Warrior of Mavhele (Earth) – Ambitious Desire

Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it”. 

Wanting more is not about being greedy or being dissatisfied with what we have, it’s about being single minded and dedicated to the hopes, dreams, ambitions and desires we have.  Staying true to yourself and your path.

The energy of this card is to have a clear and focused goal or end point in what it is that your desire.  This energy will help you push through the blocks or boundaries to achieve your goal.  Be flexible and adapt in order to move in new directions.

Desire is a great motivator – if we don’t have aspirations, we don’t advance.  Be it on a physical level (exercise and diet), a material level (wealth gain) or an emotional level (love and compassion), we need to constantly be evolving and growing in our selves and our outlook.   We need to think outside of the norm and be realistic about what we are able to achieve.  Unrealistic expectations end in disappointment.

Here is the paradox – while being fluid and flexible, this energy keeps us grounded and focused.  To others it may appear that we are fixed, unmovable but this is the energy that helps us stay true to ourselves and keeps us on the path we have chosen.  Don’t feel rushed, others perceive you as being pernickety but you know you are being methodical and “God is in the details”.

Be prepared to work at achieving your goals.  Its OK to take time, not everything worthwhile happens in an instant.  Clear planning, methodical means and step-by-step gets us to where we want to be.  Gather the tools of experience, insight and knowledge to aid your journey.  Remember it’s about the process – you can’t take shortcuts.  Anything worth doing is worth doing well.  If you can’t follow through then perhaps you need to re-evaluate your desires.

Taking charge of a situation is what makes it work.   Leaving too much up to others or fate often ends in undesirable results. Owning responsibility of the choices you make moves you forward.  Don’t fix it if its not broken – don’t try and reinvent the wheel, this is a time to use experience and insight gained by life or observation.  Stick with what works.

Be real and affective in your endeavours. Luxuriate in your life.  Honour your word and commitments to self and others.  Every one needs someone like you to support him or her. When the going gets tough the energy of the Warrior of Earth will see you through.

Ambitious DesireGeography of Warrior of Mavhele:  Bourke’s Luck – Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.

This impressive natural water feature at the very beginning of the Blyde River Canyon, has taken centuries of sand and rock carried by the rivers, to erode large cylindrical potholes in the river’s bedrock. Bourke’s Luck is located at the point where the Treur River (River of Sorrow) meets with the Blyde River (River of Joy) and the constantly swirling whirlpools are perhaps a fitting representation of this fact.

Warrior : Thohoyandou (Head of the Elephant) was a great king and legendary hero who expanded the VhaVenda Kingdom. During Thohoyandou’s reign, the VhaVenda Kingdom stretched from the Vhembe River (Limpopo) in the north to the Olifants River and the Crocodile River in the south. This kingdom also included people who were not Venda speaking. The Karanga of Zimbabwe was subject to Thohoyandou and the Bapedi chiefs recognised him as their sovereign. King Thohoyandou was the last king of a united Venda.



iTongo Tarot keyword is amaNdla – which means power.Amandla

Most of us are tested in some way on a daily basis to reach down deep and find our strength. Be it to overcome an obstacle, to persevere in a relationship or project or those fighting disease and loss. Strength can also be about the physical, we need to take care of our bodies so that we have the ‘strength’ and energy to fulfil the tasks of the day. But I am more interested in our inner strength – what keeps us going? One often hears about people who have ‘incredible strength’ and we admire their efforts. So where does it come from? This inner world that manifests into our lives either as personality or simply a quiet force that guides and directs us.

I believe that strength is about focus and purpose. We are infinite reservoirs of energy and have vast recourses that we can tap into and use, as the moment dictates. In the words of the famous song The Greatest Love – “find the strength to carry on …. The hero lies in you”. How do we access this hero or strength? Through a daily practice, be it prayer, meditation, yoga or even running on the treadmill. We need to put aside at least 10 minutes a day, this time is our sacred time. It’s the time that we transcend into that still point or quiet place. We look at what arises and we work through our unconscious consciously. Living consciously is living with focus and intent.

Understanding our motivation and preparing ourselves for the right responses to life and her lessons. Being focused allows us to make the right choices in the moment, which in turn results in the desired result.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with Stage III cancer. This is labelled by insurance companies a “Dread Disease” and indeed when one hears the diagnosis, your first thought is “how am I going to get through this”? I always say that when one is circling the drain, most of what’s been bothering you seems to just fade away – there is a much bigger task at hand, or challenge to deal with. Don’t always sweat the small stuff, however it is in the details of your life that make up the whole. Just be clear about what you can do and what you cant do, let it go. Self image has a lot to do with strength – if you believe you can do it, then you can.

Pre-conditioning from childhood plays an important part. You can choose to live by those words (interpreted as a child) or you can choose to change who you are and what you believe about yourself. Be your own person, discover your strengths. No one can be strong for you, only you can do it.  Find your voice and roar with your power. amaNdla!

iTongo Tarot on the Taxi – 9 Earth

Empathy is the capacity to recognize and, to some extent, share feelings or emotions that are being experienced by another person.

Behind the iTongo Tarot visual.9 of Coins, Pentacles, Earth

For seasoned tarot readers this card is a new take on 9 of Pentacles.  Traditionally the card is about feeling self confident and self sufficient, independent and free.

In South African traditions the above is kind of frowned upon.  The South African perspective is that we are who we are because of other people, the principle of uBuntu.  In order to be a valuable part of our society or community we need to practice empathy, before we can practice compassion.

Before we realise all the self-fulfilling needs and the good life we need to get our own self in order, focused and balanced.  We need to be in-tune with our surroundings and others – this is where the practice of empathy comes in.  A large portion of empathy is also about tolerance.

Self confident people believe that what they do, think and say is “right” or “the way”, self-obsessed and ego centric individuals believe that their way is the only way.  There is very little room for tolerance of other people’s needs, views and feelings.

So how do we do this?

Imagine yourself as part of an orchestra.  In order for there to be a coherent sound and melody each member has to be aware of the others.  Working together to create the whole.  Allowing times for space and rest, staying in the rhythm and pace of the music.  Going with the flow and build within the structure.

Sometimes a single note and instrument is heard, sometimes the whole orchestra sounds a single note – each is in tune and in rhythm with the other.  The wealth and gain of this is working in harmony and together.

When you practice empathy it is important to give the other person the time, space and rhythm of their emotions or situation.  Be there as the conductor but don’t play the tune.  Recognising what is your ‘stuff’ is also part of Empathy.  Identify with their situation, help them develop strength and courage, you can’t do it for them.  Gently direct their shadow self and bring them to a point of self reliance through discipline and determination.

Be gentle first with yourself – if you wish to be gentle with others. Lama Yeshe


The Mbila is played in the north of South Africa, most particularly by the Venda people. It is like a keyboard made out of a single piece of wood, which is the resonator, and has metal blades (made out of huge nails hammered flat) which act as the keys.

The Mbila is the finest of the Venda musical instruments and is one of the most endangered Venda traditions. The Venda style of playing Mbila is quite different from that of people in Zimbabwe or Mozambique.

Drums are central to the Venda culture and there are legends and symbols linked to them. Most sets of drums are kept in the homes of chiefs and headmen, and comprise one ngoma, one thungwa, and two or three murumba. Drums are always played by women and girls, except in possession dances, when they are played by men.