Neptune enters Pisces

Neptune comes home to Pisces in the 12th house after 164 years.  The Tarot card associated with Neptune is 12 The Hanged Man.  As this is the year of changes in consciousness, learning and growing through the collective effort. It is almost comforting to know that Neptune is home in Pisces.  We can heal our selves through introspection and self analysis, connecting to the greater consciousness through spirit.

This is also a time to view the world from a different perspective.  Seeking independence from everyone else’s ‘stuff’ and taking responsibility for the choices we make.  Break old patterns and rewrite your script.  We are who we are due to our life experience and influences.  If its not working for you, let go and find new role models.   Let your present life experience and thought patterns define your future.  Be all that you can be.

Don’t limit your self, rather shoot for it all, and adjust as you go along.  Some say that life is a compromise.  Yes we do have to fit in with what’s going on around us, reacting and responding to external influences, but that does not mean we have to sell out who we are and our authentic selves.

We just need to look at life from a different perspective, transcending our ego and not take ourselves too seriously.  Draw energy from humanity and the collective.

Use the energy of Neptune and Pisces to help you find that still point.  To show what the soul wants.  Practice your philosophy daily and extend it to others.

Zwidudwane12  The Hanged Man – ZWIDUDWANE  (Water Spirits)

CONCEPT Sacrifice with wisdom; Surrender; Breaking old patterns; Dissolve barriers; Prophecy

Zwidudwane invites you to sacrifice with wisdom to achieve a new level of understanding.

Radical change of perspective / Time in suspension / Humour as a tool / Self-imposed limitations / Spiritual turning point  / Effective timing / Challenges are teachers / True light and rebirth / Transcend ego.


Lake Fundudzi is a sacred lake, venerated by the VhaVenda people. It lies in the heart of the Soutpansberg mountains and is one of the few true inland lake systems in South Africa.

The Lake is fed by three rivers – the Mutale, the Godoni, and the Muiladi, and holds an abundance of fish, vital to the livelihood of the ‘People of the Pool’. The Venda people believe Zwidudwane (water spirits), live at the bottom of waterfalls and in the lake.

Legend has it that the rivers that run into this lake do not mix with the water, but rather skips over the top disappearing into the mountain and comes out the other side, without emptying the lake.


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