The Laws of Abundance

Ten of Mavhele/EarthTEN of MAVHELE – People of the North

Key word – ABUNDANCE

Family | Home | Stability | Inheritance | Wealth | Affluence | Material success | Convention | Tradition | Permanence | Lasting solutions | The establishment | Conservative

The Ten of Mavhele/Earth is one of my favourite cards, because it tells of the potential of receiving abundance.  This is a card about family, home and through the observation of traditions we find stability.  By following convention set by the establishment we are able to put into action lasting solutions.  We can be creative and ‘do it my way’, but why change what works, follow the patterns that are well established.

This card is about the ‘promise’ of material success, its about wealth and affluence.

We are coming into that time of the year when we become more aware of family and traditions.  People are planning their festive season get togethers (some with trepidation) we all know that sometimes even though we share DNA we don’t always have the same viewpoints about life, family and tradition.  But this is also a card that reminds us to be thankful for what we do have.  Health, wealth and happiness.

This past year has been one of the most difficult – people have found their circumstances to be more challenging than ever before.  Most have lost a way of life they have enjoyed in the past.  2012 was a year of struggle, and the Ten of Earth shows us that our material desires will be met.  Of course the tricky part is bringing our dreams into reality.  We all want to be happy, healthy and wealthy … its what it means to our life purpose that makes the difference whether we get it or not.  This card is also about ‘what you sow, so shall you reap’.  Abundance is about the law of cause and effect.  For every action there is a reaction.

A couple of years ago there was great interest in “The Secret” and everyone was doing vision boards, how many still follow this practice? The universe exists as infinite potential with infinite abundance.  It’s about how and when we focus our thoughts, the quality of that focus that manifests our dreams into reality.

We have the power to be, do and have whatever we desire.

Quantum Physics teaches that nothing is fixed, that there are no limitations, that everything around us and within us is vibrating energy.  Einstein explained in his theory E=Mc2 that the relationship between energy and matter are interchangeable.  Newton’s theory supports this in that the universe is composed of building blocks, even though solid they are interchangeable. By understanding that everything is energy with a state of potential, by applying the Law of Attraction with focus and intent, we bring about the desired results.  With our thoughts we transform energy into reality.  We are the creators of our reality.

The visual of the iTongo Card is the Ark of the Covenant.  This ancient symbol is regarded as one of the purest and richest.  It signifies the ‘word of God’, the commandments that we live by, keeping the body, mind and spirit pure.  Its about charity with wisdom and that our needs are met when we ask.

Living in our modern world it all seems to come down to finances.  Our material quality of life depends on it.  Look out for extra income opportunities, even an inheritance.  If you have been battling to find employment or business opportunities this is a good week to see results.  Don’t give up, this is a time to start something new.  Money should be flowing.

For the lovers out there … perhaps this is the week a proposal is made.  People with partners will find a joy and peace within their relationship.  Enjoy it! and make sure your loved one knows how you feel.

We get what we work for … The Ten of Earth is that promise, its a positive card.  and in working with this energy things can change and take an upturn for the better.  This could be a time of prosperity and peace, how will you share it?  This is a time to experience the abundance and wonder of your life and the spirit within.

iTongo Legend 

Ngoma Lungundu (The Drum of the Dead)

Oral history has it that during the late 17th century, a powerful Karanga-Rodzvi clan called Singo migrated south from central Zimbabwe, crossed the Vhembe River (Limpopo) and settled in the land of Vhangona. According to some written accounts, the Singo were Karangas who broke away from the Changamire Rodzvi.

In VhaVenda oral tradition, the Singo Kings had a sacred drum so great in size that it required six men to carry it. This drum was known as Ngoma Lungundu, the “drum of the dead” or Mwari (Mwari was the Great God of the Singo).

Since it was believed that the Lemba were beyond reproach, they were tasked by Mwari to carry the drum south. They were also given strict instruction that that the drum was never to touch the ground. At night the drum had to be suspended from a tree. Sometimes when it appeared the drum was beating by itself, it was said that the ancestor-god Mwari is playing it.

Ngoma Lungundu was believed to be the spear and shield of the Singo that would protect them on their journeys. The king worked miracles with this drum because it had magical powers. When beaten by the king in times of threat, the drum would protect the people against attack and allow them to defeat their enemies. The drum struck such fear into enemies’ hearts that they fainted, fled in terror, or died. Through conquest the Vhangona came to revere and fear this sacred instrument. When beaten in times of drought, the drum would bring rain.

During the reign of Thohoyandou, unequalled prosperity befell Dzata, the main centre. This was due to the control he had over the holy drum and other ancestral artifacts.

The Lemba

This group is believed to have descended from Semitic (Arab) traders who entered Africa around 696AD. The Lemba believe themselves to be Black Jews, descendants of the lost tribe of Israel.  Professor Tudor Parfitt  analysed the DNA of the Lemba, and showed that many Lemba males have a Y chromosome that is also found among the male descendants of the Jewish priesthood (part of the Levite tribe) in Israel. He also concluded in his book (The Lost Ark of the Covenant: Solving the 2,500 Year Old Mystery of the Fabled Biblical Ark ) that the Ark of the Covenant was among other things a drum which had been led out of Jerusalem by Israelites in about 586 BC before the Babylonian invasion.


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