21 The Universe – A Clearer Connection

iTongo Tarot Card21 The Universe – INDALO
indalo (N) iindalo (plural) : Formation; creation
CONCEPT Totality; Wholeness of body, mind, spirit; A state of knowing; Completion; Renewal; Regeneration  Indalo invites you to connect to the universal spirit.

Universal spirit (iTongo) /Universal mind and force /Universal substance or matter /Balance between body, mind, and soul /Unity with others /Perfection in manifestation /External world reflects your inner world /Validation /Unlimited potential /Visionary /Natural explorer and adventurer

We talk a lot about the universe and universal energy, this great amorphous place, Divine something or energy that is available to us, but what does it all mean? How do we connect or begin to understand the vastness of the subject?

The term energy is widely used by practitioners from ancient traditions to alternative medicines to New Age spiritual workers.  Spiritual energy is often associated with the words ‘qi’, ‘prana’ and spirit simply meaning that that breath is life, life is seen as an electromagnetic field that is in and around all living things. So energy is considered to exist and animates the human soul or spirit.

I subscribe to the theory that we are spiritual being having a human experience.  It brings me comfort to know that I am a part of something greater than myself and my humanity. I need to know that I belong, that I share something Divine with everything that I am and everything that I could be.

How do we learn to manage this ‘energy’ to focus it and to get the best out of our ‘human’ experience.  The simplest way is to breathe.  Just sit quietly and watch your breath.

Breath is life, the basic and most fundamental expression of our life.  In yoga the breath or “prana” is said to be the vehicle of the mind.  Because it is the prana that makes our mind move.  One of the simplest ways to manage stress is through Breath Control.  It is through breath that all those messages are carried through the blood stream to the relevant muscle, which in turn reacts.

Our body parts are neutral, they have no emotion or thought – it is up to us to make sure that the right message is getting to the right centre, so we can enjoy the right response.

So when you calm the mind by working with the breath you are simultaneously and automatically taming and training the mind.  We take a deep breath when life becomes stressful – let out a deep breath when the moment of anxiety has passed – breath regulates our temperature and mood.  It is through breath that we can bring about physiological change within our bodies.  We express ourselves through breath.  Laugher,  groaning, panting etc.

It is because of the intimate relationship between mind and body, and the existence of special physiological centres (chakras) within our body, that physical exercise and the practice of mindfulness can have positive effects on health.

We learn from quantum physics that energy never dies, it simply transforms.  Our bodies are made up of electromagnetic energy.  We constantly transmit and receive information  which chakra-systemis processed through a system called the Chakra System.   The word Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel.  It is a wheel-like spinning vortex that interpenetrates the physical body, with the outer ends of each vortex forming a specific layer of the auric field.  The whirling circular motion forms a cavity or vacuum in the centre that draws in anything it encounters on its particular vibration level.  It is then processed and returned to the auric field.

There are 7 major chakras that are aligned along the spinal column.

In any study of the anatomy of the aura it is important to understand the significance of the chakra system.  The Chakras exist on all levels of the aura and serve as linking mechanisms between the auric field and the physical body as well as linking mechanisms between the different levels of the auric field itself. It is generally believed that it is the Chakra System that generates the Aura. The Chakra System is like the main frame of a computer.  Information is stored and evaluated here.  The Aura is like the operator, interacting and gathering Information, for processing.  It is in the Chakra System that all energy and information is stored and ‘value’ attached to it.

The Buddhists believe that the human body can be compared to a city, the channels to its roads, the winds to a horse, and the mind to a rider.  There are 72 000 subtle channels in the body, but three principal ones:  The central channel, running parallel to the spine, and the right and left channels which run either side of it.  The right and left channels coil around the central one at a number of points to form a series of “knots”.  Along the central channel are situated a number of “channel wheels” the chakras or energy centres, from which channels branch off like the ribs of an umbrella. Through these channels flow the winds, or inner air.

There has been no scientific proof that the Chakra system exists, but science has been able to measure and study the Aura.  This is done through Kirlian Photography.  The camera is an optical measuring procedure. Fine sensors scan and measure the electromagnetic energy field of the body or any other living organism. The measured values represent different vibratory rates and therefore different colours.

The energy flow of the Chakras are clockwise, and the energy flow of the Aura is from root of the spine, up the back (spine) and down the core of the body returning to  the root centre.  Each Chakra has its own energy wave length, colour and purpose in the system.  Chakras can be isolated for balancing but never work in isolation, each is interdependent of the others, and the quality of information received from the aura.

This week, watch your breath, make a clearer connection to the universe and your Divine.

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