The Intellectual Mother

Queen of SwordsQUEEN of ASSEGAI/Swords/Air

People of the East – Key word – INTUITION

Intellectual maturity | Knowledge by perception | Expressing a Philosophy| Witty; Laughter | Insight | Prophetic | Honest direct communication | Getting to the heart of the matter | Realistic expectations

This week we pay homage to the women of South Africa.  Its national Breast Cancer Awareness month and 10 October marks the death of King Shaka’s mother Nandi whom he called the Queen of Queens.

Our focus this week is to bring our emotional self in line with our intellect.  To learn to trust our intuition and get down to the heart of the matter with realistic expectations.

We need to Tell it like it is.  You will find the Queen guides you in being highly perceptive and quick thinking, helping you to cut through all the internal noise and confusion.  She is a straight talker with no hidden agendas.  Become impartial and present your thoughts and ideas openly, concisely and with honesty.

The astrological correspondence to the Queen of Air is Libra, which simply means ‘to teach’ and the lesson is learning through consequences of our thoughts, words and actions.  The symbolism of the scales is about balance.  The planet in play is Mercury which is all about the mind and communication. In Greek mythology Mercury is Hermes, who was the messenger of the gods, with one half of self in the physical world and the other in the realm of the gods.  So in the fertile landscape of the mind, its mercury that gathers and interprets your experience and life potential .

caduceusMercury is also known as a great healer, the caduceus or Mercury’s staff is the recognized logo of medicine and health institutions. The entwining snakes represent the life force (also the symbol for iTongo) the rod, represents change through fire (Kundalini energy), the wings divine grace.

This week we need to consider what fascinates and puzzles us, about ourselves as well as others.  How we think determines where we land up. This is also a warning, because the speed of Mercury is well known and you don’t want to catapult off in a direction that is only partly formed.  Be careful what you are wishing for.  The messenger of the gods can be charming and shrewd.  For you at the Taxi Mercury is the planet you want to take special note of, as he rules communication which includes media, when he is crossed his shadow self of trickster comes out.  Mis-communication even deceptions can come into play.

This is also a great week for travelers – whether going on holiday or travelling for business the journey should be hassle free.  Its also a week where one should make the internal journey, find your still point, sit in contemplation – discover and nurture self.

The Queen of Swords is also about wealth – not necessarily about money, but about bringing wealth and ‘richness’ into your consciousness – sometimes its called abundance.  Brainstorm ideas with colleagues, take the sword and cut deep into the heart of the matter, face the truth, even if it is unpleasant, pure honesty is the way.  Abide by the rules of engagement, size up the situation quickly, look for hidden agendas and motives and don’t ‘try one on’ this week, it will come back and bite you…

However this is also a time to bring out that natural wit and humour.  You will find yourself quick on the uptake and delight others with your point of view, don’t harm with your words just be as candid as possible. No need to be self righteous or abrasive in your judgements.

The power and energy of the Queen is not to be taken lightly, rather let her serve you well, you already know what you want and need just trust your instincts and go after it. Pick your battles wisely and reduce your stress levels by staying in truth and the moment.  Judge impartially without emotional or sentimental influences.

Give a thought to those who are fighting Breast Cancer, participate in local fund raisers, offer your assistance to anyone you know with cancer, its time to stand up and be counted.  This is the week to ‘walk the talk’.

 iTongo Legend

Nandi (the sweet one) kaBhebhe eLangeni (c.1760 – 1827) Daughter of Bhebhe, a chief of the Langeni tribe, and the mother of Shaka, King of the Zulu.

As a traditional marriage ceremony had not been conducted, Nandi was not recognised as queen nor was her son, Shaka, acknowledged as an heir. Even in her own home she was ridiculed and shunned. The relationship of Senzangakhona and Nandi seems to have been difficult and ended in the chieftain driving Nandi from his court. Fearing for their lives, she left the esiKlebeni homestead of Shaka’s father and sought sanctuary in the Mhlathuze Valley of the Langeni people. Nandi spent many years being shunted back and forth between the Zulu and her own tribe. After the death of her father, she and her son once again had to leave their home seeking refuge.

At the time of the Great Famine, known as the Madlantule (c.1802) Shaka and Nandi went to the Mthethwa people to the home of Nandi’s aunt under the aegis of Dingiswayo, who welcomed them.

Growing up Shaka was taunted by those who resented his claims to chiefly descent. On the death of Senzangakhona (Shaka’s father), Dingiswayo lent his young protégé the military support necessary to oust and assassinate his senior half-brother, Sigujana, and make himself chieftain of the Zulu.

Once he was in a position of power, Shaka exacted revenge on all who had belittled or betrayed them. As his kingdom grew, he built KwaBulawayo, a royal household of about 1,400 huts in the Mhlathuze valley (some 27km from the present town of Eshowe) and here Shaka declared Nandi, “Queen of Queens”.

Nandi died of dysentery on 10 October 1827. Shaka put on his war regalia and proceeded to wail in anguish. The entire tribe erupted into attendant mourning. Tradition held that upon the death of someone of Nandi’s stature, several servants and attendants should be wounded or killed. On Shaka’s orders, several people were executed on the spot, and a general massacre broke out. In this case, the event became a cover for many people to settle old scores, and it is reported, up to seven thousand people died in the massacre.  Nandi’s grave is outside Eshowe, and is marked Nindi.

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