Isolation, Introspection and Independence

IsolationSEVEN of ASSEGAI (Swords)

People of the East  Key word – ISOLATION

Developmental strategy | Dreaming | Independence | Solitude | Cut off from society | Betrayal of secrets | Introspection | Avoiding obligations and commitments | Procrastination |

This week is about sorting fact from fiction. Isolating the truth and getting to the heart of the matter.  Don’t take anything at face value, we need to dig down to the pure essence of the situation, learning to understand the underlying truth, without deception and illusion.

You may be feeling somewhat introverted and perhaps even shy in social settings.  This is the opportunity to use your intellect, be the explorer and use your perspective, even if it seems somewhat ‘out there’ to others. This is a great time to shed light on matters that have been needing attention.  Be a seeker and thinker. This is a time to be spiritual and not necessarily religious – you want to ask about the meaning of life, who am I, what is my purpose. Explore in a methodical analysis of fact, research and be logical about your conclusions.

Air your views – look at the lighter side of life and express your sense of humour.  Often truth is found in jokes or comedy.  When we laugh we draw in great big gulps of air – this helps our bodies to energise and revitalise.  Laughter is the best medicine.  Balance analysis and strategy.

Watch out for being too cynical, arrogant and verbal – it may appear abusive and cold hearted to others. Even inconsiderate and anti-social.

The imagination is probably our strongest tool, it is vast and powerful. The imagination can take us to great heights or plunge us into the darkest despair – this week isolate your triggers, what makes you happy, what makes you fearful, what makes you sad.  Its ok to spend hours transcending into your own world to sort matters, but don’t underestimate the benefit of activity and the knowledge of others.  Life can only be experienced not rationalised.  Travel beyond your perceived limitations of your mind – reach for the stars.

The imagination can also lead us on a path that has nothing to do with a given situation.  We project into the future of what could be rather than deal with what is.  We fall into the trap of worrying about things that have not happened and are unlikely to happen – this is a waste of time and resources, with us ending up feeling despondent and failures.

This can also be a bit of a sneaky card.  The  seven of swords hints that there may be hidden meaning or messages, perhaps someone is trying to sabotage you at work or in a relationship – its fine to tip toe around the issue while gathering information but at some point you have to draw the line in the sand and take a stand.  Look inward and ask if you have contributed in any way to your situation. Sometimes we self-sabotage.  Are you doing nothing because of fear? Feeling stressed and helpless can be debilitating, the purpose is to keep moving forward, keep responding with a clear mind or the ‘poor me’ attitude will limit your chances of success.  Make a choice and stick with it. As life improves adjust you thinking accordingly, don’t get stuck or allow fear to limit you.  If you believe you have done wrong, make the choice to fix it, doing nothing is your worst enemy, inertia leads to disaster and the issue becomes traumatic rather than dramatic.

Remember, what you put effort into  or feed will grow and flourish (positive and negative) be mindful of the situation, find the truth and live your authentic life.  Be centred and complete your tasks with humour and grace.  Life is a journey, only when you know where you are going will you know how to get there.


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