A Knight in Shining Armour

At some point we have all wished for a Knight in Shining Armour to swoop along and slay the dragon, rescue us from our lives or gently kiss us awake.  Well this week be prepared, your Knight or Warrior is going to be moving things along at warp speed.

LogicWARRIOR of ASSEGAI/ Knight of Swords

People of the East (Zulu) – Key word – LOGIC

Philosophical focus | Connection to life | Reason | Be frank and direct | Knowledge | Forceful intellect | Debate – argue | Act with certainty | Pioneering warrior | Authoritative

This week is all about exercising logic, be frank and direct when dealing with others.  Based on your own knowledge you can afford to be forceful when putting your point across.  Be authoritative.

Even though the weather is not co-operating this is a week when you will feel at your peak, on all levels – body, mind and spirit.  You will feel grounded and connected to your life.

With this great sense of power this is a good time to be a pioneering warrior.  Look at life from a different perspective, implement plans and actions to move you forward.  If necessary argue your point with reason and focus, no need to get obnoxious about it.

If you are presenting at a meeting or interview for a new position, be assured (not cocky) clearly state your intentions, needs and ambitions.  Show that you are versatile and able to construct from information gathered.  Be innovative and you will get things accomplished. Not planning any changes at work, then be prepared for a really busy week, in fact you will be the whiz kid on the block.  The ‘higher-Ups” will take notice – this is your time to shine.

The Warrior of Assegai also bodes well for relationships – be prepared to be swept off your feet.  The Knight in shining armour is not going to come knocking on your door – be proactive, get dressed up, make fabulous and go out to environments rich with the kind of person you would want to share your life with.   In a committed relationship?  Then enjoy and experience the depth of each other.  This could also apply to your work colleagues, explore the person who sits next to you for eight hours a day.

The warrior also asks that you take time out to be still, to listen to your heart.  Allow space for new thoughts and ideas.  Allow space for peace.  Allow space for your Divine.

Through innovation, focus and commitment, we can achieve everything we set our minds to.

iTongo Tarot Myth, Legend & Hisotry

Shaka was without doubt the greatest commander to have come out of Africa. Shaka’s military innovations such as the iKlwa (short stabbing spear), the age-grade regimental system (ibuthos) and the ”horns” battle formation helped make the Zulu one of the most powerful nations in southern and south-eastern Africa.

The “horn” formation had three elements:

1. The main force, the “chest”, which closed in on the enemy pinning it in position;

2. The “horns”, which flanked the enemy on both sides, encircling it; and then together with the “chest” destroying it; and

3. The “loins”, a large reserve, which was placed, seated, behind the “chest” with its back to the battle. The “loins” would be committed wherever the enemy threatened to break out of the encirclement.

Regimental izinDuna (chiefs) used hand signals and messengers to co-ordinate battle movements. The scheme was elegant in its simplicity, and well understood by the warriors assigned to each echelon.

Shaka built up his forces by enrolling young men from the entire kingdom into the ibuthos. Each ibutho had its own name, was lodged at one of the royal households, and its own herd of royal cattle, which supplied the young men with meat. The cattle hides were used to make shields and each regiment’s shields had its own distinctive skin colouring.  Shaka’s shield was white with one single black mark.


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