Three of Mavhele (Coins) Growth through Unity

iTongo Tarot CardOur card this week the three of Mavhele/Coins/Earth reminds us of unity, body, mind and spirit. Past, present and future. Its about being one with all that we are. Recognising that there is an interconnection and coherence between all things. We are where we are because of our past. We make choices in the present that determine our future.

Planning and preparation brings the competence needed to meet our goals and finding harmony within and then between others. Working together as a team creates powerful results. This is a good week to focus on group actions. Whether it’s at work being an integral part of a team, on the sports field or within your family unit. Together, you can do it!

This 3 is a positive card and works well with career questions. This is the time to evaluate your position, are you happy, fulfilled, successful? What more can you do to make your career work for you? You know that your colleagues appreciate the effort you put in. You are a team player, but sometimes you feel that you need to fast track that promotion. You don’t need to stop what you are doing and start again, what you need to do now is finesse.

The same would apply to those that are seeking work. Think laterally, what skills do you have and how can you apply them to the positions being offered. Take an accountant, its not just crunching the numbers, its also about projections, futures and management.

If you need to brush up on your talents or skills, then this is the week to book that course, read more or practice. You may even be called upon to assist or work on a new project – whatever happens be prepared to shine. What you are putting into process now has long term rewards. Your efforts are recognised and there is a sense of satisfaction of ‘a job well done’.

Business opportunities or profitable ventures seem to be around in abundance this week. Grab those opportunities with both hands. Your financial affairs will blossom. Just remember that you can’t do this alone, so ask for help or help someone else. You are all working towards a common goal. Success! Bliss!

On a spiritual level we work with the Trinity, the father, the son and the holy spirit. All are distinct yet all are one – substance, essence and nature. The Triad of heaven-human-earth.

Ask yourself what is your Divine within. Are you taking care of your body? Eating healthy, exercising? How are you stimulating your mind? Learning growing, being curious? How are you taking care of spirit? Prayer, meditation? We have to treat each of the aspects of self as a whole. No point working out and developing physical muscles, we have to work our brain and our soul. It all fits together, as a team, in unity. One without the other and you could find yourself going around in circles – the objective is to keep moving forward. The three principles of growth are 1. The initiation (of thought/inspiration) 2. The Germination/Gestation (the process of development and growth) and 3. The fruitfulness (the result, the prize, the achievement) its about imagination meeting opportunity to create a result.

Thinking about getting married or renewing vows? This is a good week to focus on your personal relationships. Pop the question, your loved one is likely to say yes. Three is also the energy of the ‘creative’ and one surprise could be pregnancy. Just experience the joy of being alive and the people in your life. This is a period of increase and expansion, don’t hold yourself back, go for the brass ring. In fact go for GOLD!

Create or attend celebrations and gatherings. Accept every invitation. Nothing happening … then make something happen. Invite friends over, share your bounty. Take cake to the office. Have fun, share the goodwill and excel.

iTongo Legend

Marriages are only concluded between members of different clans that are between individuals who do not have the same clan name. However, a man may marry a woman from the same family as his paternal grandmother.

The prospective bride is kept secluded for two weeks before the wedding in a specially made structure in her parents’ house, to shield her from men’s eyes. When she emerges from her seclusion, she is wrapped in a blanket and covered by an umbrella that is held for her by a younger girl who also attends to her other needs.

Ndebele women traditionally adorn themselves with a variety of ornaments, each symbolising their status in society.

On her wedding day, the bride is given a marriage blanket (nguba), which she will adorn with beadwork to record significant events throughout her lifetime. After marriage, a wife’s dress becomes increasingly elaborate and spectacular, and she covers her head out of respect for her husband. The head coverings range from simple beaded bands to elaborate headdresses (amacubi).

After the wedding, the couple live in the area belonging to the husband’s clan. Women retain the clan name of their fathers but children born of the marriage take their father’s clan name.

To mark the birth of the first child, a married woman may wear a five-fingered apron (an ijogolo).

5 of Moritsoana (Cups) Growth through Loss

iTongo Tarot CardOur card this week is a subject most of us know and dread. Sorrow and loss has a way of changing us, and how we see the world around us. For some it has been such an integral part of their lives for so long, that often they feel lonely and empty when its not there.

The Five of Moritsoana helps us come to terms with endings. To understand the pain of loss, whether it is a loved one, a job or simply parts of ourselves that gets lost in the chaos of living.

We are living in violent times, many of us have lost loved ones unexpectedly. We are in shock and feel numb, mostly confused. We experience a physical reaction to the loss, we feel nausea, muscle weakness, dry mouth, our whole body trembles. We are disbelieving, feel angry sometimes even guilty because we think “I should have; I could have; why didn’t I just ….”

