Feel the Burn

London 2012

London 2012 Olympic Cauldron http://www.london2012.com/

A couple of weeks ago we had the Page of Wands   and the message was to trust in self, have confidence and inspire hope. Like the Olympic flame which represents purity and the pursuit of perfection, the struggle for victory bearing in mind the energy of peace and friendship.

This week the Knight or Warrior of iSibane continues the theme. Warriors bring new experiences and Wands bring change.  This is about the excitement of risk and adventure.  Its time to take that leap of faith and transition into the unknown – be optimistic and ready to fight for what you believe in and what you want. A week filled with passion and renewed energy. The suit of wands represents fire and fire is about the speed of light, everything happens at warp speed.  Feeling ‘all fired up’? Those creative juices will be flowing, so its time to get creative, create that masterpiece, make a bold move in relationships or at work, embrace the solutions to moving forward. The caveat here is don’t allow your passion to consume you, that leads to obsession and obsession blinds you to options and opportunities.  Be clear, focused and energized in your endeavours. Or as the saying goes “onward and upward”.

A perfect example of the Warrior in action is The Curiosity rover landing on Mars early Monday  and us being able to view never before seen images.  Mars is the planet of war and its element is fire.

The warrior or knight cards are often seen as the messengers – look out for information coming your way, that are positive and work related.  Perhaps an acknowledgement of your past efforts, a note of thanks or an opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.  This is a week that invites you to achieve success.  Feel satisfied and even a touch of pride in a job well done.

Knights also indicate travel.  We have a long weekend coming up, if you have been thinking about taking a trip, this is the week to plan and execute. You never know who you’ll meet … perhaps the love of your life.

This week is more about what we do, rather than what we have, so its important to make sure that your finances are being taken care of and you are not overspending.

On a spiritual level, the Warrior of iSibane asks you to try something new.  Experiment with alternative methods in ‘how’ you connect to your Divine. Explore a new way of devotion with respect and intent.  Feel the connection and enlighten your soul.

For fire to burn brightly it needs air – the Warrior of iSibane is Air of Fire so be alert to the sheer animal energy in discovering your true strength and have the confidence to hold steady.  Take a deep breath and surge forward with passion.  

Warrior of iSibane (Wands)WARRIOR of ISIBANE – People of the South

Key word – PASSION

Optimistic | Loyal and ready to fight | Transition into the unknown | | Stimulated by new experience | Novelty and change | Excitement and risk | Delight | Perceptive | Adventure | Being aroused

iTongo Tarot Legend 

Maqoma (1798-1873) The eldest son of Ngqika of the Right Hand house (c. 1775-1829) and his wife, Notonta of the amaNgqosini. Maqoma was the greatest Xhosa warrior, guerrilla general and one of the notable leaders in the 19th century Frontier Wars. His name and feats live on through oral tradition; and colonial and missionary documents reveal a man of considerable intellect and eloquence. Maqoma is remembered for his extraordinary tenacity, flexibility, and political and martial skills. He eventually fell victim to an advancing colonial juggernaut.

Inevitably, Maqoma became embroiled in colonial politics. Having been convicted as “a party to a murder”, he was exiled to Robben Island in 1857, where he remained for twenty-one years. He was paroled in 1869. After being convicted for ’incitement to violence’, he was sent back to Robben Island in November 1871, where he died two years later. His remains were disinterred in 1978 and reburied on Ntaba ka Ndoda Mountain in the Eastern Cape.


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