A simple breath exercise to still body and mind.

Breath is life, the basic and most fundamental expression of our life.  In yoga the breath or “prana” in Sanskrit is said to be the vehicle of the mind.  Because it is the prana that makes our mind move.  One of the simplest ways to manage stress is through Breath Control.  It is through breath that all those messages are carried through the blood stream to the relevant muscle, which in turn reacts.

Our body parts are neutral, they have no emotion or thought – it is up to us to make sure that the right message is getting to the right centre, so we can enjoy the right response.

So when you calm the mind by working with the breath you are simultaneously and automatically taming and training the mind.  We take a deep breath when life becomes stressful – let out a deep breath when the moment of anxiety has passed – breath regulates our temperature and mood.  It is through breath that we can bring about physiological change within our bodies.  We express ourselves through breath.  Laugher,  groaning, panting etc.

It is because of the intimate relationship between mind and body, and the existence of special physiological centres (chakras) within our body, that physical exercise and the practice of mindfulness can have positive effects on health.

You are the centre of your universe.  If you want to change the world, first try to improve and bring about change within yourself.  Then that will help to bring change in your family.  From there it just gets bigger and bigger.

So when we meditate, breathe naturally, just as you always do.  Focus your awareness lightly on the out breath, just flow out with the out breath.  Each time you breathe out let go and release all your inner grasping. Each time you breathe in feel the cleansing of fresh air.

Our aim is to clear the mind, have a focal point and cleanse the body.

Benefits include:  eliminates stress & fatigue, improves health, increases energy and well-being, expands mental potential.


Breathe In  (Nose) 1-2-3-4

Hold 1-2-3-4

Out (Mouth) 1-2-3-4-5-6

Hold 1-2-3-4

On the last breath out, inhale normally and just watch the breath, be aware of the breath at the nostrils, sit with the mind relaxed.

Think that your mind is held and supported by your body.  Your mind has nowhere to go, nothing to do.  You don’t have to struggle to attain anything.  Nothing to achieve, no fear of failure.

If at any point in your meditation you find that your mind has wandered, just return to your focus on your breath.

At the end of your meditation, open eyes and get up and stretch the body.

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