When we feel emotional distress physically in our bodies at times the pain is unbearable but through the pain comes insight and when we remember we are able to make adjustments with hope. No matter how dark it all seems there is always the possibility for personal growth. We need to adapt to a new normal. We need to adjust our foundation.

As long as we have memory, our departed has life. Remember all the times spent together. We should focus on these times rather than our own loss. We should celebrate their life not get stuck on the time of death or the manner of death.

We have to go on with our lives, we have to make the best of our circumstances. To live in the past is a dangerous thing, to not go on is destructive to ones life. We can retain a connection with our loved one for a period after death, and then we have to let them go, they too have other things to do. We should mourn, we should go through the process, its healthy, but to hang on to something that was – is not healthy.

By releasing the loved one you release yourself. Grief is not an event it’s a process. Allow for numbness. This serves a valuable purpose; it gives your emotions time to catch up with what your mind already knows. Grief is something to be experienced rather than to be overcome.

Grief is the normal response of sorrow, emotion and confusion that comes from losing someone or something important to you. It is a natural part of life. Grief is a typical reaction to death, divorce, job loss, a move away from family and friends, or loss of good health due to illness.

We all mourn at different rates. Some people are able to put death into life’s perspective and move on, but often the family will make them feel guilty that they have moved on, by either remarrying or selling a home – we deal with death in our own way, and we need to allow the individual their process.

Again it has to be in perspective. You had the gift of that life for a period, it was special and sacred, now the loved one has passed, you owe it to yourself and to them to rebuild your life. Never forget but move on.

Develop a support system. Find those people who encourage you to be yourself and acknowledge your feelings, both happy and sad. Embrace your spirituality. Talk with those who won’t be critical of your feelings of hurt and abandonment. Allow a search for meaning. Healing occurs in the opportunity to pose the questions, not necessarily in answering them.

The experience of grief is powerful. So, too, is your ability to help yourself heal. In doing the work of grieving, you are moving toward a renewed sense of meaning and purpose in your life.

8 of iSibane (Wands) – Growth through Passion & Power

iTongo Tarot CardThe Eight of iSibane is about virility.  It’s the power and the passion that we all possess.  This is the week to let your passion fly, state your intentions clearly, awaken you personality and declare – I am who I am! With pride and strength.

With all this energy going on inside you may feel that a lot of things are still ‘up in the air’ and you are waiting on others to get the ball rolling, that’s  OK, it will happen when it happens.  What you can do in the meantime is work on focusing your own energy and power.

For most of us patience is a difficult lesson, especially when the world around us is about instant gratification.  The eight of iSibane is about balance.  With stillness comes peace.

An 8 is made up of two perfect circles – balance and harmony, each in equal measure.  The Lemniscate or the horizontal number 8 also known as the infinity symbol represents the concept of perpetual motion, which is the supreme signature of the Universe and all cycles – as you sow, so shall you reap.

Laws of cause and effect, Karma and the return of all your energy in infinite cycles. Take a close look at your situation and work in practical ways to bring balance and harmony.  This is a good week to stabilise, use your time efficiently and be dependable.  Don’t make promises or arrangements you know you cant keep.  Work hard, but don’t be a workaholic.  Sometimes a break and some time out allows new energy to flow, making you more effective.

The main message is one of accountability for our actions.  This card reminds us that we all have a conscience – we should listen to it more often.  Pay attention to the whispering in your ear, we should do the right thing.  We need to learn from our mistakes.  Take some time to examine the past.  What choices and actions would you have done differently?  What can you do today to bring change? What are you setting up now for the future? What do you expect the results to be.

Identify areas in your life that need change, find the solution and the way to success.  Start a diary, make a vision board, contemplate, meditate – In the circle of life we are all connected, we are all one.

The Fire of iSibane brings the acceleration of affairs.  Things may begin to happen at a rapid pace.  What the cosmos teaches us that within everything there is order – and so too should be your growth.  Any blockage or obstacle can be overcome through the transformative power of Fire energy.

Your goals are within reach and new ideas will bring satisfactory conclusions.  At times you may feel swept off your feet, all you have to do is hit the ground running.  Keep up and keep going.

Another sense of urgency that may arise is your commitment to spirit.  Major breakthroughs are possible.  If you have plotted your course well all you have to do is implement it.  Spiritual activities increase and assume greater significance the more you practice. The stronger your sense of purpose the greater the result.

This power is especially in the 8 of Wands/Fire.  Part of you is the foundation (below) and part of you is spirit (above) both reflect equally and as you transmit, so you receive.

