6 The Lovers – UTHANDO

iTongo Tarot Card6 THE LOVERS – UTHANDO
CONCEPT Choice and decision; Eternal triangle; The merging of opposites; Balance and wholeness

Art of relationships /The harmony between lovers and friends /Harmonious connections with other people /Spiritual or transcendent power within /Balance between male and female /The understanding of paradox /A love affair with a trial or choice attached /Humanism /Time and space to integrate experience /Nurturing and care-giver

Today is a 15/6 day and I thought it would be a good idea to revisit our Card of the Year 6 The Lovers and seeing as we are now in June (6th month) it seems apt.

I usually  refer to the Lovers as a card of choices and decisions, but it does have romantic love connotations.  They say that we cant choose who we fall in love with.  So what is this magic that happens between two people?  Why those specific people? Is it all part of a grand design or is there something about Soul Mates?

I have a bit of a problem with the concept that there is a half of my soul, somewhere waiting to meet up.  I also have a problem with the theory that until we meet that soul mate we are not whole or complete.  I prefer to subscribe to the theory that we are whole and complete and that finding that special someone ‘compliments’ us as individuals and our life.

Love and certainly romantic love is such an intangible, only when you are in the bloom of love does one seem to make sense of it all. Throughout time philosophers, poets, musicians have pondered and wondered about this feeling and state of being.  How it works, what it is, how to explain it.

How do we love?  Why do we need to love?  I believe that we are born with the instinct to create, and in order for that creativity and (pro-creation) to succeed it needs positive loving energy to motivate and manifest to all that it can be.

The emotions of love can raise us up and can devastate us.  That is the paradox of loving.  We owe it to ourselves to nurture our own spirit, to love who we are and what we do.  When we achieve that, we are so much more powerful and have greater capacity to love and nurture others.

Its not always what we say that makes a difference, its the follow through of our actions that underlines the emotions we share.  This week, be loving, be centred within yourself and your heart and share that well being with others.  Do random acts of kindness.  Smile at a stranger. Most of all show those you love that you care, that they are special and a light in your life.

iTongo Legend
People have often asked me why the Fish Eagle instead of two people with the Divine.  The theory is that the essence of this card is about perspective.  The higher we fly the greater our visibility which in turn gives us an opportunity to evaluate a ‘bigger picture’.  With more understanding of what is available, the better the choices. This would apply to romantic relationships as well.  The more we get to know another, the more informed we are, and then the choice is to continue with the relationship or move on.   Fish Eagles are related to the North American Bald Eagle.  They live and hunt in pairs.  They share their food, habitat and mate for life.

This beautiful bird, which is related to the North American Bald Eagle


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