Just … Breathe

Ace of Assegai (Swords)ACE of ASSEGAI (Swords) People of the East


Gift of intellect | Surpassing human experience | Not subject to physical limitations | Detach oneself from anxiety | New directions |Manifest philosophy | Using mental force | Facing decisions | Reason, justice, truth | Insight and wisdom

Air is often considered as the universal power of pure substance. This is why the ability to watch and manage HOW we breathe is so important. The more oxygen our brains get the clearer our thoughts, the more oxygen in our blood the better our organs and bodies function. To be able to reach a transcendent state the simplest way is to sit quietly and just watch our breath. Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, as we exhale visualise all your pain and suffering leaving your body and disappearing.

In ancient Greek medicine they had what they called the four humours, states of being, Air was associated with blood and was linked to the season of spring and the northern point of the compass, in modern tarot the direction is East. iTongo tarot the direction is East which is kwaZulu Natal and the people of the East are Zulu.

The Aces indicate a new beginning. The Ace of Air/Assegai asks us to not fear what could be ahead, but to rather take a leaf of faith. We usually know exactly what needs to be done to bring the changes we desire, the tricky part is how to do it, and the hard part is to follow through to the end result. The beginning of the tarot year is traditionally 21 March, but as most decks are designed in the Northern Hemisphere their spring is our autumn, iTongo Tarot’s spring is September, so we are beginning a whole new year, and have the opportunity to begin fresh and new.

As the world around us awakes and blossoms, so too should we awaken without physical limitations. We need to detach ourselves from anxiety and follow new directions. By using our mental force and gift of intellect we can face decisions with reason, justice and truth – this is true insight with wisdom. The Ace of Assegai is about invoked force, the Assegai cuts cleanly through all the issues and gets to the point, to the heart of the matter. Practice your faith and uphold your divine authority.

This month is Heritage Month throughout South Africa. Ask yourself how do you honour your heritage, what traditions do you uphold. We all have a base, where we come from and what we believe in, this is the week to consider who you are, what you honour and how you practice it. Give thought to what you want, what you would like to change, if necessary make lists of goals and achievements you want to set for the next year. Take the road less travelled – you never know what you will discover along the way.

Try new policies and procedures, change tactics if necessary but keep going. Allow the energy of Air to lift you up and carry you along. Take a deep breath each time and proceed. Speak your mind be descriptive of your dreams, share your insight and wisdom. Its time to cut through all the deceptions, to yourself and others. Go for what is real, tangible and attainable. Live and breathe the reality your create.

Geography of the Ace of Assegai

The uKhahlamba or Drakensberg National Park is located in KwaZulu-Natal, bordering the eastern coast of South Africa.

The Zulu people named the range ‘Ukhahlamba’ and the Dutch Voortrekkers1 called it The Drakensberg (The Dragon Mountain). The Drakensberg Mountains, with their awe-inspiring basalt cliffs, snow-capped in winter, tower over riverside bush, lush yellow wood forests, and cascading waterfalls.

This majestic mountain range runs for some one thousand kilometres (620 miles) from south- west to northeast. The mountains drain on the western slopes into the Orange and Vaal rivers, and on the east and south into the Tugela.

The Drakensberg forms a massive barrier separating KwaZulu-Natal from the Kingdom of Lesotho. The only road access through the Drakensberg is via Sani Pass, which boasts the highest pub in Africa at its top, 3 000 metres above sea level.


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