4711 Chinese New Year

Happy 4711, the Year of the Water Snake February 10, 2013 to January 30, 2014, the Snake is the 6th animal in the Chinese horoscope order and is a Yin (female) animal.

happy-new-yearPeople born in Snake years are motivated, intellectual and influential people.   This year we could see significant advances in research and technology.

4711 is a year for reflection, searching for answers and planning.  This fits in well with the tarot card for the year,  that is 6 The Lovers.  Which is about questing for answers and making choices. Gaining a clearer perspective on life, love and everything that makes our world go round.

The Snake is never tranquil, and we will see changes on a global scale.  History records some powerful events which occurred in Snake years.  Pearl Harbor attack in 1941, Tiananmen Square 1989, breaking down of Berlin War (1990) breaking up of USSR (1991),  and 911 terrorist attack in 2001.  Africa is going to have its own problems and we could see an escalation of political affairs, wars and coups d’état with solutions and resolutions.  However the upside is that it’s a great year for commerce and industry. Science and technology will make great strides.  What was begun in a Dragon year will culminate in a Snake year.

There are many myths and legends the embrace the snake, from the serpent in the Garden of Eden through ancient Greco-Roman mythology to African folklore.  It is believed that when a man dies he turns into a snake – the snake is named iTongo (amaTongo -Spirit of the Ancestors) and is regarded as immortal because it shed its skin and continues to live.  The Zulu believe the snake is a metamorphosed amalgam of the ancestors, who visit in either dreams or reality. When snake that enters the house is unthreatening and is viewed as ‘family’ and as such is never harmed.

4711 is also a good year for the Arts. Creativity will reflect mans ideal to be more inclusive and striving for a sophisticated lifestyle.  We will see courtships and scandals of all sorts both in the political and celebrity arenas.

Tread lightly through the snake year, be prepared and be cautious.  The year of the snake is unpredictable from cool and calm exterior to hidden mysteries, remember the snake strikes at lightening speed so don’t be lulled by the calm exterior.  Maybe like a Swan, calm on the surface but kicking like mad underneath.  Devastation can be sudden. Have the courage of your convictions and act forcefully.

The Snake/Serpent through iTongo (the Ancestors or universal spirit, substance and matter) invites us to collectively honour the past, and those who have gone before us.  To learn from them and to be of service to others.  The snake is also about intellect, being the water snake its energy will reflect on our emotions.  The question is ‘what is your emotional quotient ‘(EQ).  Are you mature enough to face down your fears, make wise choices and understand the paradox of The Lovers. As the Lovers invite you to take a stand, and stand for what you believe in.

According to legend, the snake  (Great Rainbow Serpent) carried the creator in his mouth while the earth was being created. The creator feared that the earth would sink into the sea beneath the weight of the mountains. The snake coiled itself around the earth, holding firm with its tail in its mouth; this hold must never be loosened, otherwise all of creation will disintegrate.  The earth’s elements: fire, air, and water are recognised as gifts from the great mother, yet the earth is seldom worshipped. Nevertheless, the earth has a very powerful spirit that rules over life and death.   Ask “how may I serve …” this year.

Inkosazana is another much-loved goddess of the Zulu of South Africa, and one of her many manifestations is as a snake. As the deity of agriculture and fertility and she is particularly venerated in springtime. She is described as beautiful and one who brings good luck and success to those who obey her rules. The Zulu emphasise that she is generous and benevolent, but can be extremely dangerous to people with impure hearts.  This would reflect the nature of The Snake.

In Venda culture the python is considered sacred and young maidens perform the Domba (Python Dance) as the final part of their initiation ritual. Girls dance fluidly, in snake-like form, to the beat of a drum, while forming a chain by holding the forearm of the person in front.  The Python is the god of fertility and lives beneath the waters of Lake Fundudzi in the Limpopo region of South Africa.  The Python connects man to the Ancestors and may also be found in trees – the association is to the tree of knowledge, wisdom and life.

Running the numbers (other energy available)

iTongo Tarot Card4 The Emperor – Indlovu : Symbol of the patriarch and the animus (masculine energy); Wisdom; Leadership; The responsibility of power; intellectual as opposed to emotional. Indlovu invites you to walk the path with wisdom

Indwe7 The Chariot – Indwe: Change; As above so below; Impulsive momentum; Imagination; Victorious warrior.  Indwe invites you to honour the way of the warrior. Be inspired, be fearless.

1 The Magician - Sangoma1 The Magician – Sangoma: The Magic of Possibility; Communication; Timing; The Healer; Nature; Alchemy.  The Sangoma invites you to use your inherent gifts and talents.


11 Strength –   Amandla: Strength; Passion; Creative energy; Taming of the beast within; Courage; Moral victory.  Amandla invites you to roar with passion and awareness. Tame the beast within.

The High Priestess - Moyo2 The High Priestess – Moyo: Intuition; Self-resourcefulness; Dissolving barriers; The Oracle; releasing boundaries.  Moyô invites you to heal through nature.

uKufa13 Death/Transformation – Ukufa: Transition; Transformation; Regeneration; Letting go; Metamorphosis; Rebirth.  Ukufa invites you to heal through transformation.


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