South African Human Rights Day 21March

human rightsToday we celebrate Human Rights Day here in South Africa,  yet I have to ask myself what are we celebrating – the commemoration of this day is the Sharpeville massacre where human rights were brutally violated.  This got me to thinking how our basic human rights are being violated every day, not just here in South Africa but all around the world.

Equality and human dignity – basic human rights.  Our Bill of Rights states Everyone is equal before the law and has the right to equal protection and benefit of the law. “ … “”No person may unfairly discriminate directly or indirectly against anyone” …

Yet we see the most unspeakable horrors being played out every day – people are murdered for a cell phone, no one is brought to justice.  We have 56 murders a day, how many perpetrators are brought to justice? “Freedom and Security of the Person” doesn’t exist.  Crime is a career path for many – high jacking has become an art, farm murders, child molestation, human trafficking, home invasions have all become a new normal.  We no longer react in shock and horror at these crimes, we just behave like the frog in the pot and don’t even know that we are losing our humanity.

Equality and human dignity have been ignored these past 25 years of democracy – the inequality of basic human living conditions for the majority has been ignored by the few who have feathered their own nests at the cost of the many.  Apartheid spacial planning has not been rectified, living conditions of housing, water, sanitation and access to work has not been addressed.  When there are devastating fires in Alexandria, Khayelitsha or Hout Bay instead of just rebuilding shacks, surely this is an opportunity to build houses, install sanitation and create roads. Upgrading squatter camps one house at a time will in time create neighbourhoods that people would be proud to live in.

Instead of creating urban developments for the rich there should be a law or system that for every development that is approved 30% should be affordable housing. If the structure doesn’t allow for this then 30% of the building budget should to be allocated to schools, community gardens and feeding schemes, police stations and hospitals.

Most municipalities and regional governments own vast amounts of land and buildings these should be put to good use, renovated and dignified living spaces created. I read an article recently about the old Carlton Hotel standing empty and derelict for 20 years.  Wiki lists the owners as Transnet  (SOE) – these empty rooms should become homes for people at the very least accommodation for students. Our town planners need to be creative, building owners need to step up and either sell their property to the city or renovate to accommodate.  Holding onto derelict  property serves no one. Dignity comes at a cost!

“Everyone has the right to freedom of conscience, religion,
thought, belief and opinion.”

Well that’s not working too well either!  When did we become so intolerant of others? When did we decide that ‘my way is the only way’ and any other view point is wrong, so wrong that we are compelled to take up arms and destroy what others hold dear. We also cant cherry pick what we find horrifying – the world reacts in horror to the New Zealand mosque shootings 49 people killed at their place of worship because someone disagreed with their religion. And we brush off  the hundreds of Christians killed in Nigeria at the hands of  Islamic Hausa-Fulani militants.  Why is it OK to kill one group and not the other, where are the world leaders against any kind of attack against someones beliefs?  Why do we as a global community not stand up to the wars waged around the planet.

There are as many paths to the Divine as there are people on earth. We need to practice tollerance for other view points.  I can hear some of you going ‘What about the Crusades”? If we look at the timeline 1095-1291 most of the population was illiterate and living as peasants and one group sought dominance over the others – more for economic reasons than faith. We live today in what is considered an educated and informed time – so how do we justify the rampant terrorism all over the world? just take a look at the total fatalities and ultimately what change does it bring?  The changes are to the individuals, the families left without breadwinners, the children left without parents the devastation of towns and cities that will never be rebuilt and still we continue in the name of …….. (insert your cause here).

If we keep on ignoring human rights we will lose our humanity.  We need to start thinking of all the freedoms promised and respect our fellow man, his ways and his beliefs – be prepared, you could learn something.  We do learn when we reach out and listen, share and communicate.  There is no need for violence to make a point.  If the other does not get your point, its OK to respect their decision and move along, we don’t have to continue crusading.

We are all different, gender, language, culture and creed – embrace those differences because ultimately we are all human. Right?

As a great man said  “No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite”. Nelson Mandela

Live your life with dignity and practice humanity to all.






Welcome to 2019!

20192019 is the year to let the Sun shine into the dark corners of 2018 (what a miserable year it was) its time to bask in her warmth and truly live the experience of uBuntu.  Its time to collaborate and work with partners and teams. 2019 is a year of rebirth by tapping into the universal consciousness.

Did you make adjustments for success. What did you learn from 2018? What lessons and experience do you bring into the new year? Did you have a breakthrough? Karma? 2018 for all its trials was a year of opportunity, if you were in touch with the cycles of life, the ebb and flow of new beginnings then you are set up to reap the rewards of your efforts this year.

  • Here is the check-list from last year.  How many can you tick off?
    How did you show courage in the face of adversity?
    How did you remain true to yourself?
    How often did you submit to your weaker nature and accept the unacceptable?
    How did you stand up for yourself?
    How did you find strength, courage and purpose?
    Hoe did you lay the foundations for 2019?
    How did you manage your fears?
    Did you take note of your actions and reactions? Were they appropriate?


19 The Sun - uBuntu19 The Sun – UBUNTU
Ubuntu invites you to practice humanity towards others.

Ubuntu is the African concept of ‘humanity towards others’. It is the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity. It is about having compassion towards other human beings, helping them physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. No one can show his humanness without showing how he relates to other people. Disharmony and disrespect goes against the concept of Ubuntu.

Be optimistic and shine your light with all its glory.  Honour yourself, your loved ones and your community.  Live with a higher awareness and knowledge.  The Sun represents the archetype of the child – be filled with the wonder that is all around you.  Children are not born with prejudice, they have an innate sense of moral order,  they learn to judge, discriminate and how to treat others from their elders – be the example of good judgment, fairness and show that with the will to live your best life you can accomplish anything you dream of. “I am because you are”

It doesn’t matter how different we are, (a dog, the rooster or a lizard) we all share and experience the same sun, we all share hopes and dreams for a brighter future.  When we work together we are stronger.  When we think we are better than others we will be left to walk alone and unsupported.

We all need to live consciously – truly see the world around us.  Step out of our closed worlds and be a shining light to others. Lead by example, show compassion, live life with optimism and honour ‘you are because I am’.  We need to live with higher awareness and bring back the joy and radiance of living with a strong moral order.

