Five Card Spread for Julius Malema

Julius Malema is expelled from the ANC.  I was interested to see what advice the cards would offer.

iTongo Tarot for Transformation

Card 1: The issue –  16 The Tower – Thulamela invites you to deconstruct illusions and delusions, restructure and restore.

These are difficult and challenging times with feelings of panic and fear.  Its a time of involuntary change and a radical shift of the way things are. To regain and restore, military precision is required.  Find true value through internal restructuring.

Card 2: Past Influences – 15 The Devil – Thikoloshe invites you to set your boundaries and limits.

It would have been fortuitous to combine productivity with practicality.  Manipulation without boundaries and limits lead to confusion.  Being the trickster with materialistic intent is what brings the inability to accept what is, no matter how dynamic and assertive.  Being ego driven is the inability to move on.  Lust for power blinds.

Card 3: Future Influences – Seven of Assegai (Swords) Isolation

Feeling cut off from society and betrayal of secrets. Only after a time of introspection would it be advisable to assert  independence. Solitude and isolation is required to develop strategies. Wandering in the wilderness, alone?  There is support available, but it has to be earned.

Card 4: The Ascendent (The Ancestors) – 8 Justice – Khathulo invites you to honour truth and the law of cause and effect.

The lesson from the ancestors is to learn to understand and accept, reality and the responsibility of choice.  Balance intellect and be judged by actions rather than words.  Honour truth and accept the punishment of actions and reactions.  Accept the natural law of ‘for every action, there is a reaction’. Clear the mind to see the truth.

Card 5: The Transcendent – Ace of Mavhele (Coins) TRUTH

After introspection, being grounded and consolidating a firm base, the natural law of attraction will bring opportunity.  Be realistic and accept the absolute reality.  The realisation of dreams is available when practicing truth, tolerance and trust.



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