When opportunity knocks, you need to be ready.  Pay attention to everything that comes your way.  Strike while the iron is hot, and when all is said and done you will be satisfied with the results.


iTongo Legend
Mpondo and Mpondomise

Between the escarpment of the Drakensberg and the sea, lives a number of tribes, and between the uMtata and umTamvuna Rivers live the Mpondo and Mpondomise peoples. Tradition tells that the Mpondo have lived in the same part of the country for twelve generations, spanning nearly three centuries, and that Chief Cabe was the first to be buried in what is now KwaZulu-Natal.

Both the Mpondo and Mpondomise, like all the Nguni people, are divided into patrilineal clans (iziduko), where descent is based on the male line. Members of each clan are regarded as related for they can trace their descent from a common ancestor, but not all of them can trace their exact genealogical connection. Nevertheless, fellow members of a clan are forbidden to marry for they are regarded in this respect as brothers and sisters. Most clans have several thousand members, so the choice of marriage partners is severely limited.

The Mpondo number forty-six clans that can trace descent from their far distant ancestor, Mpondo.

4 The Emperor – Growth through Masculine Energy

iTongo Tarot CardPreviously we explored our mother energy, this week we take on our Father energy.  The Emperor is all about personal power and leadership. Working with our masculine energy (animus) and to walk our path with wisdom.

The interesting energy of the Emperor is the deep love of the creative process. Confused? We often attribute creativity and growth with our feminine (anima) sides.  The Emperor brings creative solutions to situations.  It’s about the practical implementation powered by hard work and stability.  This is an opportunity to manifest your leadership skills.  Like the element of fire, be warm, nurturing, vital and energetic.

It’s a week to be independent and pioneering.  Go boldly forward and establish structure in your life.  Within each of us is masculine and feminine aspects, the Emperor guides us through wisdom, order and authority.  He represents our physical world and reminds us of our duty as leaders.

Rely on your own intellect when making decisions don’t be influenced by others.  The wise way is to listen to all opinions and then with that knowledge make your own choice and execute in your own unique way.  Having the upper hand does not mean that we can run over others’ hopes and dreams, rather we should support and encourage whenever possible.  Guiding and pushing their ambition to succeed. Reflect your essence of masculine energy, be definitive and create structure.

Our card of the year The Chariot supports our ability to control and proceed forward.  To take up the leadership mantle and lead with wisdom.  To manage change and to know when we need to change course.  To be innovative and creative when seeking solutions to problems.

Business is good this week.  Be open to suggestions from co-workers and give credit where it is due.  Natural Emperors are kind and fair in all their dealings with others.  Integrity is key.

When the going gets tough – dig down and find that tenacity to face adversity.  Focus and willpower will get you through.  We carry within us all that we have experienced, this is the time to bring that knowledge to good use.  It’s a time to expand your horizons and improve yourself through all experiences life has to offer.

Ultimately what the Emperor teaches us is the sometimes we have to go with mind over heart, so its important to maintain focus and self control.  Assertiveness and confidence sharpens the focus.  Forge ahead doing what you know best and become the master of your destiny.

Your career may become an issue this week.  Are you following your passion and doing what you love?  Pay particular attention to organization, logic and follow through.  Don’t leave things undone, or hope that in time it will sort itself out – it wont.  You need to make the effort.  Keep a clear mind on your end result and work hard toward it.  If you are unhappy where you are, its time to start making a move.  Apply for that promotion.  Share your vision with those in power to make a change.  If you need to move to another company, now is the time to do it.  Don’t get stuck in a rut, because you fear the unknown.  Take the reins and steer your way to success.

Be sure to take time out to meditate, contemplate and regroup.  Even in our analytical state we need to hear spirit when it communicates.  Meditation requires discipline and will become easier when you make the time and effort.

Know your self worth and value all that you are.  The Emperor and the number 4 represent the four seasons, the four walls, the four corners.  It takes missive amounts of energy to move them.  The strength is in the stability they bring, the weakness is being trapped and stagnating.

The Emperor is connected to 13 Death (1+3=4) and therefore has the power of transformation.  You can change whatever you want, you just have to have the will to change.  Be warned about having a sense of entitlement beyond your actual rights, this could lead to corrupting your material and spiritual world.

Go forth and conquer.  Be kind and lead with compassion and wisdom.  Be fearless and focused.

iTongo Legend

Elephants symbolise wisdom, strength, moderation, and eternity. Numerous myths abound in Africa about this animal whose very size makes it invincible in nature, its only enemy being man.

