Eight of Assegai (Air) Danger

We are born with an inherent nature, its acquired knowledge that moulds and shapes us. Over our lifetime as we mature we add to our life experience and knowledge base.  Sometimes we get stuck in a pattern, this is the enemy within.

We need to constantly be adjusting our beliefs and attitudes.  There is no need to feel confused, helpless and powerless.  The objective is to remove the obstacles – whether its fear, lack of focus or perceived limitations.  Unless we take that leap of faith, that the soul knows what it wants and needs, we will continue to repeat the same mistakes, make the same choices that don’t serve us in the long run and feel powerless.

Take time to evaluate which of the scripts still work in your adult world.  Which lessons have borne fruit?  What is it that makes you feel strong and powerful?  Which circumstances (material, emotional or intellectual) are holding you back from being all that you could be.

One common thread that I have identified with my clients is the desire to change but are held back by the fear of the unknown.  Finding the strength to go against everything familiar and to make significant changes.  It doesn’t have to be an “all or nothing” situation.  Gradually ease out the toxic in your life and fill those spaces with what nurtures your inherent nature, what motivates your growth and brings about that inner peace.

The road to self-knowing and fulfilment is a long one, but certainly worth travelling.  As they say “history has a way of repeating itself” – why not let your repeats be joyful and victorious.

Swords, Air


EIGHT of ASSEGAI – People of the East

Key word – DANGER

The enemy within | Beliefs and attitudes | Purpose | Self inflicted pain | Remove obstacles | Restricted creative expression | Loss | Confusion| Powerless | Persecution | Confinement




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