Children of the Sun God

11strength11 Strength – AMANDLA
Amandla invites you to roar with passion and awareness.
• • •
Power /Commanding and outgoing /Self-control /Responding to a force /Awareness /Conviction /Enthusiasm /Moderation /Extremes /Balance between rationale and intuition

More often than not we are overwhelmed by life – everything is moving so fast and we are constantly bombarded with performance issues.  We are constantly measuring ourselves against others and are afraid of what people would say or feel if we were to speak or do what is in our hearts.

We feel that we are juggling so much and if we should drop one ball, lose focus on one thing, then everything we have worked for, or are working for would disintegrate.  We wait for permission from external sources, or we wait for acknowledgement from others to let us know that we are doing okay. Both of these scenarios render us powerless.  We can’t perform at the will of others.  We can’t achieve while we wait.

Some people build their power base by material things.  They believe they have achieved success by the size of their house, the flashy car and the swag.  Others seek power through the status of their professions, because they fear they would  be a ‘nobody’ without the title.

Personal power based on fear will always feel like its not enough, will always need something more and ultimately leave one unsatisfied and feeling less than. 
Personal power based on self love motivates and liberates.  We relax our need to control and accept that life is uncertain – ultimately we need nothing, what we have and who we are is enough.  This is true empowerment.

We are often reminded by the impermanence of life. Birthdays, deaths, the seasons – with constant change, we are presented with infinite opportunities and choices to move forward either with love or fear.

Five tips to self empowerment

  1. Learn – be curious and be prepared to be surprised.  Expect to discover knowledge in unexpected ways, from unexpected sources.  Valuable and useful information is available to you everywhere, everyday.
  2. Dream – Create a vision of your perfect world.  Dream big. Be completely honest and look deep into your motivation and intention. Create a dream so compelling that it will drive you to fulfill that ambition no matter the time or the effort.
  3. funny-diamons-man-diggingEndurance – Keep going, don’t be disheartened at the first setback.  These are part of the process that allows us to modify and adapt.  Keep on the course. Don’t stop when you think you are ‘there’ – keep going you can make so much more of it – so do it!  You never know what is just ‘around the corner’.
  4. Gratitude – Give thanks for what you do have, and this will open your eyes, mind and spirit to seeing the value in everything.  This gives you the power to be positive, meaningful and effective in what ever you choose to do.
  5. Responsibility – Take responsibility for the choices you make and the life you have.  Don’t blame situations, people or your past for not achieving.  Remember only you can live your life, only you have the power in the moment to choose.  Sometimes things are beyond our control, but the choice of the reaction or action is entirely ours.

This week live Amandla (Power) and say “I AM ……”  We are all children of the Sun God

iTongo Legend

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