21 The Universe – Indalo

iTongo Tarot Card21 The Universe – INDALO
Indalo invites you to connect to the universal spirit.

Totality /Wholeness of body, mind, spirit /A state of knowing /Completion /Renewal /Regeneration /Universal spirit (iTongo) /Universal mind and force /Universal substance or matter /Balance between body, mind, and soul /Unity with others /Perfection in manifestation /External world reflects your inner world /Validation /Unlimited potential; Visionary /Natural explorer and adventurer

The visual on this card is The Southern Cross. This constellation is used in celestial navigation to find due South, and I like to think that the energy of The Universe guides us and always points us in the right direction.

Until 2004 the Honoris Crux medal was awarded for bravery in dangerous situations, its equivalent is the American Congressional Medal of Honour. Navigating life is not easy and we need all the help we can get.  Living up to our full potential is a difficult and sometimes we need to brave, courageous to face each new day with its challenges.

I lost a good friend yesterday – and it reminded me how fragile our lives are. How quickly life as we know it can change.  Those that are left behind have the struggle to come to terms with death, the reality of a ‘new normal’ without a partner or father.

Each faith system or philosophy has its own version of what happens to us after death – we take comfort in our beliefs.  The Universe is a card that indicates an ending of one path and the beginning of another.  I don’t believe when we die that is the end.  It may be the end of our physical existence, but is the beginning of our return to source – the beginning of a new way of being.  Our perfection in manifestation.

When we are connected to the universal energy we reach a state of unity, a sense of wholeness which liberates our spirit.  Not all endings are negative, take birth, there is a period of nine months in the womb and then that ends with the beginning of a new life.  All things living have a cycle.  What we need to do is learn to understand the timing of things.  There are times when we birth and grow and there are times when we need to lie fallow and regroup, building towards a new beginning where we can realise ourselves and the Divine nature of everything.

There are times when we feel that we are drowning in life – the obstacles and hardships we experience either make us or break us.  We owe it to ourselves to not lose hope, to not give up on the dream, vision or goal.  When we push forward we are rewarded for our efforts.  Its OK to take time out to consider who we are, where we are in the great scheme of things.  Its OK to ask on a regular basis “Who am I”? and its OK to ask for help.  No man is an island and we all need some input from an external source.  Whether its physical or spiritual, just ask – help is always there. Look to your physical world and you will see your internal world manifested.

One of my favourite quotes comes from Caroline Myss.

It is said that if you want to know what you were doing in the past,
look at your body now;
if you want to know what will happen to you in the future,
look at what your mind is doing now.

Now is the time to make sure your biology does not become your biography.  One Universal truth is that there is birth, change and death – everything in between is dependent on what you choose to do.  Choose wisely and live each day to your best ability.

iTongo Legend

The Southern Cross is unmistakable; without doubt the most recognizable constellation in the night sky, being one of the brightest and most distinctive.

The bright stars of the pointers and the Southern Cross were perceived to be giraffes. Among the Venda the giraffes were known as Thutlwa, ‘rising above the trees’, and in October when the giraffes are visible on the evening horizon, the people are reminded to finish planting their crops. According to Credo Mutwa, the Southern Cross is the Tree of Life, ‘our holiest constellation’.

The Southern Cross is visible every night from all over South Africa. From the northern part of our country, it sometimes disappears beneath the horizon at sunset and rises again at midnight in the southeast. However, in the Cape and southern parts the Cross is always visible on a clear night and rises with the setting sun in the south-west.

The four main stars of the Southern Cross are classified using the Greek alphabet. The brightest star at the end of the Southern Cross “long” leg is Alpha Crusis; moving clockwise, the second is Beta Crusis; the “top” star, Gamma Crusis; and the fourth star, Delta Crusis. These four stars are not only beautiful in their own right, but the cross they resemble also has a very practical use for mankind. Similar to the hand on a clock, the point of the long leg of the Southern Cross always points to the south pole

The other “companion” or “pointer” to the Southern Cross is Alpha Centauri. Alpha, also called Rigil Centaurus, is the third brightest star in the night sky. It is only relatively bright, compared to other stars, because it is so close to earth. Alpha Centauri is not the name of a single star, but of three stars orbiting each other. The third is so faint that it can only be seen through large telescopes. This faint star orbiting Alpha Centauri is sometimes the closest star to our sun; hence, astronomers have named it Proxima (close to) Centauri.

The Southern Cross is used in Celestial Navigation, and sailors will set their sextants to Alpha Crusis and Gamma Crusis to set due South.

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