0 The Fool – The Circle of Life

Ulwaluko0 The Fool – ULWALUKO
Ulwaluko invites you to be initiated into your destiny.

New phase of life begins /Transformation through a rite of passage /A spiritual journey /Reproduction and regeneration of spirit /The collective unconscious /Future oriented /Involution /Independent /Pioneering /Timing

The Fool card represents beginnings and endings.  Often numbered Zero or Twenty Two.  The number Zero is a perfect circle, without beginning or end. It is limitless and nothing all at the same time. It is the number that unifies others and gives them strength, it is the Alpha and Omega.

Zero is our number before birth, our cosmic egg or our source and original consciousness, the power of the Divine that was before manifestation and as the circle turns to that source and consciousness do we return.



Zero is also the number of Pluto, which is in Retrograde so we are feeling pressure to clean up our acts.  Eliminate outdated ideas and patterns and spend time researching and reaching into our inner world for answers.  We will also notice having done the work we seem to have a greater control over our lives.

We do not want to keep repeating patterns that block our growth or our pursuit of happiness. We seek the wholeness of consciousness, body, mind and spirit.  We seek to unify all that we are and live our truth.

It has been claimed that the more Zero’s we have in our birth date or name the ‘closer to the Divine we are’ – I find that rather limiting and would prefer that we are the masters of our destiny, filled with possibility – the essence of the Divine is there to complete all that I am.  The Zero is about potential and choice.

With The Fool as 22 we draw the energy of our dreams becoming reality based on wisdom and experience.  We recognise our own evolution through time and are able to harness our personal power.  One of my favourite expressions is “collective intent and co-operation”.  We cant do it all alone, we always need guidance, assistance and the space (0) to complete our journey.

There is the age old question “did God create man, or man create God”?  No matter which path of faith we choose to follow, most of us would like to believe that mortal death does not end the essence of man.  That we transform and transcend as spirit, returning to source.  Energy that make us who we are does not simply cease to exist, it transforms.  Death may end a life but never the relationship.  As long as we have memory the departed has life.

0 The Fool asks us to be aware of our circle of life, of what we have made out of the power of possibility, what inspiration we have drawn from the collective and how do we serve – how do we co-operate with the collective intent.


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