ITHUBA10 The Wheel of Fortune – ITHUBA

Our actions from the past show up in our present.  What we choose to do in the moment is what determines our future.  2018 was certainly a year of sudden events and new beginnings, some inspired creative change others hit us to our core. How we managed those changes determines how we move forward. 2018 was the scene setter for 2019.  Don’t repeat mistakes, learn from them and approach new situations with a new mindset.

Be accountable. Its time to own up and take responsibility for your choices and actions, its time to stop feeling victims of circumstance. Stop sabotaging yourself. There is a whole world of possibility going on around us all the time. Its not what happens to us, its how we deal with it that matters – do we see it as an opportunity or do we see it as a block to our hearts desires.

Zwidudwane12  The Hanged Man – ZWIDUDWANE Water Spirits

What are we aiming for in 2019? We need to be breaking old patterns and dissolving barriers (more often than not self created) the blocks that hold us back, be it fear of the unknown, resistance to change or simply feel that we have run out of energy to keep on the hamster wheel of life.

For change there often needs to be some form of sacrifice – you cant expect change if you are not willing to make the adjustments. Look closely at the patterns you seem to be repeating and ask how these limit you.  Its time for a radical change of perspective. Flip the script! Change the dialogue; edit out that which no longer serves you or your purpose.  Let go of all that is toxic, transcend your ego and experience a spiritual turning point. When are ‘at one’ with ourselves, we are ‘at one’ with our world around us. Challenges are often our teachers, don’t waste the opportunities to move forward.  The river of life flows. Keep your head held high, view your world through experience, compassion and tolerance.

As above , so below. We have The Magician and The Empress supporting and guiding us.

Together we have created the world that we live in, together we need to work towards cleaning our planet, eradicating disease and poverty.  Together we need to stand firm and say ‘how do I contribute’.

1 The Magician – SANGOMA Traditional healer and/or Shaman
Within each of us lives the magic of possibility, we are all healers with inherent gifts and talents (personal power) what we need to do this year is fin the harmonic balance between intuition and intellect.  When our intuition nudges us in a certain direction we need to be aware of what our intellect is discounting. Sometimes we need to take that leap of faith, because when we do we experience innovation and invention. We will only see the project through if we are versatile and flexible to the changes.

Clear communication is the key to success.

It is said “be careful what you wish for”. You can’t just say ‘I want to be happy’ what is happy? An ice-cream on a hot day; a parking spot at the mall; the sound of the wind in the trees … I can go on, but hopefully you see the point … happiness comes from within your own personal power.  No one or nothing will ever make you happy if you are not at peace with yourself.  If you have a hole in your soul – don’t look outside to find the solution, the answers lie within.

If you need professional help, seek it.  If you need to confess/apologise/make amends, do it. If you need to forgive, do it. Carrying the burden of woundedness does not make you courageous, it will erode your strength, health and power. Let go of all that holds you back. Embrace the change as difficult as it may be, the end result will be worth it.

When we are in tune with universal consciousness we are in tune with self.  Meditate, pray, sit in silence, breathe, realise your own potential and harness your own magic. Take time to connect and communicate with your higher self.

3 The Empress – INKOSAZANA
Inkosazana the Zulu Goddess of agriculture, also called Queen of the Heavens, Princess of the Heavens

The Hanged Man teaches us to sacrifice with wisdom, the Empress teaches us to love with wisdom. The great mother is the law of abundance, birth, growth and fertility. She cautions us to take responsibility of our position and to live in harmony within our community and relationships. Share ourselves with generosity and patience and most of all to heal within. Nurture and comfort yourself and take up your place as a unique human being.

It is about focusing and making full use of your own internal power. This card indicates that we must use our inherent gifts and talents not only for our own growth but also for the good of others. The number 1 is associated with new beginnings, it is also associated with ‘self’. On the positive side it’s about growth, development and the use of creative skills, on the down side it could be about ego and the sense of self importance.

The Magician is served by the four elements, air, fire, water and earth – which can translate to our own aspects of body, mind, soul and speech, so it is up to us to make sure that we are balanced and that each aspect of self is in harmony with the others. Be the alchemist, mix together all that is uniquely you and share the love.

Loving with wisdom is perhaps one of the hardest lessons or concepts to embrace.  When we are ‘in love’ we believe that anything is possible, we can conquor the world.  We forgive any flaws or faults, we allow actions, words and influence that are negative or injurious to our well being.

When that crazy time wanes we lose sight of the goal, we blame ourselves and others, we curse the universe – understand the changes that come with familiarity, embrace the changes of new feelings.  Don’t hang on blindly to what was, embrace what is.  Just because something or someone excites you and makes you feel good (temporarily) its no reason to chase an empty vessel, we have to walk away before serious damage is done.

Walt Disney said “ if you can dream it, you can do it” 

Never stop dreaming, do the work and reap the rewards. Manifest your dreams, make what you want a reality.  Wishing you and yours an illuminated 2019.



Why do we seek immortality?


Today marks the death of Nelson Mandela and it got me to wondering about immortality.

In Mexican tradition it is believed that people will die three deaths.
1st – when our physical body dies
2nd– When we are laid to rest to return to the earth; ashes to ashes, dust to dust
3rd – is the most everlasting and complete – and that is when there is no one left to remember you. No one to say your name!

What will your legacy be? Who will call your name in a far distant future? Who will remember you when all who knew you are dead and gone?  We can’t all have great memorials erected in our honour – what we can do is make a difference while we are here, in the now.

Does it matter that eventually people will not know that once we walked this earth?

The answer is … Yes! because  our lives need to matter.  What we are doing needs to matter.  While we are here we should live the best life we possibly can. We need to live consciously and with focus and  intent each and every day.  Who remembers us when we are long gone is not important, who remembers us today is what counts.

Living with joy, passion and purpose is what it’s all about – random acts of kindness – have you smiled at a stranger today, perhaps lifting a burden from their heart.  We all want to know that we matter yet we move through our daily lives oblivious to  the pain and suffering of others.  We might pay attention to our immediate family and personal needs, but what about the family of mankind? Be kind, step aside, open a door, say thank you and manifest the world you want to live in.

We consume and consume, we talk about recycling – why not about reducing.  Say no to plastic straws, say no to plastic bags, say no to paper cups.  Reduce your footprint on this planet and you will be remembered with gratitude from the oceans and fields and forests and future generations.

If you wish to experience peace, provide peace for another. HH The Dalai Lama

We need to touch the lives of others, be the silver lining in their cloud today – make a difference no matter how small and by doing multiple small and meaningful actions each day we will find that we have lived our lives well, we will leave behind something of substance.

