The Art of Living in Harmony

14 Temperance - Kwena14 Temperance – KWÊNA

CONCEPT Synthesis; Integration; Mediation; Creation of harmony; Co-operation

Kwêna invites you to transform through spiritual wisdom.

The balance of masculine and feminine /Polarity of relationships /Philosophical expansive growth /Oppositions and paradoxes / Visionary and natural alchemist /Transformation through spiritual wisdom /Versatile /Bridging worlds /Integration through the creative process /Integration of emotional forces with the physical

Temperance is all about finding balance and transformation through spiritual wisdom.  This week we need to take stock of all our situations and relationships and understand the deeper issues that are in play.  We need to find the point of balance and cooperation to deal with oppositions and paradoxes. The key is balance and moderation.

Its time to change the script of our lives, rewrite our future by integrating emotional forces with our material or physical world. How we feel dictates what we do, so it is important to have emotional balance and harmony. Ask what you are letting in to your life and what do you need to let go of. What needs to be healed or balanced? Bridge the gap between mind (thoughts), body (actions) and soul (spiritual wisdom).  We are all alchemists, we constantly mix and blend our inner world with our external world, what we need to do is make sure that we are balanced, that these forces that drive us are in harmony with our life path.

If there are past actions that need to be forgiven, this is the week to do so.  It is not helpful to anyone when we harbour guilt, shame or anxiety about what we have done, we need to be mindful of what we need to do now.  Forgive yourself, then others and let go the emotions and thoughts that are holding you back.  Ask the universe for guidance and listen to your inner voice, have the courage to follow it through.

Mediation is about seeing both sides of an argument, this week step up and help others recover their balance.  Show the value of sharing without causing pain and suffering, without having to ‘give up’ what you believe in. Sometimes its better to say nothing than something that is going to hurt or destroy.  Choose your words wisely; words can never be taken back.  Physical wounds heal, but what we say can wound for a lifetime. Remember peace is within, take control.

Temperance serves between Death and the Devil.  She brings transformation and peace and is a point of preparation, a place to rest before taking on the struggles of our material world. We need to set boundaries and limitation to maintain balance and harmony.  Move forward with confidence, don’t cling to the past out of fear, relax and let the flow of life bring an acceptance of what you believe in.  Feel the stamina of your will, even life is not going your way, know that your are fighting the good fight, Temperance brings peace and rest from a crisis.

Let there be Peace.

iTongo Legends

The Crocodile is respected in most traditions for its strength and the ability to live both on land and in water. Crocodiles swallow rocks to aid the digestion of their food, and legend tells that one of the VhaVenda chiefs swallowed small rocks, believing that this gave him the strength of the crocodile.

The re-burial of the Chiefs connects to the custom of swallowing these small rocks. The body of a deceased chief is laid out on a wooden elevation, and left until it has completely decomposed. Once the white rock originally swallowed by the dead chief falls out of the body, that rock is then swallowed by the new chief.

It is believed that swallowing this rock will give him strength and ensure the immortality of tribal lineage. Women guard the body and the small rock to ensure that the rightful chief swallows the rock and not a pretender to the throne.

Totem Animals

The Crocodile is the totem animal of the Sotho-Tswana people and of the Royal Bafokeng nation in the North West region of South Africa.  The posture of the crocodile is important and the Bafokeng crocodile is always depicted with its mouth closed. A common expression used in greetings: a e wele mo metsing (“let there be peace”). The lesson is that at times we need to keep our mouths shut. The closed mouth also denotes movement towards water, which the Bafokeng people believe to be a sign of contentment.

Other tribes depict the crocodile with its mouth open. Another well known icon is the crocodile with the sun in an open mouth.

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