Let Your Love Shine – Ace of Water

iTongo Tarot CardACE of MORITSOANA (Cups/Water)
People of the West Key word – LOVE

The gift of love | Power of love | Open heart – attraction | Deep feelings | Intimacy | Atonement | Forgiveness | Emotional awareness | Responding sympathetically | Emotional status

Tricky concept this week.  Love!  Emotions! Feelings! At one time or another we have all been there, done that.  We accept without question that as living beings we have the ability to love and to be loved.  From a very early age we have emotional awareness.  We learn very early on about the power of love.

The trend these days is practicing universal love and becoming more ‘heart centered’.  What is it?  How do we do it?

On a physical level – the heart is in the centre of our bodies, it is protected by the rib-cage.  The heart is vital to our health and life and is the only organ we attribute our emotions to – we call it the ‘seat of emotion’, when we express our desire we say ‘with all my heart’.

I was recently introduced to the amazing research of the Institute of HeartMath.  They work with the subtle energy of the intuitive heart.  With special instruments they can measure the electro magnetic energy of the heart.  The waves generated by the heart (measured with an ECG) show that the heart is the largest wave generator and can actually be measured up to five feet away from the body.  The other astounding finding is that it’s the heart that influences the brain (measured with an EEG).  The electrical information permeates every cell in the body, including the brain whilst radiating out. We have been taught that the brain controls everything, but the heart is auto-rhythmic which means it can work  without input from the brain.  There is an intelligence and consciousness in the heart.  Research has shown that the heart communicates to the brain in four ways –

  • neurologically (through the transmission of nerve impulses)
  • biochemically (via hormones and neurotransmitters)
  • biophysically (through pressure waves)
  • and energetically (through electromagnetic field interactions).

These communications affect our perceptions, reactions, intuition and decision making ability.  The feeling and emotional perceptions of the heart trigger the chemical changes throughout the body.

The heart affects our consciousness to such an extent that in order to truly live, we need to have our hearts open, with a clear flow of energy.  Using the mind alone, leads us to a separation of feeling which leads to sterile thoughts without understanding.

The last few generations have been all about living by our intellect and materialistic focus.  We need to rationalise everything and more we do so the less connection we have with our hearts – the intangible and the unexplained.

If we are going to be ‘head-centered’ then we need to learn to be ‘whole-brain’ rather than just left or right brain oriented.  How often have you felt divided between head and heart?  Which one usually wins?  The more specialised we are the more one-dimensional we become, which leads us to be less than all we could be.

So how do we begin to live with ‘heart-consciousness’?  We begin by setting the ego free, taking care of self.  Start treating others, as you want them to treat you.  Understand the difference between kindness and compassion.  Share openly and willingly with everything in your world.  Respect your environment and respect your body.  Forgive.  Uplift.

We cant actively love everyone – that would overload our systems, but we can live with loving kindness.  A Zen teacher once said  “Take care of what’s in front of you”.  Practice the laws of cause and effect, don’t harass others and they wont harass you, be inoffensive, don’t torture, destruct or anger others and they wont do it to you.  Project the right thoughts and feelings and you will have a friendly, happy environment which creates the sense of well being.

Love leads to the freedom of the mind.

iTongo Legend

Sesotho, or Southern Sotho, is spoken in the country of Lesotho, which is entirely surrounded by South African territory, as well as in the Free State province, southern Gauteng, and in the vicinity of Pretoria and Brits. With Setswana and isiZulu, Sesotho was one of the first African languages to be rendered in written form, initiated by the missionaries Casalis and Arbousset of the Paris Evangelical Mission.

The language of the Tswana people is spoken mostly in Botswana, a country on the northwestern border of South Africa, as well as in the Northern Cape province, the central and western Free State and in the North West.

Geography of Ace of Moritsŏana
The Golden Gate Highlands National Park (proclaimed 13 September 1963) lies in the rolling foothills of the Maluti Mountains of the north eastern Free State. The park derives its name from the brilliant shades of gold cast by the sun on the park’s sandstone cliffs. The most famous of these is the imposing Brandwag rock.

Golden Gate is situated in one of the most important water catchment areas in South Africa and more than 50% of the water supply of South Africa comes from this area.

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