Perhaps the person you smiled at or helped today wont go home and beat his wife or children, perhaps she wont have another drink, perhaps that child wont join a gang – each action has a reaction, make sure the ripples you cast in the pond are positive.

Recently it was  suggested that we ‘need to suffer’ to grow, I disagree if we grow through love and intent wouldn’t the end results be a lot more positive, more long-lasting.  Growing in pain and suffering doesn’t always have a positive outcome.  We are a wounded world – we wear our badges of woundedness like it’s an honour.  There are wars, crime and terror all around us, we don’t need more suffering we need to practice compassion, forgiveness and tolerance.

Most religions talk about suffering – why? How can suffering be of any use to us, to be the path to salvation.  Surely with our own inner strength we can overcome our daily challenges.  We choose in each and every moment whether we are going ‘suffer’ through or if we are going to embrace the challenge and rise up victorious. Suffering just leads to an endless downward spiral.  Surely we should be looking up and outside of our selves. The lower we sink into the suffering the harder it is to get out.

Suffering has many levels – a pop star who can’t sleep because the Hadedas are calling, well sir they are reliable weather gauges and are telling you the rain is coming, appreciate that.  We have people in positions of power-driven by greed and ego, we put them there; change how you vote. We have a  TV family who are setting the standards of ‘a good living’, turn off the telly, set your own standards and have real face to face conversations.

We are disconnected to the world and people around us.  We have become so absorbed with technology that we don’t notice the beauty and the pain around us. I went to the Waterfront on the weekend and was shocked … firstly a milkshake is R67.00 (US$4.85) but what caught my attention was that every restaurant I passed diners were sitting glued to their cell phones. Not talking to each other or enjoying the spectacular views.  One tourist was ‘capturing’ the view – lady put the phone down and ‘experience’, hear the wind in the trees, smell the ocean, see the clouds rolling in over the mountain.  If you are going to view your holiday through a cell phone camera may I suggest you cook traditional food to a particular country (of your choice) and then Google Map through that country, it will be the same experience with out the cost and ‘inconvenience’ of travel.

If we are not living, experiencing and triumphing then why on earth would we want to be remembered in perpetuity?

#SayMyName! #justsaying

African Queens for Women’s Day 2018

To all the ladies in South Africa, my wish for you this Women’s Day, may you be radiant, compassionate, sensuous and intuitive in all that you do, today and every day.

Queen of Assegai/SwordsQueen of Assegai – Air
Queen Nandi:  (the sweet one) kaBhebhe eLangeni (c.1760 – 1827) Daughter of Bhebhe, a chief of the Langeni tribe, and the mother of Shaka, King of the Zulu and the third wife of Senzangakhona.

With your intellectual maturity comes knowledge by perception. Express you philosophy with wit and laughter. Be honest and direct in all your communications and get to the heart of the matter with realistic expectations. Your insight into matters at times are prophetic.

The focus is to bring our emotional self in line with our intellect.  To learn to trust our intuition and get down to the heart of the matter with realistic expectations.

Telling it like it is!  You will find the Queen guides you in being highly perceptive and quick thinking, helping you to cut through all the internal noise and confusion.  She is a straight talker with no hidden agendas.  Become impartial and present your thoughts and ideas openly, concisely and with honesty.  You may want to share your particular philosophy – do it lightly and with humour, this is not the time to bang on about what you believe is right, rather find that middle ground of balance.

We need to consider what fascinates and puzzles us, about ourselves as well as others. How we think determines where we land up. Be careful what you are wishing for. The Queen of Swords is also a card about wealth – not necessarily about money, but about bringing wealth into your consciousness – sometimes its called abundance.  Brainstorm ideas with colleagues, take the sword and cut deep into the heart of the matter, face the truth, even if it is unpleasant, pure honesty is the way.  Abide by the rules of engagement, size up the situation quickly, look for hidden agendas and motives and don’t ‘try one on’ this week, it will come back and bite you…

However this is also a time to bring out that natural wit and humour.  You will find yourself quick on the uptake and delight others with your point of view, don’t harm with your words just be as candid as possible. No need to be self righteous or abrasive in your judgments.

The power and energy of this Queen is not to be taken lightly, rather let her serve you well, you already know what you want and need just trust your instincts and go after it. Pick your battles wisely and reduce your stress levels by staying in truth and the moment.  Judge impartially without emotional or sentimental influences.

Time to stand up and be counted.  Its time to ‘walk the talk’.

Queen of iSibane (Fire)

Queen of iSibane – Fire
Queen Suthu: was the youngest wife of Chief Ngqika.

Let your light shine, radiate with self confidence, be warm and outgoing.  The energy of this card is vigorous and strong and truly the feminine power in action.  We need to manifest our passions in a practical way – be spontaneous and gracious whilst maintaining personal integrity and show a maturity in our self assurance.

The main energy of the Queen of Wands is water and fire (our emotions and the formative power of creating) and fire brings the ability to bring about the changes and using our creative tools.   She is also about manifesting spiritual potential.  We need to open our hearts to be in touch with our feelings, and learn to balance between our own aspects of light and shade.

This mother of light can be impatient and will not suffer fools – when we are confronted with people who either annoy us or block our progress, we will need a firm compassionate hand. The Queen of Wands is warm hearted – she feels the pain of others.  Our role is to understand their perspective, we should guide and help where we can. We need to be empathic to their pain and suffering, and where able show them the way – raise up the torch and be a leader. We do not have to take responsibility for the choices of others. Our responsibility is to teach, guide and gently push.

You may find that you have boundless energy, feeling healthy and vital, cash in on these urges and start a new health and fitness regime.  Your mood is optimistic and upbeat so make the most of it and shake off those blues.

Be gracious in defeat, sometimes what we want now is not the right time. Sometimes others achieve what we want – just know that you have your own passion, and when we keep pushing forward we see results. The energy of the Fire Queen makes us shine bright – creating great first impressions, so if you are interviewing or meeting people for the first time, let your radiance show.

iTongo Tarot CardQueen of MORITSŎANA – Water
Queen maMohato maBela – Great wife of Moshoeshoe I  (born Seepheephe).

The element of Water represents our emotions, feelings, hope, intuition, dreams and visions. Time to get in touch with your feelings? Be the woman who manifests her passions in a practical way.  Be gracious and spontaneous and trust in your abilities, if you do that your self-assurance will be vigorous and strong.  All actions should be carried out with integrity and maturity.

