Umlilo – The Fire Within

Ace of Wands from iTongo Tarot for TransformationACE of ISIBANE (Wands) People of the South (Xhosa)


Umlilo – The fire within (Inner light) | Live life with passion |

Through transformation comes healing | Creative passion | Courage | Personal power and fulfilment | Confidence | Endurance

The element of fire in tarot is related to transformation, conversion or change.  If we think about it fire changes or transforms whatever it touches – for the better or for the worse.  Fire can be healing, motivating and destructive, its how we manage this element within that makes the difference.

This week we examine the fire within, our inner light and learn to live life with passion.  Fire is a primordial energy, it brings strength and force to what we choose to be and do.  Its about the spirit of self awakening and realisation – basically the ‘force of life’.

This is a good time to discover a better way of doing things.  When we are inspired we have boundless creativity that we apply to a situation or desire.  Harnessing that energy and being focused is what brings about the result we want.  We have the energy to see it through.  Often we begin something, all inspired and ‘fired up’ and the moment we hit the first obstacle we back off or lose interest.  This week the challenge is to keep going, no matter what the obstacles, push through the hard parts, integrate your ability with your thoughts and intuition and you will see the results.  Challenges are just that, they help us grow and develop.  When we give up or turn away, we remain stagnant and will continue to be stuck in the rut without ever truly finding our purpose and place or expanding our potential.

We need to live with an open mind to greater possibilities, we are able to dream, so why not realise those dreams and express ourselves.  Stimulate the imagination and allow the natural talents to come forward.  Find solutions and tackle anything life may throw at you.

When we discover a depth to ourselves, we feel enthusiastic, have the confidence to achieve and feel sure of our success.  Maintain this focus, feel the fire within and use it to go beyond your limits.

Having self esteem is not about ego, its about knowing your capabilities, being comfortable in your self and standing your ground.  Be true to self and face your fears.  Feel yourself deserving, don’t deny success.  The more you put into life, the more reward you will receive.  Being passive and waiting for life to change can only lead to disappointment.  Be present and active in your life.

This week is a good time to make changes – its time to move on and forward, know that something new is about to begin, be ready and be bold, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.  You will be pleasantly surprised where help comes from, usually from the most unexpected sources – be open to receiving.

In its simplest form the Ace of iSibane brings a feeling of health, energy and vitality.  We may feel that we are able to do anything … and that’s exactly how we should live.  Start that diet, go to the gym or begin a regime of exercise, dance, run, walk.  The key is to just do it. Without fear, without doubt and stick with it.

Remember that your body, mind and spirit are all interlinked, one affects the other.  How you manage and exercise each element has either a positive or negative effect. Actions speak louder than words, its what you choose to do that will bring transformation and healing.

Live life with passion, have the endurance to see it through and the courage to make the change.

iTongo Tarot People of the South – isiXhosa

South Africa’s second-largest language, isiXhosa is also known as the Southern or Cape Nguni, and is closely related to isiZulu, the most common home language in the country. It is spoken mainly in the former Transkei, Ciskei and Eastern Cape regions.

IsiXhosa is one of the country’s four Nguni languages. It too is a tonal language, governed by the noun, which dominates the sentence.

Geography of the Ace of isiBane – Valley of Desolation and Spandau Kop

The Valley of Desolation in the Eastern Cape is a geological phenomenon: a sheer cliff face, declared a national monument that lies within the Camdeboo National Park, a unique Karoo landscape and ecosystem that surrounds the town of Graaff-Reinet. Camdeboo National Park was proclaimed in 2005.

Early history of the park includes use of the area by early, middle, and later stone-age people, and evidence of their occupation can be found in the form of stone-age industry sites on the south eastern plains of the park. Artefacts found in these sites include bored stones, percussion-made hand axes, scrapers, blades, and grinding stones.


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