14 Temperance

14 Temperance - Kwena14 Temperance – KWÊNA

CONCEPT Synthesis; Integration; Mediation; Creation of harmony; Co-operation
The balance of masculine and feminine /Polarity of relationships /Philosophical expansive growth /Oppositions and paradoxes /Visionary and natural alchemist /Transformation through spiritual wisdom /Versatile /Bridging worlds /Integration through the creative process /Integration of emotional forces with the physical

The invitation this week is to find and maintain balance, how do we do this?  We discover the balance and harmony between all things, starting with ourselves and then our families and then our communities.  We learn to understand that within each of us we have the power and the ability to bridge worlds and to integrate our thoughts and emotions with our actions.

Temperance is the key word this week.  Temperance is seen as a virtue, a core habit we need to foster as no virtue can be sustained if we are unable to control ourselves.  We need to take a close look at our lives and note the habits and behaviours that are in excess.  Too much of anything can become harmful and disruptive to our way of life.

Self-restraint can be difficult.  This is not about denying us pleasure or that extra mouthful, it’s about recognising when enough is enough.  It’s about knowing when we are about to shift the balance within, towards excess or negative thoughts and emotions.  Without some form of self-discipline we move through life without thought of consequence, and when we find ourselves in a negative space, we are surprised and often ask “how did I get here?”  “Why me?”

We make choices, everything we do is a choice.  The Art of Temperance is to find the path or the way that keeps the balance.  Within our hearts and our environment.

This week take a close look at what is going on in your mind, your emotions and your life.  How much of what you are experiencing is because of the choices you have made. Do you take responsibility for your own life.  Look at the people in your life – how is their behaviour or their needs impacting on you.  How are you responding – are your reactions valid.  Do you set boundaries and limits?  Do you allow others to sway you from your path?  Do you allow others to dictate how you should be living your life?  In doing their bidding are you sacrificing who you intrinsically are? Are you compromising your values to please others?

Making changes to old habits and thought patterns is challenging, but the rewards are so worth the effort.  Make the connection to your Divine, meditate, breathe, pray or simply sit quietly and contemplate your inner landscape.  Find your still point, find your balance.

Life is about change – even if we remain in the same place, everything around us is flowing towards its purpose, everything, every moment is different.  Its like a river, the river is always the river with its purpose to flow towards the ocean, but we never see the same part of the river twice. The manifestation is different but the source is the same.  This allows us to be different, to approach each situation as unique, to apply the relevant action but to always remain true to who we are and what we believe in.  To not be distracted by others and their agendas.  Rather seek the point of balance and harmony within each situation.  Don’t compromise your values and vision.

Live life with a focused awareness – the more conscious we are of ourselves, our physical sensations and surroundings the more power we have in the moment to make the right choice moment by moment.  As we build on this mindfulness the better we live our lives without judgement or regret.

In each of us is the potential for good and bad, to live in the light or in the shadows…  We experience joy and pain, somewhere in between is where we find that moment, that point of truth, purity and the true majesty of self.


One comment on “14 Temperance

  1. Great visual story in the image with the water bringer across the river from the alligator on one scale and the bird flossing the alligator’s teeth on another…

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