Knights in Shining Armour

The random card that I drew for today is Warrior of Moritsoana (Morey Sauna).

Knight of CupsWARRIOR of MORITSŎANA People of the West Key word – IDEALISTIC

Idealisation of love | Grace | Wonder in mutual attraction | Sentimental love| Emphasised emotions | The poetry of life | Beauty | Heightened mood and feelings | Empathy | A pleasing environment

Card visual:  Back ground the Lesotho Mountains.  Warrior is dressed in traditional war regalia with the totem of his unit or clan on his shield.  This Sotho warrior is from the baHlaping (Tlhapi – fish) clan.

The Sotho lived in small chiefdoms with homesteads grouped into villages. Economic responsibilities were shared and they traditionally raised livestock; cattle, goats, and sheep and cultivated grains and tobacco. The Sotho were skilled artisans and renowned for their metal and leather-work, wood and ivory carving.


This week we can afford to be a tad idealistic.  Why not be able to have the happily ever after.  Sometimes we limit ourselves, for a variety of reasons but more often than not it’s because we believe we do not deserve it.

Well known and loved fairy tales share a common theme.  The forlorn, orphaned young person is cast out or cursed or put upon by evil stepmothers, sisters etc.  After various trials and tribulations (usually lasting 100 years) she is saved by an act of kindness usually a prince or knight in shining armour.

The message from all these stories is that no matter what your circumstances, if we wait and truly believe in ourselves, salvation will come.  We live in an instant gratification times.  We don’t want to wait for the knight in shining armour, we want a quick fix – like a fine wine, some things take time to mature and develop into their full potential.

Another theme that runs through all the stories and fables is being pure of heart. I can’t think of a fairy story or parable where the evil ugly sister got the prince.  So as we dream to be fulfilled, saved or transformed, we need to consider our motivation and intent.  Why do we want certain things?  Why do we feel that life is not living up to our expectations?  What trials and tribulations do we need to go through to reach the nirvana we desire.

How realistic are we about love.  We confuse lust and romantic love, which is all flowers and candles with true love.  True love is a state of Grace not the sentimental love that Hollywood propagates, but rather the even flow of the poetry of life.  The beauty of heightened mood and feelings.  The glorious wash of emotion, clear and true without attachments of need and greed.

Fairy tales are the system foundation that we set up as children.  We aspire to the ‘happy ever after’.  We look at the end result and somehow are able to gloss over and turn a blind eye to the pain and suffering that was endured before the ever after moment.  We also do this with real life people.  We hold up Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa as icons for humanity, which of us would be able to live their lives and walk in their shoes.  To undergo the difficulties they lived through and still maintain a purity of spirit.

There is no reason why we cant ‘have it all’.  We just need to be prepared to put in the effort for the reward. As someone once said “Keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars”.


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