In African fables, the elephant is always the wise chief who impartially settles disputes among the animals. The elephant is described as kind and noble, who feels pity even for a wicked character and so is usually deceived.

The San people, the original human inhabitants of the Southern Cape, were the very first recorders of the existence of elephants and often depicted them in their rock art. Elephants were important in San mythology and religion. The elephant was regarded as the supreme animal from whom, when in trance state, San shamans could draw their power.

2 The High Priestess – Growth through Spirit

The High Priestess - MoyoThe High Priestess is about serenity, knowledge and understanding.  She is the guardian to our inner world and lifts the veil of awareness to show us our true selves.  She guides us to enlightenment and divine knowledge.  This week listen to and trust your inner voice.

The High Priestess is a spiritual card, so this week we are asked to find our balance through the connections of intuition and insight. This week its OK to rely on your ‘gut feelings’ – trust that what you believe you know, is correct.

Discovering and learning to work with our intuition is often avoided, as we fear the ‘energies’ we may be attracting.  We all have experienced intuition and inspiration; sometimes it’s simply a ‘bright idea’ or something more profound in a ‘knowing’ of things to come.  When we work with our inner knowing we are able to access the power within.  Within each of us we have that still point, that place where we have absolute truth. How do we do that?

The simplest is working with our dreams.  We all dream, it’s a question of remembering and decoding those dreams.  I believe that our dream world is the ‘interpreter’ between our unconscious and conscious minds.  That is why we dream in symbols.  Some dreams are about us downloading the day and have no significance other than to make space for new thoughts and ideas.  Some dreams allow us the opportunity to work through our issues, fears and situations without actually having to physically go through them. And some dreams are communications from our inner selves – these are the dreams we need to take note of for our growth and understanding.

More often than not we second guess that little voice inside, we make choices and decisions based on our intellect, and remember the brain always has an agenda, its information is all acquired, whereas our inner voice’s sole purpose is to protect us and keep us safe and on our paths of truth.

The High Priestess brings with her pleasant surprises and synchronicity.  All of a sudden, what we have been chasing/pursuing all comes together. Perhaps even new opportunities, life may just feel simpler, easier when the Priestess is in play.  There is also a sensual side to the Priestess, so those looking for love will find it in all the right places.

The lesson of this card is to begin working with your unconscious and learn to interpret through the subconscious so that you can live consciously each day.  Make the right choices and have the right responses.

The Challenge of the High Priestess is to go beyond the obvious, surface information and discover what is hidden.  She also asks you to remember the unlimited potential you hold within yourself.  Sometimes goals can be achieved by simply being in stillness, by reading the signs and allowing the chance to develop within the fullness of time.

Start a dream diary.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember your dreams, start with just asking yourself “what am I feeling”? Perhaps there is a residue of emotion, a smell, a sound or random visuals.  Over time you will begin to recognise your symbols and archetypes, you will develop a map with billboards that explain what you are thinking and feeling.

An alternative is to sit quietly each day and meditate – remember meditation is a process not a destination, no need to push for some kind of ‘experience’, just allow the thoughts to arise, don’t get involved in the thoughts, take note and let them go.  Anything that has arisen, make a note in your diary and look out for those thoughts in your dreams.

What I enjoy about The Taxi ‘Song in your Head’ segment is that this could also be an indication of messages from your unconscious.  Keep a note of the song, the lyric or even the tune.  Nothing is by accident, we are constantly being guided to acknowledge and act on our intuition.

iTongo Myth/Legend
Baobabs occur across the continent of Africa, and a line of Baobabs, spaced at approximately 96 kilometres from each other runs across the Kalahari Desert, North West of South Africa extending into Namibia and Botswana.

The Sunland ‘Big Baobab’ in Modjadjiskloof, Limpopo Province, South Africa, is famous for being the widest of its species in the world and is carbon dated to be around 6000 years old.

The majestic Baobab tree is revered in African culture and is the undisputed monarch of the savannah trees of Africa. In ancient times, kings, elders, and leaders from the Limpopo region would meet under giant Baobabs to discuss matters of great importance. Not only did these trees provide shelter and sustenance, but tribal leaders also believed that the spirit of the Baobab (oracle*) would always guide them to make wise decisions.

Almost every part of the tree is useful to man. A single Baobab may hold as much as fourand-a-half thousand litres of water. Their white flowers are large and sweet smelling, often likened to the stars of the evening sky as they only bloom at night. The pollen of the flowers yields an excellent glue, and the seeds are pleasant to suck (rich in protein, calcium, oil and phosphates), or they can be ground and roasted to make a coffee.

