Let Your Light Shine


People of the South: Key word – RADIANCE

Mother of light | Radiate self- confidence | Warm and outgoing | Spontaneous and gracious | Self-assurance | Vigorous and strong | Personal integrity and maturity | Feminine power in action | Manifest passion in a practical way

This is the week to let your light shine, radiate with self confidence, be warm and outgoing.  The energy of this card is vigorous and strong and truly the feminine power in action.  We need to manifest our passions in a practical way – be spontaneous and gracious whilst maintaining personal integrity and show a maturity in our self assurance.

The main energy of the Queen of Wands is water and fire (our emotions and the formative power of creating) and fire brings the ability to bring about the changes and using creative tools.  Art, music will help bring into being something of value.  Be that relationships, work situations or personal growth. Because this is also about manifesting spiritual potential.  We need to understand that to do this we need strength, open our hearts to be in touch with our feelings, and learn to balance between our own aspects of light and shade.

This mother of light can be impatient and will not suffer fools – when we are confronted with people who either annoy us or block our progress, we will need a firm hand with compassion. The Queen of Wands is warm hearted – she feels the pain of others.  Our role is to teach and understand their perspective, we should guide and help where we can.  We need to be empathic to their pain and suffering, and where able show them the way – raise up the torch and be a leader.  Shed light on the issue at hand.  We do not have to take responsibility for the choices of others.  Our responsibility to teach, guide and gently push.

This week we will also find that we are appealing and popular.  We will create great first impressions, so if you are interviewing or meeting people for the first time, shine that light, show your glamour.  Approach all tasks with enthusiasm and dedication.  Give your all and you will be rewarded.

You may find that you have boundless energy, feeling healthy and vital, cash in on these urges and start a new health and fitness regime.  Your mood is optimistic and upbeat so make the most of it and shake off those blues.

Be gracious in defeat, sometimes what we want now is not the right time.  Sometimes others achieve what we want – just know that you have your own passion, and when we keep pushing forward we will see results.


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