Hope Springs Eternal

iSilamela17 The Star – ISILIMELA

CONCEPT Hope; Self-sufficiency; Generosity; Inspiration; Innovation

iSilimela invites you to believe that anything is possible. Hope is eternal.

Trust /Increased self-confidence and esteem /Renew self /Calm is restored /Radiant /Magnetic charisma /Efforts produce rewards /Let your voice be heard /Generous /Open heart /Share wealth

Since time began, man has looked to the stars for meaning and comfort. On a mundane level we consult our horoscopes in the hope that we are going to be OK, blessed and fortunate.

The main focus this week is on regaining hope, being inspired, generous and at peace with what is.  We are working on the subconscious level and need to let our energy flow freely, know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

This is the week for renewed hope, in ourselves as well as trusting in the universe, expect a breakthrough and new opportunities, at the very least we may resolve issues with greater clarity and understandings.  We will see the rewards for our efforts, discover solutions and gain insight through meditation.  Be secure in the knowledge that we are approaching our goals all it takes is a little hope and trust.

The Star follows the Tower which is about destruction and regeneration, it is the energy of the star that allows us to rebuild and heal which brings about our transformation.  The star is made up of 1 (the magician) and 7 (the chariot) this tells us that we have the power within to move forward with focused direction. Added together we have 8 which is the number of Justice which indicates balance and fairness.

Forgive and forget and embrace your insights and understanding. Sometimes we just need to release, whether that is through action and activity or on a more personal level, have a good cry, allow those emotions to surface and release.  When we cry we are washing away the pain and suffering, we are taking in big gulps of air, that moves through our blood and revitalises our bodies.

Make significant changes and adjust to the next stage on your journey with a fresh perspective on life.  Honour the authentic you and fulfil your purpose.  This is your call for destiny, open your heart, count your blessings and share what you have received.  Have faith in the future, think positive thoughts, experience peace of mind and don’t hold back.  We deserve all that we wish for, all it takes is the believing we have the power within to be and do whatever we hope for.  Have faith, keep calm and carry on!

iTongo Tarot legend

iSilimela – The Digging Stars Throughout time, man has observed, recorded, and interpreted the skies. He has made use of astronomy to structure his life and determine his calendar. The geographical location of different cultures has helped shape their perception of how the universe works. For rural South Africans, whose livelihood depends on properly timed planting, harvesting and hunting, the stars have been a valuable source of information.

The stars in the iSilimela cluster (the Pleiades star cluster) are called the digging stars, and this cluster’s appearance is the marker of a renewed year and the beginning of the growing season.

The iSilimela are friendly and comforting stars, who watch over the family. When the cluster appears in the east, mothers lift their children up and teach them to stretch their hands out to the stars. In this way, the mothers show the stars to their children, and their children to the stars.

In Xhosa tradition, it is customary for males to count their years of adulthood since their initiation by iSilimela.


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