Let the Sun shine in!

19sun19 The Sun – UBUNTU
Ubuntu invites you to practice humanity towards others.

Collaboration /Teamwork /Partnership /Personal potential /Illumination /Rebirth /Universal consciousness /Adjustment /Success /Optimism /Shining light /Glory /Honour /Higher knowledge /Higher awareness /Archetype of the child /Good judgement /Willpower /Moral order

The Sun is one of those ‘happy’ cards in a tarot deck.  It fills us with a feeling of freedom and optimism.  We all know how we feel on a perfect sunny day, we are expanded and share our sense of goodwill.  This is the basis of uBuntu – the philosophy and practice of humanity, kindness towards others.  This is also a time to honour those people in our lives that have made a difference.  The Zulu maxim “We are who we are because of others”.  Take stock of how people have helped you become who you are today.  People who have unconditionally been there to support, guide and advise, when you needed a hand up, or help or have served as a shining example on how to live your best life.

Feel the joy of self expression – be your own person but always remember that you are part of something wonderful and its the people around you that help make it true.  Its all about collaboration and teamwork.  When we partner with others we are often lifted beyond what we believe our personal potential to be.  They help illuminate the path ahead and at times enable our rebirth.

In order to achieve success we have to adjust our way of thinking.  The Sun is the Archetype of the Child.  Within each of us is the child we were – the innocent, divine, orphan and wounded.  For some they remain the eternal child, like Peter Pan.  The wonder of the child is the ability to dream unencumbered by life.  This week dream those dreams, be inspired and filled with the wonder of the world around you.

For some, they carry the Wounded Child archetype which hold those memories of abuse and neglect which has a substantial impact on your adult life. Many failures we experience are blamed on our childhood.  As an adult we owe it to ourselves to heal those wounds.  To take control back and believe that we are Divine and practice forgiveness, of ourselves and towards others who hurt us.  Its the only way we can truly move on.

We need to dig deep and find the remnants of that magical child, the one that is enchanting and sees the beauty and potential in all things.  Baudelaire wrote the ‘genius is childhood recaptured”.  Remember the magic of your imagination and the belief that anything was possible.  The key phrase this week is ‘Once upon a time … ”  What is your story?  What is your ‘happy ever after’? Take note of your shining moments. See the truth, accept what is, is.  Change what you can, adjust your way of thinking.  Honour your self, practice good judgement, have the willpower to follow through and practice the spirit of uBuntu.  You too are a shining example to others, show kindness, be emotionally available and live the dream.

iTongo Legend

Ubuntu (Moral Order)

Ubuntu is the African concept of ‘humanity towards others’. It is the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity. It is about having compassion towards other human beings, helping them physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

To achieve harmony, respect is fundamental in all aspects. What is right and wrong is assessed by how it affects other people. No one can show his humanness without showing how he relates to other people. Disharmony and disrespect are punishable by the Creator through the ancestors.

Free will encompasses ubuntu. The Zulu maxim umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu (“a person is a person through (other) persons”) may have no apparent religious connotation in the context of Western society, but in an African context it suggests that one can become an ancestor worthy of respect or veneration by behaving with humanity. Those who uphold the principle of ubuntu throughout their lives will achieve, in death, a unity with those still living.


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