Keep Calm and Carry On

14 Temperance - Kwena14 Temperance – KWÊNA

CONCEPT Synthesis; Integration; Mediation; Creation of harmony; Co-operation

Kwêna invites you to transform through spiritual wisdom.

The balance of masculine and feminine /Polarity of relationships /Philosophical expansive growth /Oppositions and paradoxes  /Visionary and natural alchemist /Transformation through spiritual wisdom /Versatile /Bridging worlds /Integration through the creative process /Integration of emotional forces with the physical

This is the year of choice, of discovering what you love.  As they say in the classics  “if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life” …  The card for this week is 14 Temperance.  Temperance is about patience and moderation.  We need to find balance and harmony is all that we are and all that we do.

We need to balance the masculine and feminine within us – that means we should try not to be either too emotional or analytical in our processes.  We need to understand the polarity of relationships.  When we push, we are also pulled, we tip from positive to negative, the key this week is to maintain our inner and outer equilibrium.

Understanding the opposites and paradoxes of life.  There is always the other side of the coin.  Remember this when dealing with others … often what is NOT said is the actual reason, the reality of the situation.

We need to be creative with our vision.  If the same old way has not worked for you up to this point, there’s a clue … try achieving your objectives in a different way.  Make new choices and decisions.  Life is all about what you choose in the moment, this choice impacts on your thoughts and actions.  The consciousness that you are in determines the quality of the outcome.  Bridge that consciousness between your inner world (spirit) and our material world.  We transform through spiritual wisdom.

Practice moderation and this week take the middle road, avoid extremes and great stress.

Even if we are like swans, calm on the outside and paddling like mad underneath – the calmer the thoughts and emotions, the better the choices.  Sometimes its good to pause and count to 10.  Take a couple of deep breaths, clear the mind, and then make the choice.

Keep things in perspective. Tools that help are meditation, visualization and prayer.

Breath work is also very helpful when calming the body, mind and soul.    Remember we are setting up life goals this year, and we need to be clear about where we are going.  This is all about transforming ourselves and being the best that we can be. Don’t rush into anything.  Adapt to and rather co-ordinate the influences and people in your life.  Use your inherent skills to make it happen, leverage with your abilities and experience.  You have the power.  It all about perspective.

keep calmThe objective this week is to keep calm and carry on.


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