Three Virtues – Faith, Hope, Charity

iSilamela17 The Star ISILIMELA

CONCEPT Hope; Self-sufficiency; Generosity; Inspiration; Innovation

iSilimela invites you to believe that anything is possible. Hope is eternal.

Trust /Increased self-confidence and esteem /Renew self /Calm is restored /Radiant /Magnetic charisma /Efforts produce rewards /Let your voice be heard /Generous; Open heart /Share wealth

This card seems to be popping up on a regular basis and it reminds me about the three virtues. The primary essence of this card is Hope which is one of the three moral virtues (Faith, Hope, Charity) and it got me thinking about why do we have hope, and what do we do while we are hoping for something.

The expression “Hope is eternal” resonates with me and reminds me that no matter what is going on in our lives, as long as we have hope, all is not lost – we are naturally inclined to believe in a positive outcome.

We know that we have to keep changing in order to keep in harmony with our world around us.  Understanding that everything changes teaches us to live in the present moment, with focus and intent.  The more we are able to embrace the present moment, the more we will get out of life.  Hope is the understanding that no matter how bad of difficult the situation, anything is possible.  We can be, create and live whatever life we want.

The Star

The Mythic Tarot: by Juliet Sharman-Burke, Liz Greene

The story of Pandora affirms that no matter what disaster, disease, trauma is released at the end of it we will find hope.  Many years ago I did a workshop with Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross on death and dying and she told us that no matter what the prognosis, no matter how ill the person the one thing we never take away is hope.  This is not being closed to the outcome, its about hoping for the best possible way of achieving that outcome.

For centuries philosophers have debated the difference between ‘hope’ and ‘expectation’.  Hope is there to inspire us – to keep us pushing through, it is what sustains us when we are at our lowest, darkest moment.  When we have hope we are open hearted to solutions and opportunities.

Hope is the belief in the outcome, that what we dream about can become a reality.  We hope for with confidence.  Alfred Adler said: “We cannot think, feel, will or act without the perception of a goal”.

three virtuesFaith is believing that a Divine source will deliver on a promise – eternal life, happiness, salvation.  The gift of faith reminds us that what we hope for will be delivered, but we cannot sit back and just expect it all to happen, we need to participate and be active and live our truth. The best way to work with faith is to “pay it forward”.

Charity is love – love for yourself and all others.   Easter is that message. Charity is about kindness and compassion – an expression of our own love.  When we work from our heart centres and not from ego and self importance the rewards are so much more satisfying. Love and charity is what binds us to our sacred contracts, its what purifies our thoughts and deeds.  When we do good deeds we are rewarded with joy and peace.  What we put out there returns to us.

This week think about your goals – are you hoping or expecting? Do you have faith in yourself and your abilities?  Are you living life with a good and open heart?


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