The Magic of Possibility

1 The Magician - SangomaThe Magician – SANGOMA (Traditional healer and/or Shaman)

The Magic of Possibility; Communication; Timing; The Healer; Nature; Alchemy

The Sangoma invites you to use your inherent gifts and talents.

This card is all about the magic of possibility and the power of one. We are invited to use our inherent gifts and talents.  Now I hear some thinking … I’m not creative, I cant paint, play an instrument, but this is about our ability to take in information, process it and then find a way through logic and intellect.

This is also a card about new beginnings and the Magician acts as the bridge or conduit between the seen and the unseen. Which is our physical world and our inner world, the home of spirit.

One often hears the phrase “as above, so below” and it’s the Magician that draws in the universal power, through us and brings it to a reality.  This card shows us that all things are infinite and eternal and we can find power and energy by honouring and working with the four elements – Earth, Fire, Water and Air.  Think about how you use each of these elements.  Traditionally in tarot Earth symbolises our physical and material world, Fire is our energy and passion and manifests as change and transformation, Water represents our emotional selves, how we feel about our world and Air is our intellect and how we think.

The Magician helps us reach higher and be better – all we have to do is try. Use our personal power and respect our soul’s destiny.  We all have a part to play and with willpower and determination we will realise our potential.  Most of us start new projects with enthusiasm and passion, as time goes on we lose interest because we cant see the results.  Today, we are an instant gratification generation.  We see it and we want it NOW.  Everything has its time, life is a process and we have to allow that process to work.  We also need to be versatile and flexible – as things change, so do we have to change, adapt and adjust.  We cant expect things to be different if we are not different.  Think about how we bake a cake – we have to take certain elements, mix them together in exact proportions, allow the baking time, remove the cake and again we have to allow the cooling time, only then can we ice it, and then can we slice it.  So should any spirit work be done – its what you do with the elements and the time it takes that manifests a result.

We know we have the power to make a difference in our own lives and in others – we just have to put our minds to it and ‘just do it’!  As we work with our elements body, mind and soul we will notice subtle changes in our psyche.  The more aware we are of what we want, the more we will see it manifest.

This week the consciousness is about bringing all that you desire into a workable solution, listen to your heart, hear what your intuition is telling you, have faith in your ability and talents and be the alchemist – make a difference. Step into the light. Do the right thing, at the right moment, for the right reasons.

iTongo Legend

The word “Sangoma” refers to a person skilled in herbal medicine, divination and counselling, and is known as a seer or prophet or shaman. A Sangoma is the traditional healer in the Zulu, Swazi, Xhosa, and Ndebele cultures in South Africa.

Sangomas perform many different roles in their communities; they are diviners, healers, spiritual counsellors, and protectors against evil spirits. They direct rituals and narrate the history, cosmology, and myths of their people. The Sangoma is highly revered and respected.

The tools they use are traditional medicines (muti); dream interpretations; bone throwing (which consists of a collection of animal bones, shells, and feathers); channelling and possession. They have a comprehensive knowledge of herbal and natural medicines and use a variety of roots, bark, herbs, flowers, and a wide range of animal products when making muti.

Sangomas are steeped in ritual. They work in a sacred healing hut (or Ndumba), where the spirits of their ancestors reside. Each ritual has a specific dress code and a very necessary part of their attire is the “switch” made from the hair of an animal’s tail.

A trainee Sangoma (or twaza) studies under the guidance of the clan elder or a respected Sangoma. The education process can span a period of ten to twenty-five years depending on the abilities and gifts of the trainee. This intensive education includes community interaction, natural therapy, herbal healing, divining procedures, channelling, spiritual expansion and psychiatry.

The Ancestors never advocate killing, as killing would unbalance harmony, which is the primary concern of the spiritual world. Whilst there are charlatans who use their gifts solely for personal gain, trained Sangomas have a strict code of conduct and their truism is to heal and do no harm.


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