Innocence lost … Regained

Six of Moritsoana - InnocenceSIX of MORITSOANA (Cups)

People of the West  – Key word – INNOCENCE

Joy | Virtue | Simple goodness | Without sin | Moral excellence | Child-like enjoyment | Playful | Carefree | Goodwill | Feeling blessed | Secure and loved | To be treasured

This card is all about our emotional well being.  Sometimes life changes us, and we never seem to regain that innocence or simple goodness from childhood.  We have a tendency to think that the best years of our lives has come and gone – not so … each day we are given the opportunity to make it the best day of our life, how many of us actually take that opportunity and run with it.

It is vital that we own and honour the child within in order to love who we are now.  We need to own our own experience, honour the child’s feelings and release the emotional grief and energy that we still carry.  As we were growing up we were influenced by the world around us, the emotional trauma we may have suffered and the role models of the adults in our lives.  This week we need to refocus on what is important, what we want out of life and not keep wishing for what was – but rather to make good with what is.  Awaken to the truth.

Recall when you were a child, the wonder and awe of the world around you.  Experiencing something or achieving something for the first time.  How afraid you were to take the chance, but you did it anyway.  This is the consciousness that we need to adopt for the coming week.  That doesn’t mean that we have to rush headlong into a situation, but we need to know that we can do this, we can make a difference and achieve success.  Update your thinking patterns or emotional behaviours, bring back old traditions, the ones that made you feel secure and loved.  Even baking some cookies or reading a story to another, all these actions say to your self and to others – you are cherished and treasured.

Recovering your authentic self is not about right and wrong its about integration and balance.  You need to ask the questions – Is this working for me? Is how I live my life working for me? Does what I do bring me happiness?

Live life with joy and aspire to moral excellence.  Be child-like, be playful and carefree.  This will build goodwill around you from others and within.  Life is about the simple things.  Goodness is a virtue, and when we interact with others, rather than be suspicious and trying to figure out “why are they being so nice”? we should simply accept, I am good, I am valued, I am blessed, and that’s why good things happen.  Our childhood is the foundation on which we build our home.  Protect yourself from the cynical and jaded, we don’t have to buy into their philosophy or respect their actions, we can choose for ourselves.

If innocence was lost we need to heal the child within and work with the pain to bring back and rebuild what was lost or destroyed.  Living with hope and trust is a task in itself.  It’s a good thing to look back and evaluate, its not helpful to your current circumstances to want the past back, or let it govern your present, rather take the lesson and build new potential.  Childhood is a right of passage, we learn and we grow – you have the opportunity to change the outcome.  Bring all the positive forward and let go of the negative.  Sometimes we need professional help with this.  Consult a therapist, priest or elder – they will show you the way and enlighten your path.

If you need to lay ‘old ghosts’ to rest, revisit your home town, high school or any other place that brings up negative feelings.  Address that issue as the vibrant, valuable adult you are and let go the pain and suffering so that you can bring about the release and happiness you deserve.  Nostalgia is not destructive it’s our attitude that makes the difference.

Addictions, depression, perpetual anger, a string of failed relationships all point to the wounded child – inner child work will help heal the child, when this is done you will find that the reactions and responses we have are age appropriate.

The Six of Cups is about joy – it represents the past with all its memories and traditions, the feelings of hope and wonder, the gift of the ‘moment’ when we have the power in the now to make a choice which makes a difference and brings the opportunity of the future.  Own your power and change the relationships within.  We can change the way we think, we can change the way we respond, we just need to allow our spirit to guide us and know that we are loved. Unconditionally.

 iTongo Tarot Legend

Rites of Passage: In the Sotho tradition, there are elaborate rites of initiation into adulthood for boys and girls. During seclusion, the boys are taught appropriate male conduct in marriage, special initiation traditions, code words and signs, and praise songs. The boys are circumcised.

Initiation for girls (bale) also involves seclusion. The girls have their bodies smeared with white clay, and they make patterns by rubbing off bits of the white clay and letting the skin show through, resulting in a decorative black and white effect. Initiation for girls does not involve any surgical procedures.


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