The fruit pod contains tartaric acid (which is used in sherbet) and is often called the ‘cream of tartar’ tree. Elephants, monkeys, and baboons depend on its fruit (the vitamin C content of one fruit is equivalent to four oranges). A white pulp, inside the seed pods, when mixed with water, is used to treat malaria. Young leaves have high calcium content and can be used as a kind of spinach. The spongy wood is used to make ropes or paper.

Warrior of Moritsoana – Manifesting Fantasy into Reality

Knight of CupsOur card of the week The Warrior of Moritsoana or Cups shows us the difference between fantasy and reality.  We can all dream the perfect dream but are we prepared to put in the effort to achieve those dreams.  How realistic are they?  I do say that when we dream we need to begin that dream with ‘in a perfect world’.

But our worlds are not perfect sometimes we limit ourselves, for a variety of reasons, but more often than not it’s not because we believe, but because we believe we do not deserve it.  We are unworthy.  This week we can afford to be a tad idealistic, to dream the impossible dream.  Why not be able to have the happily ever after…

Well known and beloved fairy tales share a common theme.  The forlorn, orphaned young person is cast out or cursed or put upon by evil stepmothers, sisters etc.  After various trials and tribulations (usually lasting 100 years) she is saved by an act of kindness usually by a prince or knight in shining armour.

The message from all these stories is that no matter what your circumstances, if we truly believe in ourselves, something or someone will come to our rescue. The Universe always knows what is in our hearts.  When we put out the right vibrations we alert all that is around us, in turn we receive the energy needed.  The awakening kiss of Grace.

We live in times of instant gratification.  We don’t want to wait for the saviour, we want a quick fix – we want it all …  NOW!  Life is like a fine wine, some things take time to mature and develop into their full potential.  Patience, all good things come to those who wait.

Another theme that runs through all the stories and fables is being pure of heart. I can’t think of a fairy tale or parable where the evil ugly sister got the prince.  So as we dream to be fulfilled, saved or transformed, we need to consider our motivation and intent.  Why do we want what we want?  Why do we feel that life is not living up to our expectations?  How realistic are those expectations? What trials and tribulations do we need to go through to reach the nirvana we desire. Are we ready for the life we dream of?

Often we confuse feelings of lust with romantic or true love, which is all flowers and candles and unconditional.  True love is a state of Grace not the sentimental love that Hollywood propagates, but rather the even flow of the poetry of life.  The beauty of heightened senses.  That glorious wash of emotion, clear and true without the attachments of need and greed.

The Fairy tales we learn as children, set up our vision of the future. This system becomes the foundation for our emotional intelligence.  As we mature our intellect so too should we mature our emotions.  Most of us don’t, we hang onto that system or foundation that we set up as children.  We aspire to the ‘happy ever after’.  We look at the end result and somehow are able to gloss over and turn a blind eye to the pain and suffering that was endured before the ever after moment.  When we experience pain and suffering we are confused.  Why is life so difficult?  We need to go back and mature the child within, so that as adults we have age appropriate responses to our mates, family and friends.

We also tend to do this with real life people.  We hold up Ghandi, Mandela and Mother Theresa as icons for humanity.  Which of us would have been able to live their lives? Even for a day.  To undergo the difficulties they lived through and still be able to maintain a purity of spirit.

Our lesson this week is learning to love personally and unconditionally.  We need to master our instincts and develop a way to control our enthusiasm and expectations.  There will be a fair amount of fire and passion around, so be prepared to fall in love or to experience feelings deeper than ever before.

Be prepared to experience the heights of joy and the depths of despair. Both are valid in our existence, both teach us valuable lessons.  Sometimes in our darkest moments we find our own inner light.  We journey on with hope.  We begin to love unconditionally and we shine our light.

iTongo Legend
The Basotho military system was not unlike the Zulu, in the calling up of youths to form guilds at the time of their initiation into manhood. These groups could be mobilised to serve as regiments for the chief in wartime.

These regiments were usually led by men of royal blood from within the ranks. The warriors did not have specific regimental dress but could be distinguished by their winged shields, designed to deflect spears in flight. They would be armed with light throwing spears or an axe.

Warriors would paint their clan totems on their shields. “Ba” indicates “People of” – and the name of their totem. Examples; Name: Bahlaping – Totem is a Fish (Tlhapi) or BaKwêna totem is the crocodile (Kwêna). Their headgear was black ostrich feathers.

Family Tradition In Sesotho, the words for father (ntate) and mother (mme) are also commonly used as address forms of respect for one’s elders. Politeness, good manners, and willingness to serve are values very strongly encouraged in children. The general attitude toward childhood is well summarised by the proverb Lefura la ngwana ke ho rungwa, which roughly translates as “Children benefit from serving their elders.”