Compassion is the feeling of empathy for others, the emotion that we feel in response to the suffering of others. The etymology of “compassion” is Latin, meaning “co-suffering.” More involved than simple empathy, compassion commonly gives rise to an active desire to alleviate another’s suffering.

Compassion is often regarded as having an emotional aspect to it, though when based on cerebral notions such as fairness, justice and interdependence, it may be considered rational in nature and its application understood as an activity based on sound judgment.

We need a strong sense of our individuality to manifest our passions in a practical way. Ego should not be about the idealisation of self, but rather a consciousness of our characteristics and powers.  We need to use all that we are for the greater good.

We determine the quality of our experiences.  When we are warm and outgoing with a solid faith in our abilities, expressing self assurance we find that our thoughts, ideas and wishes are positively received and responded to.  When we disengage with ourselves, our truth and our essence then we may find that life is difficult.  Opportunities seem to pass us by and the people we interact with seem to be closed to our needs and desires.

Our personal integrity should not allow us to stand back and do nothing when a woman is abused.  We should not turn away, because we ‘don’t want to get involved’.  We need to be there as support, to comfort and to protect our women.

Only when we have truly become strong within ourselves, have absolute faith in our abilities and live with vigour and strength – then we can ‘Run with the Wolves, and shop with the poodles.’ live our lives with grace and compassion.  When we are able to nurture and create life within us and around us can we stand up and shout – I am Woman, Hear me Roar!

ModjadjiQueen of Mavhele – Earth
Modjadji – The Rain QueenThe land of Modjadji is known as LoBedu (land of offerings) and her people as the BaLoBedu.

You are invited by the Queen of Mavhele to get our ‘Earth Mother” on.  To live a loving sensuous and open hearted life. To create growth and harmony within our community.  To take responsibility of our position and to protect the earth and all her treasures.

She also reminds us about the rhythm and timing of life, indicating that we need to practice generosity with patience. Creating a positive atmosphere around us. Its time to unleash the divine feminine within.

Appreciate the material world we have created. Enjoy the comforts of your home. Experience the sensuality of all your senses, touch, taste, sight, sound and smell. The Queen of Earth is the ultimate woman.  She has ambition and aspirations. She is self reliant and resilient.  She is intuitive and able to identify strengths and weaknesses. She steps in and helps when it is needed most.  Do you recognise yourself or someone else in these characteristics?

Have a luxurious and sensuous day.  The closer we are to our inner earth mother, the closer we are to our divine.

Awaken your senses and …
Touch – give someone a massage.  Reach out and touch a child or a grandma. Stroke a pet.  Feel the sensuality in satin or velvet.
Taste – try something you have never eaten before. Share a bowl of Strawberries and cream, or dip fruit into hot chocolate.
Sight – Truly ‘see’ your partner/loved one.  Climb a mountain and gain perspective.  Look at yourself with love, wisdom and compassion.
Sound – Listen to the world around you, find the rhythm in nature.  Listen to the ocean and be at peace.  Listen to others with an open heart.
Smell – take time to smell the coffee. Take a walk through a Pine Forest. Breathe in deep the smells of your home and environment.

Africa Day & World Tarot Day

19 The Sun - uBuntu19 The Sun – UBUNTU
ubuntu n. (-ntu) : Humaneness; humanity; human nature

Today we celebrate World Africa Day and World Tarot Day, a day to truly live and honour the concept of uBuntu. The Zulu maxim umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu (“a person is a person through (other) persons”) or simply “I am because you are”.  Ubuntu the concept of ‘humanity towards others’. It is the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity. It is about having compassion towards other human beings, helping them physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

Together we have created the world that we live in, together we need to work towards cleaning our planet, eradicating disease and poverty.  Together we need to stand firm and say ‘enough is enough’.

We all need to live consciously – truly see the world around us.  Step out of our closed worlds and be a shining light to others. Lead by example, show compassion, live life with optimism and glory in ‘you are because I am’.  We need to live with higher awareness and bring back the joy and radiance of living with a strong moral order.

We do have the power of one – but the power of a team is that much stronger. To achieve harmony, respect is fundamental in all aspects. What is right and wrong is assessed by how it affects other people. No one can show their humanness without showing how they relate to other people.

As individuals we need to drive public innovation by reigniting society to release the holds on innovation, progress and success because of exclusion.  In South Africa we need to recapture the dream of 1994 and embrace uBuntu.

Our constitution clearly states in the preamble
“We the People (that’s all of us)……… adopt this Constitution as the supreme law of the of the Republic, so as to:

  • Heal the divisions of the pastand establish a society based on democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights
  • Lay the foundationsfor a democratic and open society in which government is based on the will of the people and every citizen is equally protected by law
  • Improve the quality of lifeof all citizens and free the potential of each person and
  • Build a united and democratic South Africaable to take its rightful place as a sovereign state in a family of nations.

How many of us have joined hands with others to address the above?  How many of us are helping others in any way we can? How many have stepped up?

Neuroscience and global experience teaches us that humans function better when they have self confidence, are motivated and helped over their obstacles of poverty, hunger and despair. Neuroscience also shows that multigenerational trauma is passed down genetically to the next generation.  Germany and the Nordic countries are way ahead of the rest of the world, they identified this and put programmes into action to ‘heal the wounds of the past”.

Today help someone else experience the power of the Sun, by the warming of hearts and be the guiding light towards another day – a brighter day and keep on ‘the sunny side of life’.



The Moon - Inyanga

31 January 2018 – Moon trifecta, Super Moon, Blue Moon, Lunar Eclipse

Today we have a triple whammy which has not happened in 150 years. Super Blood moon, Blue Moon and Lunar Eclipse  so brace yourselves for an awe-inspiring magical day. Its either going to be a triple treat or a triple threat. Are you ready?

The Moon - Inyanga18 The Moon is the card for the year supported by 9 The Hermit and 11 Strength. Today we add 7 The Chariot.

This is a year all about our emotional selves, we discover strength by looking within and assessing the lessons we learnt in 2017. Most of us are tested on a daily basis in some way or another. Its time to reach down deep and find your strength to rise up and meet the challenges. Be it to overcome an obstacle, to persevere in a relationship or project or those fighting disease and loss. This inner strength or consciousness is about learning to live with focus and intent.

