Choosing a Tarot Card of the Day/Week

The season has officially changed.  Here in the Southern Hemisphere we are in autumn and the north are moving into spring.  The astrological year begins on 21 March and in tarot the new year also begins with the Equinox.  Here is where it gets complicated.

Courtesy Pamela Phillips-Steele Steele Wizard Tarot....

In the north the Tarot card is Ace of Swords (Air) and in the south Ace of Cups (Water). Because there is no definitive tarot deck or system, researching online I found an interesting variety of tarot calendars and timings.  I believe that when one is working with the tarot it is best to follow the philosophy and principle of that particular  tarot deck.  Take note of what else is listed and certainly credit that which is more accepted by popularity.

Diversity of ideas, practice and theory is what makes working with tarot cards so rewarding.  Each day I learn something new. Trying to work out which is the definitive card for the day, seems to be rather complex … or not at all.

For some shuffling the deck and selecting a card to guide and represent the energy and focus is all it takes.  They accept that this is the answer or the energy that needs to be addressed for that particular day.

Another system is to simply add the date to select the tarot card for the day.  For example 26 March 2012 is (2+6+3+2+1+2 = 16 and or 1+6 = 7) The choice is 16 The Tower or 7 The Chariot.   The double digit could reflect your physical or ‘outer world’ what the collective is doing, or actions you need to take and the reduction to 7 reflects your inner landscape and what you need to attend to emotionally, intellectually or spiritually.  Work with both cards to find your guidance.

There is a system that is used where the tarot deck is assigned to weeks of the year beginning with the week of the Northern Hemisphere Spring Equinox 21 March.  The Majors have their own numbers and are not assigned weeks.  The minors then run from Ace through to King, excluding the Pages/Princess.  The exception is 29 February, which is assigned to Page of Wands.  I also found systems that begin with the Kings and descends to the Aces, this of course changes all the cards and their weeks.

Courtesy of Pamela Phillips-Steele - Steele Wizard Tarot....

It is generally accepted that seasons are assigned to the minors. The Southern Hemisphere would have the difference of the seasons being

  • Spring – Air / Swords
  • Summer – Fire / Wands
  • Autumn – Water / Cups
  • Winter – Earth / Pentacles

Check with the reference book for the seasons relevant to your deck.

In numerology the date would be worked out as 26+3=29 + the year (2012) which is 5. This calculated to 34, which is The Knight/Warrior of Swords.  You  need to discover and decide which system works the best for you and your tarot deck.  Research online, or buy books to find the system that best suits your hemisphere and philosophy.

My interpretation (iTongo Tarot) of the Card of the Day for 26 March 2012 is16 The Tower and 7 The Chariot.


16 The Tower : Thulamela

CONCEPT Restoration; Renovation; Great courage; Sexual force; Health; Truth; Danger Thulamela invites you to deconstruct illusions and delusions, restructure and restore.

Often we find challenging times difficult to deal with.  We have to break down old existing patterns to find the true value of life, situations and events.  In order to regenerate we need to clear out the debris and silence the internal chatter to create a solid foundation which to build upon. Be open to those ‘Aha’ moments.  As we dismantle structures, we create space for a radical shift and in doing so we let in birth, growth and rejuvenation. We need to transcend our ego and material needs to discover and release the purity of self.

Questions to ask:

  • Am I causing disruption in other lives?
  • Do I keep making the same mistakes?
  • Am I prepared to pay the price for my decisions?

This card is asking you to take action – 7 The Chariot is showing you HOW

IndweAllow the free flow of thoughts and ideas, use your imagination.  Try doing things differently and be courageous in the application of your wisdom.  Be inspired and fearless, have the courage of your convictions.  Face your demons.  One of the great ways of doing this is through meditation.  If you don’t meditate, then pray or simply sit quietly and contemplate the way forward.  Know that you are part of a greater whole, as above so below see that reflection and connection.  Managing change needs control – someone has to drive the momentum, rather its you than chance and circumstance.

  •  Consider what inspires you – do it!
  • What changes do you need to make in your life – do it!
  • Explore your inner world – do it!

Indwe invites you to honour the way of the warrior. Be inspired, be fearless.


One comment on “Choosing a Tarot Card of the Day/Week

  1. Sometimes things do make sense, but that’s just a coincidence. Though astrology and similar things is quite entertaining, I believe they hold only as much truth as coincidence will allow.

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