The standard greetings in Sotho reflect this attitude of respect towards age. When greeting an elder, one should always end with ntate (my father) or mme (my mother). Words for brother (abuti) and sister (ausi) are used when one talks to people of the same age. A child who answers an adult’s question with a simple “Yes” is considered impolite. To be polite, the child needs to add “my father” or “my mother”.

Hospitality and generosity are expected. Even those who have very little will share their food with visitors. Of course, those who share also expect the favour to be returned when it is their turn to visit.

Growth through Universal Consciousness

iTongo Tarot Card21 The Universe – The visual on this card is The Southern Cross. This constellation is used in celestial navigation to find due South, and I like to think that the energy of The Universe guides us and always points us in the right direction.

We talk a lot about the universe and universal energy, this great amorphous place, Divine something or energy that is available to us, but what does it all mean? How do we connect or begin to understand the vastness of the subject?

When I look at this card I am reminded that we are all one and part of the Universal mind and force.  Every thought, action and emotion is the souls unity with others.  We are perfect in our manifestation, we just have to look around and know that our external world reflects our inner world – that in itself is validation.

Each and every one of us has unlimited potential, we are all natural explorers and adventurers and we should be visionary in what we hope to achieve in this life time.  We need to rise above our circumstances and make something of the hand we have been dealt.  Good fortune should always be shared and pay it forward, in kindness, generosity of spirit and being emotionally available to those in need.

In context with our Card of the year being  7 The Chariot, this week we are able to see the bigger picture.  To instinctively see what needs to be rebuilt or designed in new ways, whether it be environments, ideas, projects or people. We will have a natural ability to renew and regenerate ourselves and others.  Quite a creative and innovative week – be an original.

Don’t hold back.  This is also a good time to become more aware the world around you – become more ecologically minded and be active in making the universe a better place.  You may find yourself asking those questions about the origins of the universe as a whole or contributing towards theories, projects and services that assist universal understanding.  Value cultural differences as well as honour inherent similarities found within all of us.

When we are connected to the universal energy we reach a state of unity, a sense of wholeness which liberates our spirit. What we need to do is learn to understand the timing of things.  There are times when we birth and grow and there are times when we need to lie fallow and regroup, building towards a new beginning where we can realise ourselves and the Divine nature of everything.

There are times when we feel that we are drowning in life – the obstacles and hardships we experience either make us or break us.  We owe it to ourselves to not lose hope, to not give up on the dream, vision or goal.

You may experience several clear and important spiritual insights this week.  Each time we do the work required we experience a shift in consciousness.  Keep a notebook handy and record these.  Find like-minded people to discuss your point of view, even online.  We are all on a spiritual journey and your insights may be valuable to someone else.

When the self has reached a true state of unity with Universal energy we experience a wholeness.  I am that I am – a liberated Soul. The end is a new beginning. Yin and Yang merged in one whole.

This week is the opportunity to use your inherent moral compass, cut through things and get to the bottom of situations.  Build a new internal world, which in turn will be reflected externally.

Value the contribution you are making that makes the world a better place in which to live.  Explore the unknown and bring those creative ideas and projects into reality.

Value through Growth

PromiseNine of Moritsoana (pronounced Morie – Tswana)  is equal to the suit of Cups, the element is water which governs our emotions.  Time of day is Sunset and season is autumn.  Direction is west.  The symbol of Moritsoana is clay pots, the Sotho people use for water, grain and storing precious possessions.  The visual is a Blue Diamond, the most precious of all and one of our greatest gifts is to aspire to a “Diamond Mind” which is clear, translucent and unflawed.

The 9 of Moritsoana is about the promise of things to come. With the right focus and intent we are able to achieve anything we set our minds to.  This is the week we need to check our emotions, our feelings and experience the power of love.  A week to sharpen our intuition and trust our vision.  Most of all we need to live with hope.

What is your promise to yourself?  How do you plan to delight your senses and seek out pleasure?  What do you wish for?

Self-worth is key this week.  We are all precious and valuable.  Each one of us in unique and we understand that everything in life arises from what we feel, think, what we say and what we ultimately chose to do, Being fully aware of our thoughts and actions, and developing an understanding of who we are allows us to fulfil the dreams we have.

Often misunderstanding occurs when one imposes one’s expectations  onto  things and the people around us; expectations about how one hopes things will be, or about how one is afraid of how things might be.  Knowledge and understanding occurs when one sees things simply, as they are, being confident in a simple straight-forward approach to life.

But! How ?
One practices simplicity.  Life is simple!  We need to be mindful of the choices we make, we need to understand what motivates us, we need to learn to live with focus and intent.