The Moon invites you to seek your undiscovered self. The Chariot or Warrior invites you to be inspired and fearless as you walk your path to self discovery. Only when we are at one with ourselves are we truly able to live the life we desire.

Experience is a great teacher – how well have you learnt the lessons from the past and how are you acting on that knowledge? The energy of The Hermit and light bearer illuminates our path, the invitation is to in turn be the way-shower to others who are perhaps struggling to find their way, their truth.

Once we are in our still point and have connected with our truth we acquire the understanding and motivation (living with intent) to make the right choices, to act and speak with a good heart and to have the appropriate response in all situations.

iTongo Tarot CardHow does the energy of the Chariot help us?
The first step is to establish what inspires you? What is that great dream that you imagine? What are you doing to get there? Instead of new year resolutions (which most are broken by now) rather set new year solutions. Goals to work towards, you have a whole year to achieve them.

Walking the path of the Warrior is an honourable journey. Be your own Samurai – fight for what you believe in, honour those who help you along the way. Stand victorious over your enemies (challenges, self doubt, ego, fear, attachment etc.)

Imagination is your vehicle to your destiny. You need to have the courage of your convictions to push on and not give up. Inspiration comes when we are in control of our thoughts and emotions. We also need to allow time for things to manifest – its not Abracadabra and poof your world has changed, all your desires have been fulfilled, it’s about how you change then your world will be changed.

Some of our challenges are our greatest motivators and help us to maintain the impetus of our actions as we apply our wisdom. The Chariot represents balance.  Keeping a light hand on the reins but steering with a good heart and an open mind.  Try not to let those bumps in the road throw you off course.  Little things can be blown out of all proportion if not dealt with immediately.  Don’t spend your energy and time worrying about things that you can’t do anything about.  Focus on the big picture – the road ahead.

There are many tools available – Prayer, meditation, yoga, contemplation etc. A simple way to quiet the mind to allow the unconscious to become conscious is through breath. Breath is life, the basic and most fundamental expression of our life.  In yoga the breath or in Sanskrit “prana” is said to be the vehicle of the mind.  Because it is the prana that makes our mind move. It is through breath that all those messages are carried through the blood stream in our bodies

Our body parts are neutral, they have no emotion or thought – it is up to us to make sure that the right message is getting to the right centre, so we can enjoy the right response. So when we calm the mind by working with the breath we are simultaneously and automatically taming and training the mind.  We take a deep breath when life becomes stressful – let out a deep breath when the moment of anxiety has passed – breath regulates our temperature and mood.  It is through breath that we can bring about physiological change within our bodies.  We express ourselves through breath.  Laugher, groaning, panting etc. Find the tool that best supports your inner landscape. Our inner world is reflected in our outer world.  Look around and see what is right and what is wrong.  Take ownership of your thoughts and actions and make the changes that will bring about your best life.  Breathe.

The Chariot – Indwe represents the positive aspects of the ego.  A healthy ego is one that is strong and self assured.  It knows what it wants and how to get it.   Control self and you control your environment. Life is full of opportunities, we just need to be prepared, to recognise the opportunity when it presents. Some opportunites seem like obstacles, but with the right mindset, calculation and evaluation of the situation/challenge we can fiercly go into battle and be victorious. Live the Kaizen way this is a tool about constant improvement by ‘flow’ and ‘process’.

Knock those doubts, inertia and woe-is-me thoughts right out and live the warrior way with focus and intent, be fearless and inspired. A true warrior cry is reflected in the poem Invictus

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul

iTongo Legend about Eclipses

A beautiful young princess and her admirer, a brave hunter, were deeply in love. Her father the king could not sanction this liaison as he had promised her to the son of his life long friend, a neighbouring king. The prince to whom she was promised was well known in the community for his cruelty and brutality. Fearing that his daughter would elope, the king kept her heavily guarded with his best men.

A lavish celebration was held to honour the princess on the morning of the wedding ceremony. When masked dancers appeared before the king, the princess recognised her lover among them and realised that this would be her opportunity to escape. She only needed a moment of darkness and confusion to succeed in her bid.

Mother moon, well known for her romantic inclination, cast her shadow over the face of the sun, timing it just long enough for the young princess to take off her cloak and disappear into the crowd, hiding behind the mask of her lover.

Legend has it that when an eclipse takes place, all you have to do is close your eyes and wish for true love and this wish will be realised.


2018 – Discovering the Unconscious Self

The Moon - Inyanga2018 – 18 The Moon – INYANGA
inyanga/izinyanga n. (-nyanga) : Month; moon; healer; traditional doctor

As we begin our new year with a Super Moon bright in the sky on a Monday we will begin to feel the changes within and around us. 2018 is a year all about phases and faces. The aspects of self, and with each face/phase we will experience different parts of ourselves. Thankfully some phases will be ending and new beginnings are just around the corner.

The word inyanga means month; moon; and what a month we begin with – a super moon, on a Monday and January and March both have Blue Moons. January 31st has a Blue Moon Lunar eclipse. Buckle up, its going to be a bumpy ride for some.

Inyanga also means healer; traditional doctor. This indicates that in a Moon year we are to be our own spirit-physicians, because we are responsible for how we live and how we feel and only we can heal ourselves.

Some people are very sensitive to the phases of the moon.  Life is experienced more intensely and totally during full moon. We can be extremely sensitive and emotional during moon phases.   The best way to mange this is to surround ourselves with a structured environment and positive people. The word Lunatic comes from Old French lunatique “insane,” or directly from Late Latin lunaticus “moon-struck,” from Latin luna “moon”

The Moon is the card of intuition, dreams and the unconscious. It’s an excellent time for starting new projects or at least initiating change. Use the tools that are available to help you with connecting to your unconscious and the Divine. Meditate, breathe, pray. Go for healing, Yoga/exercise, a reading or take time to research and learn about what interests you. Trust those flashes of inspiration, you are being guided and shown a path.   Follow up with positive action and start something meaningful.

When we keep rhythm with the moon we are more likely to succeed. As the moon waxes (grows) we build and develop, we nurture and tend to what was begun. By the time of the full moon we should have realised our goals, everything is seen in a better light. When the moon starts to wane (decrease) we reap the rewards of our past efforts and in the last quarter we need to consolidate our efforts, complete anything left undone. This is a time for reflection and to face the darker side of our natures.

