish for?

Self-worth is key this week.  We are all precious and valuable.  Each one of us in unique and we understand that everything in life arises from what we feel, think, what we say and what we ultimately chose to do, Being fully aware of our thoughts and actions, and developing an understanding of who we are allows us to fulfil the dreams we have.

Often misunderstanding occurs when one imposes one’s expectations  onto  things and the people around us; expectations about how one hopes things will be, or about how one is afraid of how things might be.  Knowledge and understanding occurs when one sees things simply, as they are, being confident in a simple straight-forward approach to life.

But! How ?
One practices simplicity.  Life is simple!  We need to be mindful of the choices we make, we need to understand what motivates us, we need to learn to live with focus and intent.

We don’t have to struggle to survive after all. We have already survived. We don’t have to ‘sell out’ to achieve our goals.  We can learn to understand how things are and manage how we would like them to be.  The best way is to know yourself (warts and all) and to live life with focus and intent.  The right motivation brings the right results.  I use a mnemonic when I have to plan or question my intent.  The process is called If …. The Price is Right.

Planning  –  Know who you are. Know what you want.  No point in dreaming of being an Astronaut when you are afraid of flying.

Revolution  –  Fight for your beliefs.  Everything worth believing in deserves a good fight.

Involution  –  Internalise and own it.  When you have identified the “what” you need to make it your own and be prepared to ‘own it’ take responsibility.

Choice  –  Choose wisely and Change Management.  Once we have made a choice we set into motion change.  Are you ready to manage that change?

Evolution  –  Execute – Putting it all together.  If YES is the answer to the choices then its time to execute.  Make it happen.  Move forward.  The price is right!

This Friday we usher in Chinese New year and it’s the year of the horse.  Which is in keeping with our Card of the Year of The Chariot. The spirit of the horse is recognised as making all effort to improve oneself.  It is energetic, bright and warm hearted.  Horses are considered to be intelligent.  People born under the sign of the Horse are excellent communicators, intelligent, kind and are often popular because of their sense of humour.  However Horse people do not like restraints and tend to interfere with the natural course of things, they want to go their own way.

There is a saying “if wishes were horses then beggars would ride”.  Make a wish, pony up and ride towards your destiny.


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