11 Strength

11strength11 Strength – AMANDLA
amandla n. (-ndla) : Force; strength; power; might

Strength/ Passion/ Creative energy; Taming of the beast within/ Courage/ Moral victory/ Power /Commanding and outgoing /Self-control /Responding to a force /Awareness /Conviction /Enthusiasm /Moderation /Extremes /Balance between rationale and intuition

We often find ourselves facing life changing choices and challenges.  Sometimes experience helps us make the right choice, sometimes we need to dig deep to find the answers.

When we take time out to reflect on who we are, what we want and what we are prepared to do, we are often surprised that what the heart wants is not necessarily what we are actually doing.  This poses the dilemma of heart vs. head.  Which one is the true leader?

Last week I discussed Heart Consciousness and we do need to listen to that little voice deep within.  This is our seat of power, where we get the strength from to carry on. The heart is the centre of our balance, its also what gives us the courage of our convictions.

Like the Lion in The Wizard of Oz, as he searched for a heart so he could have courage, so too should we continue to search for our hearts.  Finding that workable balance between what we think and what we feel is the right thing to do.

When we connect to spirit we are whole-heartedly committed to living our best life.  We have a knowing of peace and calm within.  We have the balance of intuition and insight – seeing things for what they are and accepting the task of changing what needs to and letting go of what is not serving us in our journey.

When we are in that state of Divine being, we increase our sense of self esteem, our common sense and find our creativity to manifest all that we desire.  We all have the potential for abundance, we just have to look for it.  Sometimes the answers are revealed in our dreams, sometimes in our day-dreams.

We don’t desire things without a foundation.  Look back on your childhood – what were your dreams, hopes and ambitions.  Look at what you are doing now, have you achieved those dreams?  What are you doing to fulfill your destiny?

This week find your courage to persist.  Make the changes needed.  Live life fearlessly.


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