The Moon has many faces – We know that we behave and respond to our world differently at home, at work, with friends with lovers. At no stage when we are in one of these persona’s do we feel conflicted, because we know who we are and we are adapting and adjusting to our environment. We also know that “this too shall pass” change is inevitable and when we are prepared, change is welcomed, when we are not paying attention change can be dramatic and traumatic.

Remember that we all have the right to get the most out of life. 2018 is a good year to expand your consciousness beyond the level of everyday reality. Each individual is able to bring about changes that affect every level of their lives and in turn their society. We owe it to ourselves to at least try. Some challenges and changes we choose to acknowledge and work with, but for the most part, we tend to want life to give us the answers, before we have understood or even asked the question. This only leads to confusion and depression – of soul and spirit.

One of our greatest tools and ‘life-hacks’ is our dream world. Dreaming is one of the ways our unconscious can talk to our conscious – take note of what is being done and said. Walt Disney said “if you can dream it, you can do it”. If not already doing it, start a dream diary. Journaling each day will show you the differences in your consciousness. Most common are dreams where we are simply downloading the day, our successes and our failures, our fears and triumphs – we can learn a lot about ourselves from these dreams. Then we have dreams of clarity – these are the dreams that leave a lasting impression and often we find them staying with us for days. Sometimes these dreams can be precognitive (showing us clearly of what is to come) and then there are the dreams when we connect with Divine inspiration. These dreams are rare but when they happen we will change our course no matter what.

Don’t let your dreams die! Live each day with intuition, passion and purpose. We have time and should make the best of it. We owe it to ourselves to manifest our dreams into our reality. 2018 is the year for awakening and self realisation.

The Moon is also about deception, we need to be vigilant about what is being presented. Not all things are as they seem and we need to trust our intuition when looking for the deeper meaning of self and life. We need to keep awareness of whatever persona we are projecting and ask – we are holding our truth. Adapting does not mean we have to give in or sell out our core values.

What additional energy supports us through 2018.

INDUNALessons from the past: 9 – The Hermit – INDUNA
We have heard and seen a lot of chatter about the Super Moon, and for some it may be quite an emotional and spiritual time. Some may have noticed a change in their dreams or a pull towards their spirituality.

The Hermit invites us to build on those experiences and work with our own personal wisdom and insights. What did you learn about yourself in 2017. What coping mechanisms did you instill, what were your successes and why? What were your failures and why? Issues that have seemed difficult may now have a clearer meaning. The path that we are meant to follow is illuminated and we need to reassess our goals – taking note of our achievements. 2018 is a time of self examination and assessment. We are exactly where we are because of the choices we have made in the past, acknowledging this is what brings our wisdom, order and harmony into the light.

The energy of the Hermit is to radiate our inner spiritual force and bring light to others. As the light bearer he asks that we show the way by self acceptance, which translates into confidence. As long as the intention is pure, the results will speak the truth with wisdom and insight. Share your knowledge freely, offer guidance based on your own higher learning and experience. Lead by example in a quiet and gentle way. We are all teachers in some way.

Laying Foundations for the Future

11strength11 Strength – AMANDLA
amandla n. (-ndla) : Force; strength; power; might

Most of us are tested in some way on a daily basis to reach down deep and find our strength. Be it to overcome an obstacle, to persevere in a relationship or project or those fighting disease and loss.

Strength is about focus and purpose. Living consciously is living with focus and intent. Understanding our motivation and preparing ourselves for the right responses to life and her lessons. Being focused allows us to make the right choices in the moment, which in turn results in the desired result.

 Preparing for 2019

How do you show courage in the face of adversity?
How are you remaining true to yourself?
How often do you submit to your weaker nature and accept the unacceptable?
How do you stand up for yourself?
How do you manage your fears?  Buddhism talks about ‘healthy and unhealthy’ fears. Healthy fear is being aware that an activity, choice or action is dangerous and harmful and to be avoided at all costs. Unhealthy fear is reacting to something in the future that may not ever materialise.

 ”Come to the edge,” He said.  They said, ”We are afraid.”  ”Come to the edge,” He said. They came. He pushed them… and they flew. Guillaume Apollinaire 1880-1918, Italian-born French Poet

Look for the hero inside yourself when working with the Strength card.  Be your own person.

amaNdla 2018! Phambili 2018! Phezulu 2018
Power, forward and upward 2018

 iTongo legend

IminyanyaWhen Unkulunkulu the great god of the universe finished creating the universe, he called upon his dear friend the rainbow serpent to keep the earth safe for all time. The giant serpent with all the colours imagined reflecting on his skin wrapped his body around the earth, putting his tail in his mouth to keep the mountains that rose from the mighty oceans from splitting the earth apart.

Unkulunkulu added the plants, animals and man. And so was born the universal force of substance and matter. A reflection of as above so below with unlimited potential.   Man would be natural explorers and adventurers. The sun, moon and stars pledged to guide man. The creation was magnificent with rainbows of colour bursting forth in the darkness. Stars finding stars and clustering together to crate their own families.

Father sun and mother moon were not to be outdone. The sun said he would rise like a mighty warrior in the east; he will travel across the sky and burn out all the stars. When man looks to me he will be blinded, but if man looks to the ground he will see himself. As I travel across the world, I will bring heat, light and comfort. If man does not honour my mighty power I will burn his land and his people. I will dry up the rivers and the lakes. My lesson to man is that he is not alone, he is master of his own destiny.

Mother moon said that she would shine, no matter what. She will be seen in the daylight and at night will cast her glow upon the people to guide their way. She will renew herself every 28 days to show man that as she diminishes in size and disappears, she will always return, slowly each night until her full radiance has been achieved. Then man shall stand on the highest mountain and bring their children to me.

As time moved on, Mother moon watched the people below slumbering, and noticed that the plants lived as she did, they would grow, bloom, bear fruit and then in the autumn, they would drop their leaves and fruit and look like they had died, but in the springtime after the healing rains the cycle would begin again, new growth, new fruit, stronger trees.

With man she saw that they grew a little each day, until they we fully grown, then they faded out a little each day until there was nothing. Mother did not feel that this was right, so she called upon the great god of the universe to help the nations of men. Unkulunkulu called on the chameleon to take the message to man and tell them that they shall not die.

uKufaThe chameleon set off at a pace, along the way he began to get hungry and he decided to stop for a snack, nibbling on the succulent leaves – after all his important message will let them know that they will not die, so it didn’t really matter how long he took. Unkulunkulu realised after some time that chameleon had not delivered his message to the nations of man. He then called on the speedy lizard to deliver his message. The lizard knew he could outrun the chameleon and he set off darting amongst the rocks. He too became drowsy and said to himself, “I will take the message to the nations of man when the moon rises”.