We don’t have to struggle to survive after all. We have already survived. We don’t have to ‘sell out’ to achieve our goals.  We can learn to understand how things are and manage how we would like them to be.  The best way is to know yourself (warts and all) and to live life with focus and intent.  The right motivation brings the right results.  I use a mnemonic when I have to plan or question my intent.  The process is called If …. The Price is Right.

Planning  -  Know who you are. Know what you want.  No point in dreaming of being an Astronaut when you are afraid of flying.

Revolution  -  Fight for your beliefs.  Everything worth believing in deserves a good fight.

Involution  -  Internalise and own it.  When you have identified the “what” you need to make it your own and be prepared to ‘own it’ take responsibility.

Choice  -  Choose wisely and Change Management.  Once we have made a choice we set into motion change.  Are you ready to manage that change?

Evolution  -  Execute – Putting it all together.  If YES is the answer to the choices then its time to execute.  Make it happen.  Move forward.  The price is right!

This Friday we usher in Chinese New year and it’s the year of the horse.  Which is in keeping with our Card of the Year of The Chariot. The spirit of the horse is recognised as making all effort to improve oneself.  It is energetic, bright and warm hearted.  Horses are considered to be intelligent.  People born under the sign of the Horse are excellent communicators, intelligent, kind and are often popular because of their sense of humour.  However Horse people do not like restraints and tend to interfere with the natural course of things, they want to go their own way.

There is a saying “if wishes were horses then beggars would ride”.  Make a wish, pony up and ride towards your destiny.

Growth and focus through work

8 Mavhele8 Mavhele – Dilligence.
Mavhele is equal to the suit of Coins or Pentacles.  Its about physical manifesting, our reality and truth.  The element is Earth, time of day is night, season is Winter.  Mavhele means mielie/maize/corn which is the most sustaining, versatile and basic food.  This week Diligence is about careful and persistent work or effort.

Earth is also about the laws of attraction and abundance.  Earth keeps us grounded.  Earth personalities tend to be calm, practical, hard-working, brave, smart, wise, stable and patient; however, they can also be stubborn, possessive, nearsighted and often very harsh.

The number 8 is the last even number of the single digits. 8 is about money and power and does affect career, business and finances but it is also a number of balance and harmony – eight is the great equaliser and as easily as it adds growth it can take it away.  8′s balance the material world with spirit, they are practical and realistic.  Being focused on results – usually in power and money, yet it is not about being greedy, they just sees finance and power as a tool to accomplish goals.

It has been said that ‘starvation is the mother of invention’ well diligence is the mother of good fortune.  We make our own luck by working towards our goals with focus and perseverance. Preparing for the opportunity and recognising it when its here.

We know that the harder we work the better and more satisfying the results.  We can’t expect to get fit by having a gym membership; we have to show up each day.  Showing up is not enough – we have to actually DO the exercises.  With diligence and patience our efforts are rewarded, whether is weight loss, general fitness or winning that race.  It’s all about focus and perseverance, having a clear goal, hope, wish, dream and putting in the effort to achieve it.  When we work hard we pay attention to the detail, with a persistent and methodical approach we constantly move forward (the aim of the Chariot) our card of the year.

I often like to assign Tarot cards to what is going on around me.  I allocate cards to number plates, add birthdays and when I am witness to a situation I often ask myself “What card represents this situation”? Its one of the ways I keep focus and it’s a lot of fun, some results are very interesting.

Whilst watching Madiba’s funeral on TV both officiating priests told the same story of about a man who leaves his wealth among his servants. He did not distribute the wealth equally.  To the first he gave 5 talents, the second 2 and the third 1.  The first two set to work and when their master returned they showed that they were able to multiply their masters wealth.  The master was impressed and elevated their status.  The third servant did nothing to increase the wealth, but played it safe and buried the talent.  The reason he did this was that he did not trust the master and because he feared repercussions if he lost the money, he played it safe and hid the money. He was not rewarded and he was cast out.

8 of Mavhele – Diligence is what this parable is about.  We are all given talents and gifts.  If we hide them, and don’t use them, then nothing changes and there is no personal growth.  With hard work, insight and focus we can bring our ‘talents’ forward, to serve our purpose and to achieve our goals.  We cannot expect a hand out, but when others see the effort we are putting into our endeavours, there will almost always be a ‘hand up’ to help us.

Role models like Madiba, reflect the end result to which we aspire.  But we should also acknowledge the road it took for him to get there.  He had his fair share of pain and suffering along the way.  He rebelled and retaliated with violence.  But at some point he found his talent, he nurtured and cultivated it, and he lived by it.  So too should we.

