Wish Upon a Star

iSilamela17 The Star – ISILIMELA

CONCEPT Hope; Self-sufficiency; Generosity; Inspiration; Innovation

iSilimela invites you to believe that anything is possible. Hope is eternal.

Trust /Increased self-confidence and esteem /Renew self /Calm is restored /Radiant /Magnetic charisma /Efforts produce rewards /Let your voice be heard /Generous; Open heart /Share wealth

I often talk about following your dreams, and making what you wish for materialise – the question this week is “What do you wish for?” What is it that you truly want?  There is a certain kind of magic about this card, because it is about hope, hope that life will be all that you wish it to be, and also that dreams can come true.  We just have to look at the amount of reality competitions and we see the universe in action.

So what would you wish for?  Right now! What do you believe will come true?  What do you wish for yourself, others or even the world.  This is a week for optimism, hope and unexpected gifts.  There are many positive opportunities that come when focusing on The Star.  This is also a card that marks a period of transition with happy outcomes.  Life is changing … for the better.

When we look up into the night sky, we are drawn to the stars, we see Venus the brightest star and if we are lucky we may even see a ‘shooting star’, how many of us make a wish?  The key about wishes is that we need to believe.  We need to have faith that what we are asking for, will be delivered.  Maybe not exactly as we imagine, but it will happen and in a way that better serves our purpose.

We all need to have hope and faith and that brings inspiration and when we are inspired we tend to make better choices.  When we live with self-confidence and a good sense of self-esteem we see our inner world being reflected in our material world.  Try something new this week.  Be confident that what you want to achieve, you can.  As the Obama slogan says “Yes we can”.

This is a very personal week – it’s all about you and what you desire.  There are many bright prospects ahead.  Search for the truth.  Be thoughtful in all that you do.  Let your star shine bright.  Or as the song says “let your love shine”.  Your gifts and talents will be recognised by others.  People will see you, not just notice your abilities but will also see into your heart and soul, acknowledging the special person your are.

So put your love light on, go out and make new friends, show kindness and compassion to others and simply enjoy the good things that come your way.  Live life with an open heart, let your voice be heard and …  PAY IT FORWARD!

iTongo Legend

iSilimela – The Digging Stars Throughout time, man has observed, recorded, and interpreted the skies. He has made use of astronomy to structure his life and determine his calendar. The geographical location of different cultures has helped shape their perception of how the universe works. For rural South Africans, whose livelihood depends on properly timed planting, harvesting and hunting, the stars have been a valuable source of information.

pleiadesThe stars in the iSilimela cluster (the Pleiades star cluster) are called the digging stars, and this cluster’s appearance is the marker of a renewed year and the beginning of the growing season.

The iSilimela are friendly and comforting stars, who watch over the family. When the cluster appears in the east, mothers lift their children up and teach them to stretch their hands out to the stars. In this way, the mothers show the stars to their children, and their children to the stars.

In Xhosa tradition, it is customary for males to count their years of adulthood since their initiation by iSilimela.


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