Mother moons beautiful face rose as a big ball of fire from behind the mountains in the east. Growing lighter and brighter as she rose higher and higher. By the time she was high in the night sky, she saw that man had not received the important message from Unkulunkulu. She saw the lazy lizard under a rock and the chameleon still snacking on the plants. She decided that she would send the message to the nations of man. She called her faithful servant Mantis to deliver the message. She said tell man “as I die and dying live, so shall ye also die and dying live”. Mantis accepted the important task and began to make his way, along the mighty river, near the sacred lake of the ancestors.

Hare was sitting munching his dinner and overheard the message, “Hah” he said, “I am faster than any of these silly messengers, I will take the message to the nations of man”. He bounded off towards the village, repeating in his head “ as I live so shall you die”, no that wasn’t it. He tried again “as I live and die so shall you live”. Nope that wasn’t it either. “Aha – as I die and dying live, so shall ye also die and dying live.” Yes that’s it.

Hopping into the sacred kraal of man, hare thumped his foot hard on the ground. “Listen up beasts, man, woman and child, I Hare have an important message from mother moon”. The people gathered round, they were so excited to hear from the great mother. The head induna moved forward and said, “speak Hare, what is the message”. Hare was so excited being the centre of attention he blurted out “as I live so ye shall die”. The nations of man were struck with the pain of the message. Father looked to mother, mother looked to child and knew that their time together would end. A great sadness and darkness came upon man. This message had come from Unkulunkulu as well as mother moon. “We hear you Hare, we shall make the best of our time allowed”.

Just then mantis came hopping into the kraal, “don’t listen to him, don’t listen to him he is hare brained and stupid”. “The correct message is “as I die and dying live, so shall ye also die and dying live”. Man looked at mantis, you are too late my friend, as we are all already dying.

Mother moon heard the wailing from the people and she was so angry at hare that she slapped him across his face splitting his lip. “Huh! Is this the thanks I get for being your messenger?” Well take this … he sat his tail in the fire and leapt around so swiftly the coals rose up and burnt the moons face. Each time thereafter when man looked up to the moon, they saw the marking of Hare and were reminded that even the gods and ancestors cannot change the path of their destiny. They had to live each day the best they could for one day each one shall die.

iTongo Tarot

Some people who are working with iTongo Tarot have written to me asking about anomalies in the deck. Here is a brief explanation of what I was thinking and trying to portray in the two most common asked about cards. 6 The Lovers and 4 The Emperor.

iTongo Tarot is a deck designed for personal transformation – a deck for meditation and personal guidance.

iTongo Tarot Card6 – THE LOVERS
UTHANDO uthando n. (-thando): Love
CONCEPT:Choice and decision; Eternal triangle; The merging of opposites; Balance and wholeness

The traditional tarot has two people (male and female) and a ‘divine’ presence – I moved away from this because I personally don’t read The Lovers as a ‘romantic love’ card but rather as a card that indicates choices and decisions to be made – it’s a card of maintaining or finding balance within the eternal triangle. I felt that if we were to use this card for meditation and inner guidance the ‘humanising’ of the visuals would be a distraction.

The symbolism on the card is The Bird (As Above) The River (As Below) and the Bridge (The choice) thus forming the triangle of harmony between body, mind and soul.

The Bird – the higher we fly the broader the perspective – this also represents the element of Air. The greater our view of a situation and the deeper our thoughts, the better our choices. This symbol also gives us the intellectual freedom to survey all that is within our thoughts and concepts – to rise and fall as we choose.

The River – This represents the element of water and our emotions. The concept of impermanence. impermanence is an inescapable fact. There are three things we can guarentee – birth, change and death. Change is inevitable. The key is to anticiate and be ready for change. As the River flows it is always changing yet it remains the river. So too should we flow to wards our purpose. We may divert when there are obstacles in our way but if we remain true to ourselves and our path we will reach our goal. When we prepare to make choices we need to understand that whatever we choose to do, we will create change, we need to be emotionally ready to deal with those changes.

The Bridge – This represents the physical and Earth. As we stand on one side, we have an option to cross over to the other side. We have the means to do so, what we need to find is the will (Fire). What is our motivation and intent? What are we seeking on the other side?

We use Bridges as a metaphor for transitioning between life and death (the rainbow bridge) we ‘build bridges’ to cement relationships and we ‘burn bridges’ to end relationships. Bridges create solid foundations and are the vehicles for moving forward.

I hope this adds some clarity – as you prepare to cross your own bridge may it be with a clear mind and full heart.

iTongo Tarot CardNext is 4 The Emperor
INDLOVU indlovu/izindlovu n. (-dlovu) : Elephant
CONCEPT: Symbol of the patriarch and the animus (masculine energy); Wisdom; Leadership; The responsibility of power; intellectual as opposed to emotional

In African mythology and legends there are no Emperors as such – rather Kings and Chiefs. Researching for a benign masculine deity (or Historical figure) that encompassed the strength and leadership the Emperor represents proved to be quite a task.

All humans have shortcomings and flaws – I believe the power and the energy of the Elephant which symbolises wisdom, strength, moderation, and eternity in African lore was a significant symbol for inner transformational work. Deities were wrathful and vengeful and didn’t fit into the wise leadership of The Emperor.

I could have chosen a King or Chief to represent, but felt that it humanized the concept and imposed limitations on ones inner journey. Again looking at the concept and symbolism I chose the Elephant (Power within structure) to represent the energy to manifest.

Elephants are portrayed by many cultures in their cosmology to represent wise leaders and stability, they are hardworking, practical and have an excellent social structure. They are the largest of the land mammals but can move through the bush as silently as any stalking animal.

When working with The Emperor allow the wisdom of the ages to flow and remember you carry the wealth of knowledge within. Seek silently!


45th President of the United States

I was wondering what kind of President the 45th would be.  last year I posted during the primaries Presidents – Incumbent and Future on the candidates personalities – now with the change of power in a year of Change and Karma,2017 – The Year Ahead how will the 45th POTUS shape up?

