The Hermit

Induna invites you to look within through silent meditation and solitude.

Spirituality /Archetype of wise old man /Personal wisdom and insight /Light is shed on a dark path /Self-examination and assessment /Wisdom through life experience /A time of decision and renewal /Explore to find an appropriate discipline /High ideals grounded in the reality of life /Deep love for beauty, order and harmony

Our card of the week is the Hermit – Induna.  We have heard and seen a lot of chatter about the Super Moon this past week, and for some it may have been quite an emotional and spiritual time.  Some may have noticed a change in their dreams or a pull towards their spirituality.

The Hermit invites us to build on those experiences and work with our own personal wisdom and insights.  Issues that have seemed difficult may now have a clearer meaning.  The path that we are meant to follow is illuminated and we need to reassess our goals – taking note of our achievements.  This is a time of self examination and assessment.  We are who and where we are because of the choices we have made in the past, acknowledging this is what brings our wisdom, order and harmony into the light.

The energy of the Hermit is to radiate our inner spiritual force and bring light to others.  As the light bearer he asks that we show the way by self acceptance, which translates into confidence. As long as the intention is pure, the results will speak the truth with wisdom and insight.  Share your knowledge freely, offer guidance based on your own higher learning and experience. Lead by example in a quiet and gentle way.

We are all teachers in some way.  The Hermit asks us to look inwards to find insight and to manifest that knowledge with courage.  Sometimes we do need to withdraw from all the madness that surrounds us.  Take time to explore within.  We tend to fear ‘being alone’ but sometimes we need to take that journey to discover the gifts that solitude can offer.  Be a seeker of knowledge and insight.  As the saying goes “Seek and ye shall find”.  It is helpful to know what it is that we seek, whether it’s peace, spiritual connection, joy or simply a greater understanding of self and the world.  Trust in your own abilities and really tune in …  your inner voice will guide you.

Number 9 is the number of completion so that new beginnings may start. This week finish outstanding business.  Make space for the new beginnings. Look out for those Ah-Hah moments, when light is shed on your path. Remember you hold the light within, share it.

iTongo Legend

Induna (plural: izinduna) is a Zulu title meaning advisor, great leader, ambassador, headman, or commander of a group of warriors. It can also mean spokesperson or mediator as the izinduna often acted as a link between the people and the king. The title was reserved for senior officials appointed by the king or chief, and was awarded to individuals held in high esteem for their qualities of leadership, bravery, or service to the community.

The Elders  Both older men and women are leaders in African tribal tradition. Owing to their wisdom and life experience, they are able to see when harmony is disturbed and whether the ancestors are displeased. There is no gender differentiation; instead, this depends on gender roles within different ethnic groups.


4 The Emperor – INDLOVU

iTongo Tarot Card4 The Emperor – INDLOVU
CONCEPT Symbol of the patriarch and the animus (masculine energy); Wisdom; Leadership; The responsibility of power; intellectual as opposed to emotional

Indlovu invites you to walk the path with wisdom.
• • •
Enterprising behaviour /Stability /Hardworking, practical and trustworthy /Deep love of the creative process /Practical implementation /Opportunity of great benefit /Wise leadership in moderation /Visionary /Personal power /Authority

Today’s date is a tricky one – depending on the method of calculation we get quite an interesting set of numbers.

10+6+2+0+1+3=22/4 or 1+0+6+2+0+1+3=13/4 either way our final number is 4 The Emperor

22 is attributed to 0 The fool – The Alpha and Omega in a tarot deck. The Fool card represents beginnings and endings.  Often numbered Zero or Twenty Two.  The number Zero is a perfect circle, without beginning or end. It is limitless and nothing all at the same time. It is the number that unifies others and gives them strength, it is the Alpha and Omega.

13 Death/Transformation The death card is probably the most maligned and misunderstood of all the cards.  Most people take in a breath and fear what is coming next – generally 13 Death is not about physical death, rather it is a metaphor for death and rebirth in life.  The concept is about transition and transformation.  As we let go there is regeneration.  Without change there is no moving forward.  We need to use our inner powers of imagination and our ability to construct or restructure our lives.