Discover your gift.  Nurture it and use it wisely.  Be faithful to your work ethic.  This is the week to ‘walk your talk’.  Put our shoulders to the wheel and push through the difficulties or what we perceive to be blockages, and work it all through to the end. How many times have we begun a project, all fired up and eager and at the first hurdle lost interest.  We let something go because it’s “too hard”.

Keeping our eye on the end result, we need to prioritise the methods.  Slow, steady and consistent is the way to achieve. Sure you can take some short-cuts, but you can’t jump a step.  In the near future all may seem good, but in the long term the short cuts will let you down and sometimes all that you have worked for comes crumbling down.  The important thing here is to find balance between learning, effort and results.

The important message here is to stay healthy within the changes.  Remain flexible and adaptable.  Not everything goes exactly as we planned and sometimes a little blip or divergence along the way is a good thing, teaches us to view options and alternatives.  To be open to change.

As Albert Einstein once said “The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge” .

Dream big and work hard. It will be worth it.

6 Assegai – Growth Through Suffering

iTongo Tarot CardAssegai is equal to the Suit of Swords and its element is Air.  The tribe represented is Zulu, which translated means ‘People of Heaven’.  The direction is East, time of day is Dawn and the season is Spring.  An assegai is a Traditional type of spear with a long slender shaft, which is thrown through the Air.  The suit of Assegai’s governs our Intellect, ideas, dreams, speech, the intangible, insight, wisdom, reason and justice.

Setting our consciousness for this week is going to take a bit of effort. We will need to manage and control our minds, our dreams, what we say out loud.  Manage our wisdom and journey within for insight, reason and justice. The best time of the day for this is at dawn.  Face East and just breathe.  Become aware of your thoughts and body.

Firstly we need to understand how our own physiology works.  How do we regulate our bodies and minds so that we can achieve our best life.  Our aim is to clear the mind, have a focal point and cleanse the body.

Breath is life, the basic and most fundamental expression of our life.  In yoga the breath or “prana” in Sanskrit is said to be the vehicle of the mind.  Because it is the prana that makes our mind move.  One of the simplest ways to manage stress is through Breath Control.  It is through breath that all those messages are carried through the blood stream to the relevant muscle, which in turn reacts.

The visual of this card is Nandi giving birth to Shaka.  As we all know, it takes nine months for a baby to grow to the point of being able to sustain life on its own.  But before that there is the process of actually giving birth.  These days many mothers choose “C” sections, but the natural way is to push, to push through the pain, breathing through the pain and when the child is born the final life connection through the umbilical cord is severed.  This is the underlying message of the Six of Assegai.  We know there will be a ‘new life’, we know we have to follow a process and then we have the trial and challenge to bring that ‘new life’ to materialize.  If we keep at it, we are successful, and the reward is worth the effort.

Birthing scenes in the movies is all about breathing and panting.  We cannot survive without breath (AIR) and we cannot survive without blood.  The ancient Greeks attributed the element of Air to blood as it was both hot and moist.

Everything we experience in our lives is about the process that is needed to achieve the end goal.  Whether we are at work, tending a garden or playing.  We follow simple golden rules.  Some of it is learnt from observing others, some life experience comes from our own trials and errors.  The harder we have had to work for something the greater the sense of achievement and reward.

In the Year of the Chariot we are asked to keep moving forward, and this week we know that its not going to be easy, but we also know that if we hang in and persevere we will achieve.  The journey will be pleasant, just don’t get yourself into situations that require legal assistance, the outcome is not favourable.

You are the centre of your universe.  If you want to change the world, first try to improve and bring about change within yourself.  Then that will help to bring change in your family.  From there it just gets bigger and bigger.

When you feel overwhelmed, breathe.  Breath is a great stress reliever.  Counting to 10 really does work.  It gives you time to clear your mind and prepares your body for the next action.  So when it gets too much … take a deep breath and count to 10.

If you are anxious or worried, focused breath will bring you back to the present.  Remember it’s only in this moment that you have the power to change, to do something.  Panting has its purpose, but when you find yourself out of breath, slow it down, take your time.

This week begin to heal and pick up the pieces of your life.  Go on holiday, travel or if you are planning to move, this is a good week.  As much as the goals promise joy, it can take the depths of despair to recognise what you actually want.  Even though it may not feel ideal at present, remember you are moving toward a positive place.

All together, breathe in 1-2-3-4, hold 1-2-3-4, exhale 1-2-3-4-5-6, hold 1-2-3-4.

May you transition through your suffering and experience a new frame of mind.