INDUNA4+5=9 The Hermit CONCEPT: Completion; Introspection; Divine inspiration; Wise old man; Teacher; Advisor; Humanitarian.  Essentially this card represents the archetype of the wise old man and ‘the light bearer’  …  Trumps personal card is 4 The Emperor so he is right where he should be and 5 The Hierophant is a card of ruling power and family.  It brings learning and teaching through institutions.

The first 100 days will show what kind of leader and how much positive change will the new administration bring.  How many traditions will be upheld and which will be rebelled against.  4 The Emperor is all about the animus (masculine energy) and leadership with wisdom.  The hope is that the responsibility of power is taken seriously, that choices and decisions are made intellectually as opposed to emotional.

iTongo Legend: Induna (plural: izinduna) is a Zulu title meaning advisor, great leader, ambassador, headman, or commander of a group of warriors. It can also mean spokesperson or mediator as the izinduna often acted as a link between the people and the king. The title was reserved for senior officials appointed by the king or chief, and was awarded to individuals held in high esteem for their qualities of leadership, bravery, or service to the community.

iTongo Tarot CardThe 45th card in iTongo Tarot is 9 Wands – keyword – Fortitude.  Displaying courage in the face of adversity.  Risk assessment with caution. Endurance – holding fast and firm and having the courage of convictions. He is going have to be quick and light to hold his own against enemies.  It may take some time to explore options and alternatives to find the appropriate disciplines that align with his inherent ideals. By nature he will protect himself and his family first, the invitation is that ‘family’ is seen as the whole USA.

iTongo Legend: Nine of iSibane (Fire) Chief Rharhabe (1722 –1787) was the Right-Hand son of the House of Phalo. Rharhabe is recognised as one of the great warriors, who bravely conquered the Khoi, San and the first clans of the independent Tshawe houses of Ntinde, Hleke, Gwali, Mdange, and Amagqunukhwebe.




2017 – The Year Ahead

Card of the year 10 The Wheel of Fortune
Supporting Card 1 The Magician
Round and round she goes, where she lands nobody knows – The Wheel of fortune is about chance and opportunity, the cycles of life which offer us breakthroughs, abundance, karma and prosperity. It’s a year of new beginnings, feel creative and be inspired. Where there are endings, process, accept and let go.  Which ever way you approach 2017 there is one thing you can be sure of – Change is coming!

The wheel reminds us of perpetual motion. Just like our own cycles of experience, beginnings and endings, day follows night, summer follows spring – there are periods of growth and abundance, we see the fruits of our labours and other times when we need to let go and be still – because we know that through the night its always darkest before dawn. Depending where you are in your personal Wheel, this could be a year of opportunity and good fortune if you are on the downward turn, then be prepared for a bumpy 2017.

It is believed that we create our own destiny that our past actions bring us to where we are in the present. Sometimes Karma is a B****! Have you been naughty or nice?  Change is coming – are you ready?  The Invictus Poem by William Ernest Henley echoes the essence of the Wheel of Fortune “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”   Are you prepared to be master of your fate?

Some say that this is a lucky card, I believe we make our own luck. I prefer to be prepared for any opportunity that comes my way. We need to be alert to the answer to our wishes/prayers. We are said to create our own destiny, but without the help of others we can find the road to success a bumpy ride. As the wheel turns we experience all that is attached to that wheel. There are times when we are on top of it all, sometimes feeling we are spinning out of control, other times our world is lying fallow and no matter what we try to do, we just cant seem to get out of the doldrums. Then something unexpected happens and we are being pulled in a direction (we sometimes don’t understand) but we go with the flow, recognizing the opportunities that come our way and making new choices that are more inline with each new situation or opportunity.

The wheel may turn slowly, but it always turns. This gives us heart when we are in troubled times and inspires us when we are strong and focused. Thinking positive thoughts or saying affirmations out loud will help keep you focused and clear the mind of negative thinking.  Now would be a good time to do a vision board for 2017. Not only will it help you focus your vision for the year, but will keep you on the path you choose.

To make 2017 work for you – Be accountable. Its time to own up and take responsibility for your choices and actions, its time to stop feeling victims of circumstance. Stop sabotaging yourself. There is a whole world of possibility going on around us all the time. Its not what happens to us, its how we deal with it – do we see it as an opportunity or do we see it as a block to our hearts desires.

1 The Magician - SangomaHow does 1 The Magician card support us?
It is about focusing and making full use of your own internal power. This card indicates that we must use our inherent gifts and talents not only for our own growth but also for the good of others. The number 1 is associated with new beginnings, it is also associated with ‘self’. On the positive side it’s about growth, development and the use of creative skills, on the down side it could be about ego, sense of self importance.

The Magician is served by the four elements, air, fire, water and earth – which can translate to our own aspects of body, mind, soul and speech, so it is up to us to make sure that we are balanced and that each aspect of self is in harmony with the others.

10 The Wheel of Fortune is about timing, dawn, noon, sunset, night – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. The Magician helps us recognise the right time.  Be it time for expansion and the opportunity to take control and realise our potential. Timing is everything, and when we are tuned into ourselves and what’s influencing us, we will know when the time is right to move or stay. Trying to force matters ‘out of their time’ is often what causes disappointment and frustration.

We all have the ability to connect to the greater consciousness, to connect with our divine and our spirit, when we make that connection with clarity and intent we are able to create new cycles that manifest our desires. Apply your skills and make it happen. Be clear about your wishes, know what the motivation and intent is, follow through with the commitment without distractions and it will happen.

Choose your path wisely, take time to consider exactly what you want – round and round she goes … knowing where its going to land is liberating.  Happy New Year!

iTongo Myth and Legend
The Rain Bull
– In African culture, for the earth to become plentiful, the rain bull must be quietly stalked and lassoed by the horns with a leather thong which has been blessed by a Sangoma . This huge powerful creature grazes in the reeds at the sources of springs, and once caught, will be led across the lands that men wish to make fertile. Then, say the legends, the rain will fall and lightning flash.

Other legends tell that when it starts raining the bull has to be killed and cut up into pieces, which are thrown where the rain must fall. In these places, food will grow in abundance.  To the indigenous people, even rain clouds can appear as monstrous rain beasts, gigantic monsters filled with rain. They believe that if the rain falls softly and gently it is the rain cow wetting the earth, and if the rain is accompanied by thunder and lightning, then the rain bull is in attendance. (The bull must be kept calm and appeased at all times otherwise his anger will release violent storms with thunder and lightning).