Both 22 and 13 add to the number 4 The Emperor. With that in mind I think about our ’emperor’ Madiba, who is once again hospitalised.  It is interesting following the news and Twitter feeds – this time there are two distinct lines of communication.  Messages to get better soon, and messages that perhaps its time to let him go.

Nelson Mandela is a man who typifies all the energy of The Emperor.  An activist, a statesman and leader of men and a man with humility and compassion.  He truly understood and practiced the responsibility of power.  His vision of a great country rising up through leadership in moderation. Truly the ‘Father of the Nation’.

Nelson Mandela and HH Dalai Lama 1996 at Tuinhuis Cape Town

Nelson Mandela and HH Dalai Lama 1996 at Tuinhuis Cape Town

I have had the great fortune of meeting this amazing man (twice) and when one is in his presence there is no denying his energy, his power and his compassion.

As he releases his physical body, we feel the draining of energy, we know that our world will be a little darker once he is gone, yet we will always have the lessons his life taught us.

  • Fight for what you believe in
  • Find forgiveness within
  • Truth is absolute
  • Practice what you preach

Madiba’s strength during his time of incarceration came from the poem Invictus by  William Ernest Henley (1849–1903)

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

This week we should keep vigil for our ‘father’, honour his accomplishments and release him from mortal bondage with love and light. We are reminded that we are the captains of our fate and souls.

6 The Lovers – UTHANDO

iTongo Tarot Card6 THE LOVERS – UTHANDO
CONCEPT Choice and decision; Eternal triangle; The merging of opposites; Balance and wholeness

Art of relationships /The harmony between lovers and friends /Harmonious connections with other people /Spiritual or transcendent power within /Balance between male and female /The understanding of paradox /A love affair with a trial or choice attached /Humanism /Time and space to integrate experience /Nurturing and care-giver

Today is a 15/6 day and I thought it would be a good idea to revisit our Card of the Year 6 The Lovers and seeing as we are now in June (6th month) it seems apt.

I usually  refer to the Lovers as a card of choices and decisions, but it does have romantic love connotations.  They say that we cant choose who we fall in love with.  So what is this magic that happens between two people?  Why those specific people? Is it all part of a grand design or is there something about Soul Mates?

I have a bit of a problem with the concept that there is a half of my soul, somewhere waiting to meet up.  I also have a problem with the theory that until we meet that soul mate we are not whole or complete.  I prefer to subscribe to the theory that we are whole and complete and that finding that special someone ‘compliments’ us as individuals and our life.

Love and certainly romantic love is such an intangible, only when you are in the bloom of love does one seem to make sense of it all. Throughout time philosophers, poets, musicians have pondered and wondered about this feeling and state of being.  How it works, what it is, how to explain it.

How do we love?  Why do we need to love?  I believe that we are born with the instinct to create, and in order for that creativity and (pro-creation) to succeed it needs positive loving energy to motivate and manifest to all that it can be.

The emotions of love can raise us up and can devastate us.  That is the paradox of loving.  We owe it to ourselves to nurture our own spirit, to love who we are and what we do.  When we achieve that, we are so much more powerful and have greater capacity to love and nurture others.

Its not always what we say that makes a difference, its the follow through of our actions that underlines the emotions we share.  This week, be loving, be centred within yourself and your heart and share that well being with others.  Do random acts of kindness.  Smile at a stranger. Most of all show those you love that you care, that they are special and a light in your life.

iTongo Legend
People have often asked me why the Fish Eagle instead of two people with the Divine.  The theory is that the essence of this card is about perspective.  The higher we fly the greater our visibility which in turn gives us an opportunity to evaluate a ‘bigger picture’.  With more understanding of what is available, the better the choices. This would apply to romantic relationships as well.  The more we get to know another, the more informed we are, and then the choice is to continue with the relationship or move on.   Fish Eagles are related to the North American Bald Eagle.  They live and hunt in pairs.  They share their food, habitat and mate for life.

This beautiful bird, which is related to the North American Bald Eagle