Take a Leap of Faith

Ulwaluko0 The Fool  ULWALUKO

CONCEPT Courage; Transition; Transformation through a rite of passage; A spiritual journey; Retreat and seclusion

Ulwaluko invites you to be initiated into your destiny.

Take a leap of faith, or the road less travelled.

Unless we try something we will never know the outcome.  Unless we give our all we cant hope to achieve success.

0 The Fool is an interesting card, because it is all about the balance of opposites – it is the beginning of a journey but can also signify the end.  Zero is all and nothing at the same time.  This could be about coming full circle.  The void or oblivion … consciously making the choice to step in to your life.  The Fool is not about being stupid or silly but rather about having the power of the Joker in a card pack.  It can transform any sequence by filling the void.

This week feel the spirit in search of experience, explore the deeper knowledge of your spirituality.  This is the week that you need to do what is best for you.  Remember the pure joy experienced as a child when discovering something new, we need to recreate that wonderment every day.  We need to be seeking truth and wisdom.

We are so easily distracted by ‘things’  we believe our possessions are important and they show our success, we believe the amount of friends we have show our humanity – but ultimately non of this matters if we are not committed to honouring our destiny.  We need to take time to see the beauty around us and to see what is within us.

As the spirit searches for experience, this is a good time to learn meditations, visualisation, breath work, harmonics – try new systems and see which works best for you.  Enhance your own experience, next time you are practicing your faith – really give it your all.  Don’t be distracted by other people and noises, be truly present, in the moment and listen.

Zero added to anything, changes nothing – see this week as a new phase beginning, a spiritual journey that brings the regeneration of spirit.  Be aware of the collective around you.  You don’t need to reflect them but rather be independent and pioneering in your own involution.

Don’t wait to get to the end and wonder … what happened?  Take the chance now, step off the cliff and you will be surprised to find you can fly.

iTongo Myth, Legend, History

EsiKhaleni – The Place of the Sound

Standing at the mouth of the Mpako River, the cliff of dark blue shale, mudstone, and sandstone was named the Hole-in-the-Wall by a British captain exploring the coastline between the Keiskamma River and Lourenço Marques (now Maputo).

This geological formation dates back some 260 million years. The arch was formed over millions of years by buffeting waves, which eroded the softer rock underneath a dolerite sheet. The same process eventually separated the cliff from the mainland.

Ulwaluko –The Khweta Circumcision Ceremony

This custom marks the transition from boyhood (ubukhwenkwe) to manhood (ubudoda), an important tradition in Xhosa society. The Khweta circumcision ceremony is a male initiation rite that every Xhosa boy (abakhwetha) undergoes. It is not linked to physical development or maturity (ages range from 15 – 25), but rather a socially significant act, resulting in integration and acceptance from elder community members. Traditionally, no male may marry until he has completed his initiation.


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